the right person for me °-°

November 25, 2020 at 18:12 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) Cisco
the right person for me °-°
lmao i´ve been single for some time (by choice) and I wanted to know, according to my chart, what type of person would be better for me? :174:

I already know some stuff about astrology so I already have an Idea od what i´d like, but i´d like the opinion of someone with more experience
(I obviously won´t base my dating life on astrology alone tho haha)
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November 26, 2020 at 17:50
(Pisces) galaxyfaith
People born under the sign of Cancer are usually drawn to the element to which they themselves belong. Therefore, harmonious, soft relationships are easily established between them and Scorpio and Pisces, when both partners understand each other without words, and in family life they equally value peace, affection and trusting.
For a Cancer man, Pisces woman will suit perfectly, because she is so charming and dreamy and so deeply understand his poetic nature (…). The union of a Cancer man with a Scorpio woman will be successful if Cancer is a bohemian-artistic creature rather than a domestic one, because Scorpio is quite ready and able to do everything in their life by herself. Their union will be successful also because both Cancer and Scorpio, no matter how sublime and poetic their nature is and no matter how strange and disorderly the way of life they lead, will perfectly understand each other in everything that concerns money. Poetry is poetry, but a decent amount in the bank will not hurt (…).

Any alliance of Cancer and Aries, as well as Cancer and Libra, is absolutely contraindicated. Any Cancer, even if he is a real man, will always be afraid of Aries, a swift braggart and noisy adventurer, even if Aries is a "weak" woman. Libra for Cancer will always be too vicious, too secular and at the same time too insecure (there are not much optimistic examples - for example…).

The union of Cancer and Capricorn can be very strong and prosperous, this combination is equally harmonious for women of both signs and for men. Of course, Capricorns are by no means romantics and always and in everything they act on the basis of sober and cold calculation, but such a contrast is suitable for Cancers, because in the union of two someone must stand firmly on their feet and not hover in the empyrean.

There are times when Cancer goes well with the neighboring signs - Gemini and Leo. But at the same time, one must always remember that any subsequent sign destroys the previous one, and any previous one always strives to suppress the next. So such unions succeed only when both partners have enough sense of humor and a highly developed intellect, and they are able to restrain themselves in time.

The alliance of Cancer with the "earthly" signs - Taurus and Virgo, which are also attached to home and family, do not like to change habits and appreciate comfort and peace, is developing quite well. However, in this case, Taurus and Virgo are supposed to care more about Cancer feelings.

The marriage union of Cancer and Sagittarius will never succeed (although the romance between them may be curious), since there is no more domestic creature than Cancer, and for Sagittarius, the home is the whole world! The ending of the marriage union of Cancer and Aquarius, a creature of an extremely unstable and fanatical opponent of marriage bonds, may turn out to be similar.

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