Progressed Davison....

January 7, 2018 at 00:41 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) madison
Progressed Davison....
Hi....Does anyone can tell me something about this progressed Davison chart..?..Man´s progressed Venus is in conjuction with Davison´s prog Venus..what does it mean..??..Can someone compare those two charts..?.Is this a significant encounter for him..?.Thank you..
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February 2, 2018 at 07:16
(Taurus) Vyri
Davison I assume is the name of a Rock Star or a friend wishing for a relationship? Who is Davison?
The Venus overlap is an agreement of how the Moon is speaking to the planets from the 10th & the 4th house.
Trouble with emotional agreements about time, duration, goals of home dwelling efforts are involved. Does one travel extensively that might interfere with a commitment of any solid security?

Venus upon the Pluto Venus conjunction speaks of the progressed partners wish to leave ´sex´ in the background as a soft intense subconscious attraction rather than an overt effort that asserts for any type of a physical unionism. The Venus Pluto effect is to re-evaluate subjective emotional balancing-Libra-any confrontations have jealous or envious, energy behind its thrust to top the partner. (which could include topping the partner in many pursuits behind the scenes, especially in the boudoir)

Both individual (but especially the Pluto native) strive to reach the top or best each other on one endeavor or another centering around the home grounds of the relationship. It is the family rulership rites that come under challenges, which are in a continual flux of upheaval. Pluto is very very intimate and needs to reach out in a subliminal unspoken way for a deeper recognition the deepest expressions of love and tender affection that surpasses physical expression-and tip toes into heavenly grounds..soft, sweet as eyes that meet past heaven or hell and overcome the menial to reside in some other worldly creative existence. Creativity is a must to keep the relationship going. Cardinal interest and artistic heights that must be reached.

Venus role & energy in Libra softens Pluto´s need to dominate & be the center of attention.

Could you give a little more background please.

All the best

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