Karmic relationship: for what and what to expect

August 2, 2020 at 18:26 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) AnnaF
Karmic relationship: for what and what to expect
I and Alexander got to know each other at work at the end of October 2016. At the beginning, I did not talk to him too much because I felt the inner and inexplicable fear in front of him. When I quit my job (spring 2017) he supported me, and I still remember that. Then we stopped communicating.

Moreover, I had a husband (we got married in 2008). In September 2010 I gave the birth to a first sun, in May 2018 - I gave the birth to a second sun (he was a premature baby).

In December 2018 I reminded unexpectedly about Alexander. I started to feel the strong need to meet him. I wrote him 16.12.2018 and suggested to meet. We met 23.12.2018. After this meeting I realised that he was so attractive to me. We started to chat and meet in secrecy. 27.01.2019 we had our first sex, and it was the best in my life. I understood that I fall in love. In spring 2019 I left my husband. We divorced 27.01. 2019.

Until today I and Alexander are together. We are living together. But a few times we were too close to breaking up. We argued and it looked like we spoke in different languages. He always wanted to teach me and he always pointed out my mistakes. Now we argue less, and now there is no feelings that we speak in different languages. He even stopped to teach me about something. If he does it - it’s so rarely.

At the begging we didn’t believe in love and we thought that our relationship is not serious and it would end soon up. We are still surprised how it is going.

My questions are: are this relationship is karmic? If it is - what namely we have to learn from it? In our previous life who we were to each other? How long our relationship will be?

Anna: 04.11.1990 02:20, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Alexander: 31.12.1980, 07:30, Yekaterinburg, Russia
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