Grand Square, lots of conjunctions and 12th house placements - Is he a good match?

September 4, 2020 at 05:10 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) summerflowers
Grand Square, lots of conjunctions and 12th house placements - Is he a good match?
I am looking for insights over this relationship.

He and I are both Scorpio, and we have a Grand Square in synastry.
Does this relationship have a long-term potential?

He is the outer circle.
He seems to have very stressful Mars and Moon,
and he said to me that he disliked violence or short-tempered people.

I would appreciate it if anyone can see the potential in this synastry.

Synastry chart:
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September 28, 2020 at 03:29
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
"He seems to have very stressful Mars and Moon,
and he said to me that he disliked violence or short-tempered people."

It is not what he - or anyone else, for that matter - says about himself; it is about what you yourself see in him after having shared enough. Anyone can say anything about himself, you know; but only his actions tell the tale.

Synastries without already having had enough interactions, are kind of empty and meaningless. And I am assuming that this is either a very new relationship, or someone with whom you still doesn´t have a committed relationship. Otherwise, your comments above would not have been part of your post.

I seriously doubt that a 6th house Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto, who has Ketu (the South Node) conjunct his Moon in the 12th, while that Moon is square a 3rd house fire Leo Mars, doesn´t have a bad temper as he alleges. If he really doesn´t - which I don´t think it is the case - then, by all means, hold on to him because he must be a very spiritual man.

That would really be a first to me, to see a Sun-Pluto conjunction in the 6th in Scorpio, and a Moon square a 3rd house Leo Mars, who doesn´t have an bad temper, even if manifested in more "hidden", insidious, but sort of vengeful ways.

Of course, I should give him (and so should you, I feel) the benefit of the doubt; placements and aspects can manifest differently in different individuals according to how evolved they are as beings. But all I am saying is, don´t just take his word for it, but interact enough with him in order to understand how exactly he is manifesting those placements/aspects.

Try to disagree with him on something very important, and see how he handles it, you know.

Take it one step at a time, don´t rush it, and just pay attention to everything from an exterior and objective perspective.

Almost everything in the synastry looks good enough. But all it takes are 2-3 very challenging synastry/composite aspects to send everything to hell. I´ve seen this so many times, you know.

That´s why the "order of business" should be:

1. Analyze our romantic prospect´s chart first, totally independent of the synastry.

2. Interact/share enough with him/her in order to understand how his/her chart placements are manifesting in his life.

3. Only analyze the synastry after #2 has already occured.

4. Analyze the composite, and give more emphasis to it and to his natal chart than to the synastry.

I hope that helps, :29:
September 28, 2020 at 01:33
(Scorpio) summerflowers
Here are our synastry aspects:

Me - Him:
AS Conjunction Jupiter Orb 0°45´
Sun Conjunction Venus Orb 0°56´
AS Conjunction Sun Orb 1°08´
Lilith Conjunction AS Orb 1°28´
AS Conjunction Pluto Orb 1°57´
Pluto Conjunction Sun Orb 2°14´
Jupiter Conjunction Sun Orb 4°30´
Venus Conjunction Mercury Orb 4°54´
Node Conjunction Mercury Orb 4°58´
MC Conjunction Mars Orb 7°25´
Sun Conjunction Mercury Orb 7°30´
Node Conjunction Sun Orb 9°53´
Venus Conjunction Sun Orb 9°57´
Venus Opposite Moon Orb 0°21´
Node Opposite Moon Orb 0°25´
Mars Opposite MC Orb 1°04´
Jupiter Opposite Moon Orb 5°48´
MC Opposite Saturn Orb 6°35´
Pluto Opposite AS Orb 7°04´
Moon Opposite Neptune Orb 7°48´
Mercury Square Uranus Orb 0°50´
Mercury Square Neptune Orb 1°17´
MC Square Pluto Orb 1°17´
Jupiter Square Mars Orb 1°28´
Mars Square Mercury Orb 1°34´
Saturn Square AS Orb 1°48´
Venus Square MC Orb 2°14´
Node Square MC Orb 2°18´
Mars Square Moon Orb 2°57´
MC Square Jupiter Orb 4°00´
AS Square Mars Orb 4°10´
MC Square Sun Orb 4°24´
MC Square AS Orb 4°54´
Pluto Square Mars Orb 5°15´
Saturn Trine Venus Orb 2°32´
Sun Trine Saturn Orb 3°21´
Moon Trine Mercury Orb 3°27´
Saturn Trine Mercury Orb 4°01´
Neptune Trine Moon Orb 6°18´
Mercury Sextile Mars Orb 0°43´
Moon Sextile Moon Orb 1°05´
Uranus Sextile Sun Orb 2°06´
AS Sextile Uranus Orb 2°36´
Neptune Sextile Sun Orb 4°00´
MC Sextile Venus Orb 4°10´
Lilith Inconjunction Venus Orb 0°44´
Moon Inconjunction MC Orb 0°47´
Uranus Inconjunction Mars Orb 0°54´
Neptune Inconjunction Mars Orb 0°59´
Sun Inconjunction AS Orb 1°40´

I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with this.

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