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November 15, 2020 at 00:25 (UT/GMT)
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Love Asteroids…


These asteroids can shine some more light onto the connection you have with certain special people in your life. You can use these in your Synastry comparison for better understanding. has a section where you can enter the numbers of the asteroids you want to check.
Conjunctions are the strongest aspect, other aspects are rather weak for the interpretation of asteroids.

These asteroids must touch an inner planet in order to consider it’s powers effective and more pronounced. I’d suggest a tight orb between 0-3 degrees. (Asteroids don’t carry as much “power” as inner planets do, that’s why the orbs must be tight to trigger a reaction from the two.)

Aphrodite (1388) : Rules many similar domains as Venus: sex, love, beauty, romance, connection, friendships, femininity, beauty, home, art, assets.

Aura (1488) : i can totally feel you, you delve under my skin and i don’t know why.. i ask that question everyday but still can’t understand, but in your presence i’m complete.

Angel (11911) : you’re my light. I will always help you, because i can’t do otherwise. I’ll always be there for you. It’s not an obligation, it’s my own intention and wish.

Akashi (5881) : i remember you. You did something back then that i cannot forget. do you feel that too?

Alma (390) : your soul is united with mine, no matter what we do here on earth, it’s just a lesson, our connection is deep and sacred from above. Asteroid of the soul. If Alma touches a personal planet it signifies someone who sees their other half in you, wanting to know you on a deeper level, into your soul.

Amor (1221) : Expresses a loving kindnesss that is given without judgment or expectation of return.

Agapenor (5023) : i love you just for who you are, you don’t need to change, it doesn’t matter. We share that bond that will last forever even if we part..

Ceres- (1) : Asteroid of nurture and care. It also shows unconditional love, parenting-like love.

Companion (8490) : They want to be around you 24/7

Cupido (763) : Radiates love, the look of love, infatuated with you, struck by cupid’s arrow.

Child (4580) : Asteroid of the inner child. Pure, untouched, unfiltered, raw, and innocent love.

DNA (55555): something very similar, i know who you are, we are alike. You cannot do anything to make me question that.

Destinn (6583) : it’s like we’re meant to be together. We part, we go our own ways, but somehow destiny always puts us on the one road again. Feeling a strong connection to you, fate or destiny like.

Devine (3561): there is a bond between us – something of a higher purpose or something. It’s not describable in earthly themes, anyway.

Eureka (Greek) (5261) : i finally found you! You’re the answer to my prayers!

Eros(433) : Asteroid of erotic feelings, indication of sexual attraction at first sight of touching your rising.

Hypnos (Greek) (14827): something mysterious between you two, a mystical and psychic link which as i believe, also does not begin in this lifetime, but way longer time ago.

Hehe(harmony) (200002): is the name of Suzhou Hehe Culture Foundation. “Hehe” is a traditional Chinese symbol representing good marriage and loving family. It symbolizes the goodwill of ordinary people to live peacefully and healthy.”

Juno (3) : Asteroid of marriage, seeing the other person as their spouse, their closest lover. A spouse as in staying with the person through thick and thin.

Knight (29391) : Will defend you, won’t betray you, shows complete, submissive loyalty.

Karma (3811) : there’s a meaning for this relationship, rooted in the past, but it could just show the natural understanding of that, that it feels karmic, but not necessarily shows anything particular, like other asteroids would indicate. Destined to meet due to karmic dues in a past-life, unfinished business.

Loving (432971) : Kinda self explanatory. Great for synastry and composite charts.

Lust (4386) : Similar to Eros, but a stronger “want” for you. A great sexual awakening.

Lyubimets (10761) : means “darling” in Russian. Look up this one in synastries with people, who are dear to you.

Psyche (16) : Unconscious attraction to the other person, feeling like you’ve known them from somewhere.

Pholus (5145) : Asteroid of changing events, life changing, a relationship that changed them, the turning point.

Priapus (h22) : Physical attraction, wanting to be physical.

Reiki (5239) : your presence alone is able to heal my wounds, you helped me in the past, you continue doing it now..

Samadhi (Vedic) (12472) : well, i have that. I have not come to conclusions yet, but i think it would be important, i’m in a process of learning now.. hope i can tell more, when i’m done.

Spirit (37452) : you raise me up. i can do pretty much anything when you’re around. I believe in myself more, and that’s why i like you. For what you make me feel when we’re together.

Svyaztie (37556) : “tie” in English and “Svyaz” in Russian mean “Connection”

Valentine- (447) : Asteroid of pure love. Valentine is the kind of sacrificial love in which the lover will throw himself in front of the bus to protect his beloved.

Union (1585) : Marriage, wanting to marry, wanting a connection."

Going to leave this here awhile - see if love blooms
:68: Come Seekers, join us :68:

IMPORTANT SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT: Watch out for the Centaur - Pholus - we don´t now how he got in; we got a crack team of Ninja Astrologers on it.

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Juno is the archetype of the committed loving wife. It’s a symbol in the natal chart of ideal partnership. The placement by sign and house in the birthchart can give more answers to the characteristics and meeting circumstances of your spouse, but also gives clues on how you see love and marriage. It functions the same way as Venus through the houses and signs (which is listed here), the difference is that Venus indicates what you are attracted to and what you attract, while Juno indicates the person that you should be with.

It’s important to take the house and sign placement of Venus and Juno into consideration. If they are both in a different sign and/or house, you may experience difficulties within your path to the one and only, because you keep getting into relationships which are based upon your Venus placement. While when both Venus and Juno are in the same sign and/or house, you may find yourself on a path of attracting the partners that in the end all seem to have been a ‘trailer’ of the final relationship that will bloom into a marriage. It makes you more in-tune with the type of partners you have to pare with inorder to grow towards readiness for the one.

Juno in the houses

1st house :
Being in a relationship is essential to your identity and self-image. Your need is to learn how to initiate relationship encounters, how to approach others and present yourself in an appealing manner. Your most important relationships will be ones initiated by you.

2nd house :
Your most important relationships are based upon material security, comfort and sexual sharing. Compatibility is generally based upon financial and sensual interdependency for you.

3rd house :
Compatibility is based upon open communication for you. You may find that discussing things with your partner is how you come to grips with or understand the issues and events in your life. Important relationships will develop within an environment of verbal expression or networking.

4th house :
You need a comfortable and secure relationship of mutual nurturing and emotional support. This is the foundation stone for all your other activities and pursuits. The most important relationships in your life will be with those you share your home with, or close family.

5th house :
Your most important relationships will be with people with whom you share creativity, romance, play or the care of children. You may prefer romance to commitment. You like excitement and flair in your relationships.

6th house :
Your most significant relationships will likely occur within the arena of the workplace, or in some health-related service. You may share work with your mate, and value efficiency and skill in each other. You require a partner who is attentive to the details of day-to-day existence.

7th house :
Lifelong, intimate partnerships are a primary emphasis for you, whether they be marital, business or professional relationships. Interaction and cooperation are crucial. Your primary relationships will be marriage, partnership or other close one-to-one encounters.

8th house :
Your primary relationships will revolve around the issues of mutual finances, possessions, sexuality, trust and power. You thrive on intensity, and your relationships are deeply intimate and transformative, and probably intensely emotional and dramatic.

9th house :
This position is most likely to be “married to spirit”, or be in relationships within the context of a shared belief system, such as a religion or an ashram. Shared truth and meaning is the foundation of your most significant relationships, and the need exists for mutual respect intellectually and philosophically.

10th house :
This placement suggests being “married to your career”, or else marriage based on considerations of public acceptance or social status. Your most significant relationships will occur through your profession or career.

11th house :
The foundation of your close relationships is friendship, equality and freedom. You will have relationships based upon a higher vision, and idealism is the keystone for them. Your primary relationships will be in the context of group interactions and friendships, those with whom you ‘share a vision’.

12th house :
You experience a quality of destiny in your relationships, the feeling that they are karmic, or cosmic in their significance, and yet defy reason in human terms. There are karmic issues being worked out in your primary connections, and suffering or victimization may be involved. Significant relationships may also occur within an institutional setting.

Juno in a woman’s chart

Aries :
Shows leadership potential; she’s a warrior with a purpose. Failure to embrace her innate sense of competence can show as inappropriate anger or hair-trigger temper, or a command to others to follow her lead even though her behavior may be less than inspiring.
• Your partner will be fiery, direct, aggressive, and active.

Taurus :
Offers stability and sustenance to others, and exhibits a facility for earning and artisanal pursuits. She’s in danger of caring too much about things, or of hoarding or competing materially.
• Your partner will be stubborn, stable, and physically attractive. This aspect can also indicate material prosperity after marriage.

Gemini :
Is a networker, adept at handling and disseminating information, and in connecting others; unfulfilled energies show as gossip and an inability to stick to the subject.
• Your partner will be talkative, curious, and intelligent. This aspect sometimes indicates multiple marriages.

Empowered, nurtures in a multitude of forms. When feeling disempowered, one clings and manipulates through feeling.
• Your partner will be sensitive, dependent, and emotional.

Leo :
Shines through the identity, acting as example and illuminator. When working the negative, this Juno is too vain to be of aid to others.
• Your partner will be creative, egotistical, energetic, and full of life.

Virgo :
Glories in the details, in organization, in the harvest; on the down side, she may nitpick and communicate only through criticism.
• Your partner will be hard-working, health-conscious, and critical. He might work in the health field.

Libra :
Works with others and emphasizes fairness, but when dysfunctional, she may be passive-aggressive or patently unfair (but with a pretty smile).
• Your partner will be attractive, loving, sociable, and well-mannered.

Scorpio :
Finds her element in the depths of the Soul and of experience. Her negative outlet may be destruction that doesn’t discriminate.
• Your partner will be sexual, mysterious, and perhaps jealous.

Sagittarius :
Is a pioneer, but always with attention to the accumulated knowledge of society. She is able to reach out intelligently to what is unusual, to educate. Her negative expression is simply running away.
• Your partner may come from a different locality or cultural background. You may meet your partner abroad. He will be philosophical, honest, and may be interested in higher learning.

Capricorn :
Is solid, reliable, practical and organized. Others love her in part because they can rely on her. A poorly functioning Juno brings chaos wherever she goes.
• Your spouse will be a corporate type. He might be older, and you may meet him later in your life (after your Saturn Return).

Aquarius :
Actualized, is the intelligent innovator, while the undeveloped one rebels, whether there’s a reason to or not!
• The partner will be original, independent, logical. You may meet through friends.

Pisces :
Can unite, commune and inspire. In less positive form, we may see her power seated in delusion or fantasy.
• Your partner will be dreamy, artsy, and imaginative. Make sure you don’t marry someone out of compassion.

Juno In a man’s chart

Aries :
He wants a mate who can take care of herself, and maybe one who’s boss — and this is his main complaint!
• Your partner will be fiery, direct, aggressive, and active.

Taurus :
Appreciates a mate with sensual and artisanal skills, but he may be too focused on what his mate might earn from these skills, or on how these serve his own comfort.
• Your partner will be stubborn, stable, and physically attractive. This aspect can also indicate material prosperity after marriage.

Gemini :
Needs conversation with his mate to be lively, while the complaint may be of a shallow intellect or too much emphasis on socializing.
• Your partner will be talkative, curious, and intelligent. This aspect sometimes indicates multiple marriages.

Cancer :
Indicates he wants someone to make a home with, perhaps a partner for mutual nurturing support — or that he wants a mommy.
• Your partner will be sensitive, dependent, and emotional.

Leo :
Wants someone who can ‘shine’ in her own right. In the narrow-minded, this devolves into the desire for a trophy wife.
• Your partner will be creative, egotistical, energetic, and full of life.

Virgo :
Wants a true helpmate, someone unafraid to get her hands dirty and be willing to see to the details. On the negative side, he may really want a butler and an accountant.
• Your partner will be hard-working, health-conscious, and critical. She might work in the health field.

Libra :
Wants a true-blue mate and ever-present harmony. In less positive manifestations, insistence on harmony may negate the individuality of the mate.
• Your partner will be attractive, loving, sociable, and well-mannered.

Scorpio :
Seeks a deep and intense pairing and can make this a reality — as long as Scorpio respects his mate enough not to destroy her.
• Your partner will be sexual, mysterious, and perhaps jealous.

Sagittarius :
Is a living conundrum: he wants bachelorhood and a mate at the same time. Unless he’s very considerate, it’s hard to tell the positive of this from the negative!
• Your partner may come from a different locality or cultural background. You may meet your partner abroad. She will be philosophical, honest, and may be interested in higher learning.

Capricorn :
Takes the marital relationship seriously. Taken too far, he may want to box up the mate and put her on the shelf.
• Your spouse will be a corporate type. She might be older, and you may meet her later in your life after your Saturn Return.

Aquarius :
Likes a free-thinker who’s not afraid to try something new. He may complain, though, when her freedom-loving Self rebels and runs wild into the night.
• The partner will be original, independent, logical. You may meet through friends.

Pisces :
Wants a mate who in some way offers a transcendent experience, but her otherworldly nature may irritate him to no end when it’s time to come back to earth.
• Your partner will be dreamy, artsy, and imaginative. Make sure you don’t marry someone out of compassion.

Juno in aspect

Whatever planets, point or asteroid touches Juno in your birthchart will bring those planetary trait to the nature of your spouse. Conjunctions are the strongest aspects and should be considered in an orb of max. 3 degrees. Other aspects, such as trine, sextile, square and opposition should be within an orb of 0-2 degrees.

Valentine : exceptionally loving spouse
POF : a great spouse who is not a gold digger
Alma : Possibility to reunite with your soulmate

Sun : Tendency to attract showy, dramatic, Leo types of partners. The hard aspects, are indicators of ego conflicts with partners.

Moon : Attraction to emotional and nurturing partners and domestic types. The hard aspects can indicate a clash between your emotional and partnership needs. You could get a partner who is over-emotional or whines a lot.

Mercury : Indicates good communication between the two of you. It could also show that your ability to communicate improves with partnership. The hard aspects can indicate communication problems with partners. One of you may try to stifle the other here because you both want to talk at once.

Venus : Attraction will be to a charming partner with good artistic ability and taste. The hard aspect could attract a lazy, slothful, and indolent partner. Partnership could also bring out these traits in you. With stressful aspects, there will tend to be a clash between your partnership needs (Juno) and your ability to express love and affection (Venus).

Mars : The partners you attract will tend to be active, assertive, and aggressive. Conversely, having a partner may bring out these traits in you. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) are indicators of arguments with partners. One of you may try to dominate the other.

Jupiter : Marriage and partnerships will also have an expansive effect on you. Could indicate a marriage that makes you physically fat over the years. The hard aspects can attract an over-optimistic partner who is always expecting their “lucky break” to be right around the corner. There could also be a clash over religious or philosophical differences. The over-expansiveness could also apply to extra-marital affairs.

Saturn : The partners will tend to be older. partners are likely to be solid, practical, and dependable sober and calm. could bring out the solid, practical, and dependable side of you.The hard aspect may cause marriage to be delayed, or even denied. If you have this one, try not to get married before your first Saturn Return. can also indicate someone who makes a bad marriage for “practical” reasons, such as security.

Uranus : You don’t get into as much trouble. The partner will tend to be independent, or very bright, or a bit odd. The partnership itself will likely be more “open” with each partner doing their own thing and going their own way. Uranus is fanatic about having enough of its own space. The hard aspect can cause several marriages over a span of time. don’t rush into marriage. And forget about having a partnership that is conventional. It would bore you to tears – and divorce.

Neptune : The partner will tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and imaginative. Marriage and partnership can also bring out these same traits in you. In all cases, there will be an inclination to over idealize the partner, to see what we want to see about them. The hard aspect create a tendency to marry out of compassion.

Pluto : Partners will tend to be intense and secretive. Sex can be volcanic. Either your power or that of your partner will be affected by marriage. One of you is likely to be transformed in some way. can bring out a strength you never thought you had. The hard aspect will bring out strength too, in the form of dictatorial attitudes and power struggles. One of you will try to dominate the other.

Information is found on the lind-goodman forum and external links
November 17, 2020 at 19:25
(Taurus) » Fool
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Natal indications of Spouse :

• Planets in 7th : Describe the characteristics of Spouse
• Placement of 7th ruler : Describes where you will encounter your Spouse
• Aspects to the ruler of 7th : Describes information about circumstances
• Darakaraka : Describes nature of Spouse
• Degree of DCS : Describe marriage life and characteristics of Spouse
• Venus : Natural indication of wife in a male chart
• Jupiter : Natural indication of husband in a female chart
• Juno : Describes traits of Spouse, what you need, how you commit

More information about the significance of Juno in the Natal chart


Predicting in Natal Chart :

– Ruler of 7th : What house and which aspects does it receive.
– Venus/Jupiter : Placement describes personality of spouse.

In a woman’s chart :
– Jupiter represents the husband
– Mars is the ‘bad’ boyfriend, she keeps being attracted to his kind until certain lessons are learned.

In a man’s chart :
– Venus represents the wife, you may also look at the moon
– Neptune is the ‘bad’ girlfriend he keeps falling for but isn’t the match for him


Partner A :
His Lord of the 7th house is aquarius, ruled by Uranus and Uranus is placed in 5th house
• Meeting spouse via networking (Website) or self-promotion (Music Artist).
• His moon is in 3rd house
• Meeting spouse through internet/media (Website).

Partner B :
Her lord of 7th house is Libra, ruled by Venus and is placed in 7th house
• Meeting spouse via the arts (music) and he is an artistic person (He is a music artist).
• Jupiter in 7th house indicating a foreign spouse
• Sun in 7th indication that spouse will have leo qualities or rising (Partner his ascendant is Leo).

The sign on the cusp of your 7th house is the Lord of this house, look for the planet that is ruler of this sign and see in what house it is placed, according to that you can apply what is written down below.


Darakaraka :

The planet which holds the lowest degree.
Neptune, Uranus and Pluto don’t count.
The Darakaraka signifies the nature of the spouse. The condition of this planet gives away more information, such as the importance of the sign in which the Darakaraka is placed and it will adopt the qualities of that sign. The aspects being made to the Darakaraka play major role in how the Spouse will be.
Example : if the Darakaraka is Jupiter and it’s conjunct or is aspect to the Moon, the results will be positive. But if Jupiter is conjunct or in hard aspect to Saturn it might result in a challenging relationship.
More information on the Darakaraka : Click here


Where you will meet your spouse :

In what house is the ruler of your 7th house placed within the natal chart?
For example : if the 7th house cusp falls into the sign of Taurus, it’s ruler is Venus. If Venus is located in 2nd house, than you have to interpret this as 7th ruler placed within the 2nd house. The interpretations for that are listed here:

1st house :
Will walk up to you, anywhere. Your spouse may be a known person to you. He/she may be from your same community. They could be your distant relative as well.

2nd house :
In a bank, by a friend of a relative, something involved with money. Your spouse may be known to some of your family members. They can be somehow related to your finance, banking or your friends.

3rd house :
Your spouse can come through your siblings, relatives, neighbors or internet. You may meet them through media, or you may meet them during some short course, or short journeys.

4th house :
Possibility of meeting spouse via family members, on a boat, restaurant. You may meet them in your student life, they may be someone related to your mother or maternal relatives. They may meet you even through your job.

5th house :
In a recreative place, party, casino, night center. In ancient texts it says when your 7th lord is in the 5th house, then it is a clear indication of love marriage. You may meet them from a public space like entertainment programs, networking or when you do your self-promotion activities.

6th house :
In your daily tasks, routine, hospital, work. They may be your colleagues, maternal relatives, they can be your enemies eventually, or some acquaintance of your enemies.

7th house :
An artistic spouse, meeting In a museum, in a music bar, a place where art is involved, business related environment, meeting in a formal environment
Jupiter in 7th Indicates a possibility of a foreign or and older spouse, meeting in a formal environment, business related environment.

8th house :
By occultism, or personal overcoming conference, something involved with death, or money. Your spouse can be interested in research, they may like occult, they can be working people. You may even marry a person known to you.

9th house :
In a trip, abroad, on a airport, airplane or cruise. Meeting spouse via spiritual or religious ceremony, university, on a wedding or via travel. You may marry a person from a different community, they can be interested in religion and philosophy, they like literature or higher studies. They can be even foreigners.

10th house :
You can meet your spouse in your 1st job, social service, professional practices, raleigh, career situations, classmate.

11th house :
Meeting spouse via friends or social organizations, Someone you knew or via internet

12th house :
Meeting spouse coincidental, via blind date, In an institution, river, sea, mistress, something involved with water. your spouse can be from a different religion or foreign place. They can even be maternal relatives.


Symbolism & signs during meeting of spouse

A method from Vedic Astrology. It only works on the Sidereal chart.
Look at what sign the Descendant falls into and look for it’s ruler in your chart.
The opposing sign to the 7th house ruler holds the symbolism.
Example :
Descendant in Virgo = Mercury as ruling planet of 7th.
Mercury is placed in Libra, so Aries is the opposing sign that holds the clues.

Important to know :
The following can appear in the form of paintings, furniture, names of restaurants, brands, tshirts, places,… Food, statue, sounds, etc etc. Be creative

Aries = Ram, Horns, physical/body, sports,..
Taurus = Bull, earth, dirt, slow, finances,..
Gemini = Twins, relatives, duplicate, group, social media, book,..
Cancer = Crab, lobster, home, lake, mother, car,..
Leo = Lion, king, royal, throne,..
Virgo = Virgin, health, care, work,..
Libra = Scales, law, balance, beauty, arts,..
Scorpio = Scorpion, mall, sting, death, surgery, bank,..
Sagittarius = Horse, arrow, bow, shooting, education, travel,..
Capricorn = Goat, career, formal, structures,..
Aquarius = Watercarrier, internet, technology, spilling fluid, aqua,..
Pisces = Fish, sushi, water, duplicate,..


The personality of your future spouse :

Seen from the house and sign placement of Venus or Jupiter

• Jupiter : husband in a woman’s chart
• Venus : Wife in a man’s chart
• Juno : The actual marriage material

Venus/Jupiter in Aries / 1st house :
A courageous and energetic spouse filled with passion. Could have a short temper or impulsive. A fun person to be around and a protector. Someone that will like to take the role of a leader in the relationship.

Venus/Jupiter in Taurus / 2nd house :
A person you can rely on and trust. Possessions and money might be very important to your spouse. Can indicate a spouse with a calculative approach towards the relationship and life. A love for luxury, comfort and food.

Venus/Jupiter in Gemini / 3rd house :
A careful spouse who chooses words wisely, someone that loves communicating with you. An intelligent spouse. A person that like to go on city trips with you and share their visions with you.

Venus/Jupiter in Cancer / 4th house :
A caring and loving spouse that will put a lot of effort into making you feel fine and comfortable. A spouse with motherly qualities, good cooking and caring. Can have a tendency to rant about small things and gets emotional easily. A romantic and dreamy spouse with a unique philosophy towards the relationship and life.

Venus/Jupiter in Leo / 5th house:
A spouse with a very strong personality and artistic abilities. A well mannered and successful spouse. The ego could cause some difficulties, especially if it’s about the wife in a man his chart, can indicate a dominating wife.

Venus/Jupiter in Virgo / 6th house :
An intelligent spouse, very caring and logical with an analytical nature. Spouse will have the tendency to judge. Spouse will have an eye for detail, also if something about your appearance if ‘off’ , they can point that out, so better make sure your self-esteem has risen by the time you meet them.

Venus/Jupiter in Libra / 7th house :
An artistic and very beautiful spouse. Well mannered, passionate and romantic with a good status. A refined nature. An indicator of a foreign spouse when Jupiter is in the 7th house.

Venus/Jupiter in Scorpio / 8th house :
A very intense and passionate spouse with interest in the occult themes. Spouse will have a mystic appearance and will have a lot of power. Someone that like to take lead in the relationship and with a unique philosophical approach towards the relationship and life. Can indicate a very sexual spouse.

Venus/Jupiter in Sagittarius / 9th house :
A philosophical spouse, passionate about religion. For a husband this can indicate a strong and fatherly personality, for a wife it indicates a fun loving person who loves to explore. Spouse can be foreign.

Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn / 10th house :
A determined spouse with a good status. Can indicate a business woman or man. Can indicate a spouse who is hardworking, down to earth and caring. Spouse can be much younger or much older.

Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius / 11th house :
A spouse with a rebellious nature, unconventional and refreshing. Loves freedom and will also be your best friend. Indicates an independent person who loves to discuss the big questions of life.

Venus/Jupiter in Pisces / 12th house :
A very emotional and intuitive spouse with psychic abilities is possible. Very romantic and unique. Can be an indication of a foreign spouse.


Indications of Foreign spouse :

• Connection between 5th house or Lord with 12th house or lord indicates affair with a foreigner. We have to see the condition of 9th house too. As 9th also represents long distance travel. So if you get a foreign spouse, you will also travel to foreign countries.

• Venus for Male natives and Jupiter for female natives is placed in 12th house or with 12th lord in a watery sign can grant a foreign spouse to the individual.

• Jupiter in 7th house.

• 7th lord posited in 12th house and if NorthNode is also associated with this combination, it is a strong yoga for getting a foreign spouse.

• If 7th house lord is posited in 12th house then marriage might be in foreign or your life partner may be a foreigner.

• If 12th house lord is posited in 7th house then marriage from foreign possible.

• Exchange of places between 7th and 12th house lord also form this chance.

• Combination of 7th and 12th house lord also forms this.

• Combination of Venus and 12th lord in male chart and combination of Mars and 12th house lord may also creates this chance.


Love, Spouse, lovelife depending on the degrees of 7th house cusp :

• To know what each of the 30 degrees stand for : Degrees
• More information can be found here : Marriage

The 7th house cusp on 1 degree might indicate a spouse who is agressive or very passionate. The 7th house cusp on 7 degrees might indicade a spouse with artistic abilities and also someone that might be a bit lazy and charming.
7th house cusp on 23 degrees might indicate a humanitarian spouse, detached and rational,…

• Juno Retrograde is an indication of rape from spouse or a male figure.

The profession & finances of spouse :

Profession can be seen through your 4th house (4th house is 10th=career from the 7th house) :

• Check The sign on the cusp of 4th house
• Check what planets are occupying in 4th house
• Check where the ruler of 4th is positioned

Finances can be seen through your 8th house (8th house is 2nd=finance from 7th house) :

• Check the sign on the cusp of 8th
• Check what planets are occupying in 8th house
• Check Where the ruler of 8th is positioned

To know who your spouse will be : Take your Descendant as ‘ascendant’ of future spouse.
Your DSC will be their ASC, Your IC will be their MC, Your MC will be their IC. This doesn’t mean that your DSC will be the ASC of your spouse, this technique is more so used to know more about his/her career, childhood, finances, status, friends, desires,…


Instead you can just look at your own birthchart and look at your own houses and know what they represent according to the one you are meant to be with:

Your 1st house :
The values of your spouse in love, the love language they speak, their business partners and possible legal matters with the court and lawyers

Your 2nd house :
The sexdrive of your spouse, possible inheritances from their family, death of spouse

Your 3rd house :
Education of spouse, the higher knowledge and religion. possibilities of foreign spouse or a spouse that travels a lot, spiritual or philosophical organizations of spouse

Your 4th house :
Career and reputation of spouse, the father of your spouse

Your 5th house :
The friends of your spouse, possible organizations they are in, his/her desires in life, life goals of spouse

Your 6th house :
Possible accidents or hospitalization of spouse, the secrets they have, the possibilities of spouse being psychic, the way your spouse wants isolation and time to themselves

Your 7th house :
The personality of your spouse, the approach to life and appearance

Your 8th house :
The income of your spouse, their work ethics and what he/she will value in life, their possessions and properties

Your 9th house :
The way of communicating of your spouse and the relationship they have with their siblings

Your 10th house :
The upbringing of spouse, how his/her home-life will be, their personal needs and feelings

Your 11th house :
The self-realization of spouse, their creativity, ways of having fun and activities he/she will love, possibility of having children, and their romance

Your 12th house :
The health of your spouse and the daily routines and tasks they do


• Predicting a meeting or a start of a new relationship : Transits
• Most accurate prediction for significant meeting : Love timing
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Random Facts:…

Random facts

In Natal Chart :
> Venus on the ASC or making a positive aspect to the ASC or the ruler of the ASC = beautiful people
> The ASC ruler, Sun in 8th house or Scorpio = Magnetic, mysterious appearance
> Jupiter on the ASC or in 1st house = Gaining weight easily
> Jupiter on the MC = possibility for fame
> Mars in 10th = possibility for fame
> Neptune on the ASC or in 1st = Musicians and artists
> Everywhere Saturn is placed = causes a delay in that area
> The sign your natal moon is placed in = past life ascendant
> The outerplanets are generational
> When you have planets in 8th = you feel imprisoned in a certain part of your emotions (Face your fears!)
> When Moon and Sun are square in your natal chart = Parents are divorced or quarrel a lot
> Sun in 8th house with bad aspects = early death of father
> Mercury in 8th house = dying in a pleasant way (Ex.: dying from laughter)
> Jupiter in 8th = a natural and beautiful death
> Mars opposite Sun = seeing everyone as competition
> Northnode in 8th house = nymphomaniac
> Mars square Pluto = very challenging, but can be overcome, creates high sexual energy
> Venus in 12th house = foreign spouse
> A lot of planets in 2nd = possessions are very important
> Chiron in 6th = linked to selfesteem issues and eating disorders
> Aquarius rising/Sun/dominant Uranus or many planets in Aquarius = extravagant appearance
> Neptune conjunct Uranus = rebelling against the world, wanting to change it
> Lilith opposite to a planet = the blind spot of the theme of that planet
> Mars conjunct NorthNode/Pluto = having a lot of power
> Pluto opposite Mars = can be dangerous for having children
> Venus conjunct Neptune = idealizing your partner
> Chiron conjunct Moon = spiritual healer
> SouthNode in 2nd = detached from family, don’t care much for family
> NorthNode conjunct Venus = prone to cheating in relationship
> 3rd house from the sun = becomes active at age 31
> 12th house from the sun = becomes active at age 16
> 7th house from mercury = feeling lost, not sure what you are suposed to do
> Moon square Saturn = Will get sick eventually
> Moon in 7th = Will have lots of relationships, feelings change alot

In Synastry :
> In a relationship: Venus tine chiron = love as healer
> Saturn in synastry = works as relationship glue (no aspects = not lasting)
> Juno conjunct SouthNode = spouse from past life, married in past life
> SouthNode conjunct NorthNode = familymembers from past life
> Venus conjunct POF = match made in heaven
> Uranus conjunct Amor = soulmates
> Eros conjunct lilith = jackpot for good sexlife
> A lot of Double Whammy’s = soulmates
> Moon trine/sextile Venus = feeling complete and home with eachother
> ASC trine/conjunct ASC = heading the same direction in life
> Juno trine/conjunct/sextile Juno = seeing eachother as perfect spouse
> Positive aspects between Juno, POF, Vertex = marriage material
> Moon conjunct Moon = deep connection
> Pluto in 7th or 5th of partner = strong bond and a desire to be together
> Conjunction of the Angles = a strong connection with eachother
> Mars opposite Sun in 8th + Pluto square Moon = i want to kill you (if the 2 are enemies)
> Neptune trine Chiron = unconditional love
> Squares are needed, otherwise there is no challenge

In Transits :
> T Mars sextile Mars = makes you extremely horny
> T Jupiter & Venus in 5th = very good opportunity to meet someone special
> T Jupiter in 9th = expanding your horizons through travel and higher education
> T Neptune trine Venus = Soul union, comming across your soulmate
> T Venus in 12th = karmic attraction to someone, comming across soulmate
> T NorthNode conjunct Moon = a nuturing person enters your life
> T Mars sextile Neptune = possibility of finding your soulmate
> T Neptune in 12th = feeling isolated and lost in the world
> A Stellium in 12th house = could end up in hospital or in quarrel with authorities
> T Mars square Pluto = dangerous, voilent, can cause death (need more indicators)
> Hard aspects between 12th and 8th house (Pluto, Mars, Uranus) = can cause death
> T Sun conjunct Mercury = very active mind
> T Mercury conjunct Mars = very active mind (especially when T Mercury is conjunct to T Jupiter)
> T NorthNode conjunct ASC = new chapter, getting rid of the old (structures, people, situations)

In Solar Return :
> Moon conjunct Jupiter in 7th = heavenly in love
> Jupiter in 9th with positive aspect from Mars = traveling in that year
> Pluto in 9th = focused on higher education, spiritualism
> Saturn in 8th = can make you melancholic, teaches patience, responsibilities, structure
> Ceres and/or Uranus conjunct ASC/DSC = indication for childbirth
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Weight Loss and Gain:…

Weight loss & gain

This belongs to medical Astrology and can be used to understand weight problems or as a method to take ‘advantage’ of planetary influences to shape your physique.
The main indications for weight loss & weight gain :

Jupiter = Gain
Saturn = Loss

Responsible Planets :
Sun = Digestive fire
Moon = Nurturing, water, body fluids
Venus = Food, security & sweets, linked to obesity
Mars = Attitude towards exercise
Jupiter = Fats, linked to obesity, liver
Saturn = Salt & bones
Neptune = Alcohol & addictions
Pluto = Passion & transformation, Fat metabolism

Responsible Houses :
2nd house = Self esteem & food
4th house = Digestion
6th house = Digestive system

Indications in the Birthchart

Skinny, Lean & underweight :
> ASC Capricorn are often lean & skinny people
> Saturn in 1st house or conjunct ASC
> Saturn in aspect to ASC ruler
> Northnode in 1st house
> Northnode conjunct Saturn

Chubby, curvy & overweight :
> ASC Sagittarius are often chubby or curvy
> ASC in Cancer or Taurus are often thick or full
> Jupiter in 1st house or conjunct ASC
> Jupiter in aspect to ASC ruler
> Jupiter in Caner or Taurus
> ASC ruler in Taurus
> ASC ruler in fixed sign
> Mars in Libra or cancer

Triggers via Transits

Weight gain :
> T Jupiter – ASC
> T Jupiter – Venus
> T Jupiter – Moon

Weight loss :
> T Saturn – ASC
> T Saturn – Moon
> T Saturn in 1st house = Trimming of the excess
> T Saturn in 6th = Dicipline & seriousness towards diet & health
> T Pluto in 1st = Transformation
> T Pluto – ASC ruler
> T Uranus in 1st = Change, excitement
> T Uranus – ASC ruler
> T Uranus in 6th = New diet/exercise ideas

Triggers via Progressions

Weight gain :
> P ASC in Taurus or Saggitarrius
> P Sun & Venus in Sagittarius
> P ASC ruler in Taurus or Sagittarius
> P Jupiter in aspect to ASC or ASC ruler
> P Jupiter in aspect to Venus

Weight loss :
> P ASC in Capricorn
> P Saturn in 1st house
> P Saturn in aspect to ASC or ASC ruler
> P Sun in Capricorn


Sometimes you gain weight while you are still watching what you eat. Checking your transits and Progressions could help in understanding why this happens. Your body might be more prone to holding onto fats when Jupiter is making a strong aspect to your ascendant or its ruler, this also applies when Jupiter is making an aspect to the sun.
The moon is also responsible in times of gaining weight more easily, it rules the fluids in your body ; when jupiter is trine or conjunct to the moon in both transit or progression it not only brings joy and a more optimistic feelings, but it also adds to your body holding onto fluids a.k.a water retention.

However, some people are ‘blessed’ with having a fast fat metabolism, which can be seen in the birthchart, such as having mars in it’s own sign – Aries or Jupiter in a fire sign.
For those people the transits and progression are of minor influence since there genetic and astrological build is different and able to process fats more easily.
November 17, 2020 at 19:12
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Childhood Abuse:…

Childhood abuse

Interpret a chart with these indicators if you are aware of abuse in the individual’s past. Or when strange behaviors appear that could psychologically be connected to abuse, such as a low self-esteem, eating disorder, being an abuser himself, introvertion, strange early sexual behaviors of a child, having a strange relationship with sex,..
The main Asteroids used to indicate whether abuse was present in the past :

Nessus (7066): abuse
Child (4580): the child
Dejanira (157): victim

> Sun conjunct Nessus = abused by father
> Dejanire square Mars = abused by a male figure
> Dejanira square / opposite/ conjunct Child = abuse
> Dejanira conjunct Child = strong indicator that the child was a victim of abuse
> Nessus in 8th = sexually abused
> Nessus opposite / square ASC = physical abuse
> Nessus square / opposite Saturn = abused by a male figure
> Moon conjunct / square / opposite Dejanira = emotional abuse, blocked out the memory of abuse
> Chiron conjunct / opposite/ square Sun = abused by father
> Chiron conjunct / opposite / square Moon = abuse by mother
> Mars conjunct dejanira in 4th house = abuse by a male family member
> Sun conjunct dejanira in 4th house = abuse by father
> Moon conjunct dejanira in 4th house = abuse by mother
> Mars in 8th house = sexual abuse
> Mars conjunct Pluto = sexual abuse

Indicators of a harsh upbringing :

> Saturn conjunct ASC = a child that is expected to be an adult, and had to grow up early
> Moon conjunct Saturn = a cold and strict mother
> Sun conjunct Saturn = a cold and strict father
> Pluto conjunct IC = a fierce early home
> Uranus conjunct Moon = unstable bond with mother, unstable or absent mother in childhood
> Chiron conjunct IC = painful memories of childhood
November 17, 2020 at 19:10
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Eating Disorders:…

Eating Disorders

An eating disorder or self-esteem issue can occur throughout the whole zodiac. However, there are a few aspects that caught my eye.
2nd house is important to look at, since it represents your food intake, self-esteem and the mouth. if you have malefic planets sitting in 2nd, that could be an indication of an eating disorder, such as : Mars, Saturn, Northnode.


Chiron : Wounded healer
Ceres : Food
Nessus : (sexual) abuse
Vesta : The one that loves cooking
Moon : Feelings & Nurturing
Pluto : Control & abuse
Neptune : Delusions & addictions


Mars-Saturn: These planets are associated with Will and the Throat Chakra. When the patterns of stuffing one’s feelings is prolonged, this chakra and the thyroid gland will be affected. This often leads to a health problem called Wilson’s Syndrome. Initially, through the stress of repression and anxiety, the adrenals are taxed. Later, this adrenal stress pulls on the thyroid gland. The body temperature drops, often to around 97°. Fatigue and exhaustion further prevent the individual from ever asserting self for one’s self. In talking to people with an under-active thyroid, they frequently complain that they do not feel alive.

Physically, this can be addressed through adrenal supplementation, thyroid support and even taking organic, cold pressed coconut oil that quickly raises the body temperature and energy level. However, the psychological patterns that contribute to obesity are more difficult to change.

Mars-Neptune: This is the aspect that tells me that there was a parent who did not want the child to grow up or grow away. Later, these individuals sabotage their own efforts by talking themselves out of doing, especially doing something for themselves. These people often feel that they never scored a victory in expressing their anger, their Mars. Often, when they feel anger, they become quit tired and even depressed. This aspect is actually best suited for fighting for an ideal, something greater than themselves, but not directly for themselves.

Mars-Pluto: With the compulsive over-eater, this combination can indicate abuse. The rage and resentment are suppressed through eating. They often fear the rage within. They fear that they could kill someone— so they eat instead, killing themselves with the health issues that arise through obesity.

> Chiron in 6th = selfcriticism
> Chiron in Virgo or cancer = selfcriticism
> Chiron in hard aspect to the ASC ruler or ASC
> Chiron conjunct ASC = high chanse of being bullied in childhood
> Chiron conjunct Jupiter in 6th or in Virgo
> Chiron conjunct Moon in 6th or in Virgo
> Chiron in 6th or Virgo making an aspect to Venus

> Moon conjunct Pluto = destructive obsessive feelings
> Ruler of 6th making harsh aspect to Chiron = health is a painpoint
> Ruler of 6th house in 4th house
> Pluto square ASC or ASC ruler

> Ceres in 6th = detailed vision on food
> Ceres aspecting to 6th house ruler = conflict between health and food
> Ceres in aspect to Chiron = painful bond with food

> Venus conjunct Jupiter = appetite for food
> Nessus in 8th house = sexual abuse that changes self-image
> Nessus sextile Ceres = food as comfort for history with sexual abuse
> Vesta conjunct Neptune = delusions about food
> Vesta trine Chiron = painful bond with food
> Saturn, Mars or Southnode in 2nd house = damaged self-esteem
> ASC ruler in Scorpio or 8th house = need for physical destruction
> ASC ruler in Pisces or 12th = addictions and self-undoing
November 17, 2020 at 19:09
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Chiron: The Wounded Healer


Chiron is also called The wounded healer.
It shows your struggles wherever it’s placed in your birthchart.
The house and sign placement are an indication of what you may possibly struggle with to overcome. The road towards reaching the point of it’s healing powers can be a long one in which you may feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about that specific wound. You may even be unaware of the issues in that area, until it gets triggered by a transiting planet, or when people enter your life whom touch your Chiron and activate its weak spot.

However, an aspect of Chiron to any of the planets in the birthchart may amplify the energy of that planet, making it your wound and source of healing.


Your ego becomes a very sensitive subject to which you may stumble upon emotional sensitivity regards the way you define yourself. Communicating about yourself may seem difficult to you and there is a need to pretend stronger than what you really feel inside. It creates a tendency to ignore your own vulnerabilities.

This combination makes you highly sensitive to the energies around you, and you may have the tendency to unconsciously absorb them, whether they are positive or negative. Emotions can be overwhelmingly strong and there is difficulty in putting boundaries regards these matters from outside of you.

You may feel insecure regards your values in live such as possessions and money. It can create hesitance in developing your own values in life and in making decisions. A feeling of being unworthy of love in which you have the tendency to compromise to others, because you afraid being alone.

There is doubt towards your own strength and courage in life. Your sense of awareness and selfworth is a point of struggle within you. A fear of being undesirable and being rejected when you go after your own desires.

Emotional information has a negative effect onto how your mind works, you may be highly sensitive towards receiving to much information at once in which you feel overstimulated quickly. There is a tendency to shy away from emotions of yourself and others and rationalize information to prevent your communication of being disturbed by it.

The way you view the world and your beliefs are highly sensitive. If you insist on something being true in the face of cases of it not being true, Chiron will try to insert its energy antenna into the conversation, bringing you to feel deeply something that might not fit with your beliefs.

This creates an innerconflict regards your needs for structure and dicipline vs your needs to put a break onto things inorder to make room for feelings and emotions. Maturity with one of these aspects doesn’t come from ignoring the emotions of others or stuffing your own

It creates confrontations with the need of being more sensitive to the effects of change.
Learning to see the effects it has onto the emotional world.

This makes you highly sensitive in picking up vibes and signals around you. You may shape whatever you feel into something that belongs to you while it doesn’t. Sometimes the things you feel get overwhelming and it creates a tendency to isolate.

This amplifies the fears of being faced with yourself and how to be perfect, maybe about the most raw parts of your personality and psyche. It creates a tendency to hold onto structures that no longer serve you and keep you from inner growth.

Chiron in aspect to it means that your interactions with others involve learning how to alternatively be sensitive and vulnerable and deal with others who are. This may affect your willingness to be assertive and/or be available to help and heal others.

Chiron in aspect to this pair of points says that you’re in process of learning how to own your own vulnerability and that of others, and how to heal your emotional issues before you go out into the world and somehow be there for others.

Chiron conjunct the SN says that your multilife journey and families again and again are saturated with Chironic sensitivity. Whether you respond as wounded or wounded healer can’t be seen in your chart, but know that you’re full of energetic sensitivity and need to sort out what of all threads of Chiron living you want to embody and carry forward.

Chiron sextile the SN says that you’re wired to be stimulated by the energy and emotions in the world around you. You might stick with SN-related habits and, thereby, be distracted by all the helping and healing that needs to be done around you. Learn to recognize that we all suffer and feel pain, and for all of us that is central to our journey of becoming the source of love for ourselves. And so, sometimes, the best thing you can do is let someone work through his or her own pain as a path to growth.

Chiron square the nodes says you and your family have an unresolved issue when it comes to dealing with pain, suffering, vulnerability, and insecurity in the self … which will more often than not show up in dealing with others. Why to have compassion and for how long is a question that will hang in the air in your life, and you need to develop healthy energetic/emotion boundaries that are not just about cutting off the flow of emotions and energetic information.

Chiron trine your SN says that you are very aware most (if not all) of the time about who needs help why and when. You might keep yourself busy being available to others who are suffering, potentially getting into patterns in which you don’t honor your own needs. It’s important for you to see how you can help others in need but also give them time and space to figure out how to heal themselves. Just because you can help doesn’t mean you’re always supposed to.

Chiron conjunct your NN indicates that you have not been taught in many lifetimes how to honor your own or others’ vulnerabilities and insecurities. You may have some ungrounded fears of dealing with – processing – difficult emotions in others while often entirely missing the truth that you have them, too. Your job is to embrace your sensitivity and honor your needs in ways that no one else ever has been able or willing to do.

November 17, 2020 at 19:07
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Psyche - The Essence of Your Soul:…

Essence of your Soul

The essence of your soul can be seen by the house and sign placement of the asteroid Psyche (16) . It shows where you feel most at peace and at home, where you bloom. Who you are in the deepest parts of yourself.

Aries / 1st house :
The soul is Raw, childlike, doesn’t hide but got bruised along the way.
Taurus / 2nd house :
The soul is a Nature-lover, sensitive to citylife, loves to walk barefoot.
Gemini / 3rd house :
The soul Dances with strangers. strange places feel familiar. music.
Cancer / 4th house :
The soul loves Memories and is melancholic. Stuck to the ones they love
Leo / 5th house :
The soul loves Adrenaline, the atrical, arts
Virgo / 6th house :
The soul feels home in the Animal kingdom, non verbal, needs a purpose to push itself
Libra / 7th house :
The soul needs Love, seeing it everywhere, made to share
Scorpio / 8th house :
The soul is a One-way mirror, watch the world while being invisible
Sagittarius / 9th house :
The soul is a Nomad, nowhere and everywhere, wandering
Capricorn / 10th house :
The soul is a Savage, rare to find a place where it’s safe to reveal what’s underneath
Aquarius / 11th house :
The soul is Questioning, wandering, echoes of own voice
Pisces / 12th house :
The soul is Dreamy, untouchable, own made world
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Further: Asteroids from ´PlutonicDesire" they´ve provided most of the research for my posts, Seekers may find it useful.

Name Asteroids

There are about 21778 named asteroids in the astro databank. Go look for the names of loved ones, family or even enemies, and see where they are placed within your birthchart.
There is not much information out there about name asteroids, but it’s a handy extra tool to add to your chart when doing a reading. When we are born, the names of our loved ones are already within us. It’s a matter of time to find those people who are important in our lives.

The house placement and the aspects that are made to the name can clear up some things around that person.
Conjunction are the strongest, the closer the ‘better’. When a name asteroid touches one of your planets, points or asteroids, the energy is activated.
Aspects other than conjunctions also activate, but it’s more of a weak power since asteroids are still very young.
> Use tight orbs : 0-2 degrees

1) In what house is the name located = what area they affect you
2) In what sign is the name located = the nature of the bond and person
3) Aspects are made to the Name = feeling & attitude around the person
4) What is the ruler of the house in which the name is
5) What aspect does that ruler make to the name

> Conjunction shows the nature of the relationship, from your point of view
> Hard aspects show a challenge connected to this person
> Harmonic aspects creates a positive feeling around this person, or desire

List of name asteroids


Name astroids through the houses :

1st : creates a feel of will and self-direction, seeing the person as competition or as a part of you
2nd : possessive about this person, or keeping your possesions from them, not wanting to share
3rd : wanting to communicate with the person, activating mental activity, superficial. or gossip
4th : feeling of familiarity, a caring and nuturing bond, integrated. or feeling hurt around them
5th : creates pleasant and romantic feelings, desire for children, or they are a thread on your self-expression
6th: wanting to get busy and get things done, feeling helped. Or they interrupt you on your daily tasks
7th : seeing the person as marriage material, intimate bond, strong friendship or enemy
8th : finding the person attractive and seductive, or keeping secrets from them, feeling power struggles
9th : wanting to explore together, share knowledge and religion. An important person
10th : creates ambition, being inspired. not in the mood for the person, feeling better than the person
11th : wanting to be friends with the person and creates a feeling of being unique together
12th : creates mystical feelings, feeling more spiritual than the person, or a hidden enemy

Name asteroids conjunct or in harmonic aspect to other planets :

> Sun : Feeling energized by the person
> Moon : Feeling emotional security with the person
> Mercury : Having a lot of mental activities between you an the other
> Venus : Finding them beautiful, fascinating and worth loving
> Mars : Creates passionate feelings or feelings of competition
> Jupiter : Seeing the person as a wise and fun being
> Uranus : An unconventional bond, going after new ideas together
> Neptune : A deep spiritual connection with the person
> Saturn : The person creates difficulties within your life
> Pluto : Deep, intense bond, feeling exposed & naked within their presence
> Chiron : Brings pain into your life, a source of painful growth

> Juno : Seeing them as the perfect spouse
> Eros : Sexually attracted to the person
> Amor : Loving the person unconditionally
> Psyche : Feeling a strong soulish connection
> Cupid : Romantically attracted to the person
> Ceres : Having a nuturing feel over or with this person
> Vesta : Wanting to have sexual adventures with the person
> Pallas : The person adds to your wisdom
> Nessus : Feeling uncomfortable around the person

> Vertex : Creates a turning point, this person will help you to become what you were meant to be

> ASC : The person makes you feel more complete, adds to your status, a part of you.
> MC : Helps you to achieve your goals, creates a professional feeling

Examples :

> I have seen The name of a woman her husband exact conjunct to the ruler of her 7th house. Aswell as a name asteroid making a trine to Juno and Vertex. Those are strong indicators of marriage, or seeing this person with this name as perfect marriage material.

> I have seen the NameAsteroids of the parents of a child being in the same sign of Saggittarius, whilst the mother’s name is conjunct the MC, it shows the parents to be the teachers of the child.

> I have seen a man his girlfriend’s name making a positive aspect to Saturn while in Synastry she is the Saturn on his DSC. Her name is also sextile to Juno showing him to see her as a perfect spouse, which was what he said in real life.

> I have seen the name Asteroid of a girlfriend exact conjunct to Asteroid Union in the chart of a man.

> I have seen the Name Asteroid of a girl exact conjunct Eros in 8th house of a friend.

> I have seen the Name Asteroid of a man exact conjunct the MC of a woman he abused, while the Name Asteroid opposed Mars and exact trine to Vertex."…
November 17, 2020 at 15:58
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Hay, you know your Irish blood carries ancient Egyptian signatures, too? Big DNA study has proved it (this means the Scots who moved from Ireland, are too). Ties in very credibly with legends of ´The Painted/Gifted´ ones arriving. The Hierophant of Isis (UK) told me years ago the Tuatha De Danann were Egyptians (an exiled Princess and her retinue) - where do we think all the red hair came from? Also, I think I have a Chiron or Node line going through Egypt. This is an ancient signature and does not match modern Egyptians. :92: Better learn the Sand Dance
November 16, 2020 at 04:05
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Adonis: I have in Leo /10th house conj. Mercury

Eros : I have in Scorpio / 1st house

My dear Ms. Moon - I already know that, regards, Lucifer :21:
November 16, 2020 at 03:40
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:4: :4: Yes, important safety announcement: watch out for the Centaur, everyone - he´s a little frisky. :4:
November 16, 2020 at 03:38
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Cute little feller :6: Scot Fold Munchkin, though - cute but he couldn´t fend for himself outside.
November 16, 2020 at 02:23
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
Pholus is a dangerous Centaur, you should save Pholus for the Centaur list!
:155: :192: Pholus :8: :14: :8: :14: :8: :93: :93:
November 16, 2020 at 00:32
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LOL :61: :61: :61:…

Look at dis lil ragamuffin :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92:

I love how when they´re still kittens they try and puff themselves up to appear bigger than they are...all my cats did that when they were babies... They get puffed up like that kitty did at the end and say "yeah what bitch, I fight you no Matter how small I may be"

I love cats
November 16, 2020 at 00:30
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Speaking of which, feeding time. :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: :92: - :92: :92:
November 16, 2020 at 00:27
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your name is disproving you today, my dear friend. Not a fool at all!! :37:
I quite like a bit of Egyptian, me - and its the only one I would know. I try to worship her everyday - got 11-13 cats (not by choice, the word gets out on the kitty supermeeow way) and that is quite enough(ha). (stage whisper) I seem to be a little toasted. :84:
November 16, 2020 at 00:27
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Yup bast is in my first house..Scorpio :122:

Andddd... I´ve had cats my entire life. Sometimes a lot at once, sometimes not. I love cats. I LOVE CATS :92: :92:
November 16, 2020 at 00:22
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13 deg Aquarius - cool, Cowgirl, you got me a kitty for my 4th house* :92:

Thanks - so where was yours in Scorpio

*equal house
November 16, 2020 at 00:19
(Taurus) » rohini moon
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Ooh, synch - :75: Coolio, now lets see and thanks
November 16, 2020 at 00:18
(Taurus) » Fool
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Egyptian Cat Deity - but getting no results on that so I guess it isn´t that. Here´s to you, :36:
November 16, 2020 at 00:17
(Virgo) rohini moon » Fool
Ya!!´ Asteroid 4257 aka Ubasti aka Bast,
You found it!!

your name is disproving you today, my dear friend. Not a fool at all!! :37:
November 16, 2020 at 00:12
(Taurus) » rohini moon
System message: Post has been written by user Fool, who already deleted profile on this website:
Thank you Ms. Moon, you´re very kind: but can you recall the deg of Cat in Scorp? I wanna see if I can pet kitty with my Neptune. :4: Bastet?
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