DRACONIC | Past Life Astrology

December 17, 2020 at 23:00 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) adakotxa
DRACONIC | Past Life Astrology
Hey F&F

So, I´m really into Past Life Astrology, Karmic Soul Ties, Nodes, and Draconic Charts lately.
However, I´m stumped.

These past couple of months, I´ve done up many Draconic Synastry charts, and I´ve yet to see
Also, read online about all 4-Axis points on a Natal and Draconic being so close in conjunction.

Is there something I´m missing here? A silly little oversight relating to the DOB?

Person A´s DOB 01 1992 (person A is me, lolol.)
Person B´s DOB 03 1993

Or... could this point to the person with the Draconic Chart basically vibing the Natal´s past life energies back to them?

Would it be like that? Would it be a Karmic meeting or a (for lack of better terms) Mirrored-soul scenario?

I´ve attached a picture, but here are the Houses.

ASC: :175:12°39’ | :172:0°11’
IC: :177:25°43’ | :174:12°19’
DSC: :181:12°39’ | :178:0°11’
MC: :171:25°43’ | :180:12°19’

ASC: :178:4°20’ | :175:14°14’
IC: :180:17°23’ | :177:26°22’
DSC: :172:4°20’ | :181:14°14’
MC: :174:17°23’ | :171:26°22’

This chart, in particular, is my Draconic, their Natal, Porphyry divisions.

Appreciate any insights y´all!

xx, A
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December 19, 2020 at 03:44
(Virgo) adakotxa » AlsaceTX
What did you find?!

Isn´t Draconic a lil´ something amazing?!
I like how Draconic is based on the Moons Nodes and like I had said above, I´ve really been into Karmic links/Past life Astrology (PLA) lately.

The best article I´ve found so far explaining the Dragon theme/significance of the Nodes in terms of PLA here is a stellar one: https://www.astro.com/astrology/…

If you´re interested in further reading, that is.

xx, A
December 18, 2020 at 03:21
(Cancer) AlsaceTX
Curious. Haven´t studied draconic, so I really don´t know how to read it.

Steps away...starts reading and understanding draconic charts.

Looks at partner and my draconic synastry.

OMG :22: :78: :64:

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