Most judgmental/least trusting signs/or sign combinations?

September 24, 2020 at 09:04 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Anna239
Most judgmental/least trusting signs/or sign combinations?
I´m asking this question as I recently had to end a friendship with a Sag/Scorpio after some time as she didn´t stop her critical attitude. Being part Libran this was somewhat difficult but also necessary and easy in the end knowing that better communication/attitude wasn´t coming. I had liked her direct manner and "unrelenting" idealism and genuinely intense emotional responses but it became too much and directed at everyone and she wouldn´t learn how to just become more easy going. Anyway... although this isn´t the only individual I know with this combination and a similar attitude to other people I would like to know what everyone else thinks.

*or placements that could create a higher level of suspicion or distrust

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September 24, 2020 at 09:47
(Aries) goldflower
hello anni23,

I really do not think that there is a "sign" or "placement" which would make a person judgmental or least-trusting. People are very complex. It is understandable that you have a bad experience with that friend of yours but whatever placement she had cannot be apply to everyone. In my personal experience I did not get along well with Libra or Leo but I am still keeping an open mind with whoever I meet. Please keep in mind that people are much more than their signs or placement.

thank you, take care :)
September 24, 2020 at 09:47
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What planets did she have in Scorpio?

I know someone with Scorpio Moon/Pluto can be kind of rough. Saturn/Moon/Pluto, Moon in Scorpio just by itself.

Mars in Scorpio can be as well depending on the degrees of course and what they aspect. I knew some with Capricorn and Sag that was quite brutal that way.

Sagittarius Sun/Scorpio Moon Can be.

Scorpio Moon/Venus in Scorpio/Mars in Taurus/Juno in Sag.

Uranus in Scorpio/Venus in Scorpio can be a real dick/Sagittarius Sun with Saturn in Virgo.

Saturn in Virgo/Mars in Virgo/Moon in Scorpio/Sag Sun.
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