12th house Davison chart placements

October 3, 2020 at 04:28 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Laurynh
12th house Davison chart placements
Wondering how to gain insight on Davison chart placements and how one can interpret this style of chart compared to the composite? I’ve read that the composite is more about how the relationship is perceived by other but the Davison is more about the actual story of the relationship? Any thoughts would be appreciated :)
We always have a lot going on in our 12th house individually and in synastry...
In the Davison chart;
Venus/sun/mercury in 12th house Taurus
Moon/Pluto 6th house Scorpio
Uranus/Saturn 7th house Sagittarius
Neptune in 8th house Cap.
Jupiter/NN 11th house Aries

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October 7, 2020 at 02:16
(Scorpio) Graham
Use synastry to see how the two people relate to each other; composite to see how they are seen by others (as a two-person team) and Davison to see the purpose of their relationship (or what they are learning together).

The Davison is interpreted in exactly the same way as a natal chart for a person ... but it is the natal chart of relationship (involving two people rather than one).

As in any natal chart, the overall purpose is "to make the Sun shine". ... So, what is "promised" by the Sun´s sign, house and aspects in the Davison chart? What helps to achieve that objective/purpose? What hinders the achievement of that purpose?

Venus/Sun/Mercury in Taurus/12th means the same in the Davison as it does in any other natal chart ... and so do the other placements that you have listed. ... But, instead of writing "Neptune in Capricorn/8th indicates that this PERSON is ____________", write "Neptune in Capricorn indicates that this RELATIONSHIP is _______________".

In the Davison, two people are learning the same lesson(s) together - whereas, in the natal, the lesson(s) are being learned by only by one person.

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