Venus in Aquarius

June 6, 2020 at 22:04 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid
Venus in Aquarius
Please explain this placement from your experience! If you have this placement, all the better. Or if you know anyone, friends, family, lover, ect. I´m so curious to know more.

I keep hearing these misconceptions that Venus in Aquarius like to be in open relationships and all... but I know it´s not true for everyone. My close "friend" has this and I´m wondering what it´s all about. They don´t seem to be a "player" type, but they don´t follow society´s norms or expectations, so maybe that is how the Aquarius is showing itself through values? :17:

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August 2, 2020 at 13:22
(Libra) Vindex » Deep Sigh
My opinion is that first determination is to define whether Venus in Aquarius (or any other planet)describes our personality or not. I definitely says much about our love life, but not neccesarilly about our personality.

So If Venus is our "personal factor" - ruler of 1 house, ruler of Moon or Mercury (mind and soul), it says lot about us.

Venus in Aquarius is cold in general , and Aquarius itself represents heart of winter, under supremacy of Saturn and partially Mercury if you are born at night.

So in love, persons are very long attached to a single person, it is very hard to seduce them, they have few but long relationships, and usually choose very different partner from themselves.

Venus in Aquarius loves strong and independent character with rebelous personality.

Thats my view.
August 2, 2020 at 13:06
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Deep Sigh
I love it!
August 2, 2020 at 11:31
(Libra) themagi
Venus in Aqua tend to be very respectful of other people´s freedom and expect interactions to be attachment-free, in my experience.

Now that thing about open relationships is BS imo. That´s not shaped by your placements so much as how you interact with the surrounding culture.

You won´t find people in open relationships in North Korea, no matter how many Venus in Aqua you get into a room.

And I´d say Venus in Aqua doesn´t make you more likely to want an open relationship unless the mental/emotional associations the individual has with open relationships are one of ACTUAL increase in freedom without any lack in other departments.
August 2, 2020 at 10:44
(Taurus) Ladeeda » IntoTheVoid
"It´s almost like a silly love game. Not the bad kind. But like you said, when he´s off, I am warm to him, and when I am least expecting it, he´ll take my hand or hug me. It´s really nice."

Absolutely. There was that element if playfulness in how we showed affection sometimes. I liked to catch him off guard sometimes. For example once when he was working, I went over to him, tilted his head back and licked his forehead and left. He laughed his ass off and that was that. :4: Silly moments like that were great.
August 2, 2020 at 03:17
(Pisces) Deep Sigh
I see a lot of Aquarius Venues people assembled in the replies :61: .
I am another Aquarius Venus here :61: .

Okay I will describe myself by the characters in me that I think it is because my Aquarius Venus :


I don’t like be like the other people , I always try to avoid the common things that the most people do it and created my own new things and do it .

I mean I don’t like the SIMILARITY between the human beings , I strongly love THE DIFFERENCE .

And I always attracts to the different people , I see them special in my eyes .

② FREEDOM is one of the most important needs for me.

I always asks myself “ Why are there a lot of people make a wars against the people who just want their FREEDOM and their RIGHTS ? “ ~ I can’t find any logical answer for it .

③ I am Anti-Marriage .

I don’t see any benefit from this ugly word , MARRIAGE.

Maybe I will change this opinion after 10 - 20 years from now or not , I don’t know it just “ Maybe “ .

④ Uhhh what else ? I should stop here .
August 2, 2020 at 01:20
(Aries) Hello jello
I´m a Venus Aquarius 4th house, and most my of family has Aquarius Sun. So this is just my experience. :181:
Venus aquarius aren´t players, at all. I´m monogamous for all I know but I´m not baffled by polyamory. I think it´s romantic and noble people get to an agreement like that because I believe that a lot of unachievable expectations are just dropped on a single partner. Maybe that´s why we hold our friends so close to our heart. Friends are not just friends, they´re siblings from different parents. :4:
I don´t believe the placement to be a player type either because it´s not really into putting the effort to lie and keep it up with someone that doesn´t interests them anymore. :23:
Mental stimulation and a bolder more honest approach is very well received from others, even to the point of being interpreted as an act of love in itself. Conversations can be a form of love making if the other is invested, the less restriction of topics the better, not into shaming at all (unless there´s many inner planets in this sign, specially Saturn or Mercury, then they´ll use shame as a way to assert their moral compass).
Normal social conventions feel fake as hell. When we meet someone that skips the small talk and start up with what they´re passionate about we´ll want to keep in touch just to see what else your wonderful mind has to offer (extra points if you´re into something outside mainstream media and like to go in detailed depth). If you think style that tries to break the mold in any area is a form of attention seeking or if you feel rejection towards it, a Venus Aquarius might keep some emotional distance from you.
That´s all I can come up with about it now. Hope it helped clarify your perception :80:
August 2, 2020 at 00:31
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Ladeeda
Wow, Ladeeda, this sounds like my Capricorn partner and I. I think he likes me because I am a bit of an oddball. It is tricky with a Water Moon and a square to my Sun, but his Capricorn nature helps ground him and I think he is a solid person who isn´t out to fiddle with hearts.

It´s almost like a silly love game. Not the bad kind. But like you said, when he´s off, I am warm to him, and when I am least expecting it, he´ll take my hand or hug me. It´s really nice.
August 1, 2020 at 22:14
(Taurus) Ladeeda
My mother has venus in aquarius. Open relationships are definitely not her thing, haha. At all. It´s funny because I tend to see the water in her chart more than this placement. If there was anything i could link to her aqua venus it would be that when it comes to showing affection, she loves to talk about it, she´s pretty communicative. She does have her moments when she prefers to be more objective than emotional...I guess be airy about it.

My capricorn ex has this placement with a fair amount of water as well. I definitely think he liked me because he found me weird. In our group of friends, it made me feel pretty special that I was able to get a laugh out of him by saying odd shit as he was more the silent type.
He was open to a lot of things but I don´t think open relationships was one of them. He never gave me that impression, but it might have changed, who knows. He was an odd duck himself; one of the things that attracted me to him was that he dyed his hair quite often. One day, he showed up with his hair half white/half green. I loved it!

Something I just realized while writing this is that our respective affectionate moments were never really in sync but it worked in its own way. Whenever I felt physically distant, he would love up on me. Whenever he felt that way, I felt like covering him in kisses. And we just indulged one another. I´m wondering if it had to do with my water venus and his air venus. Maybe.

Aquarius being the sign of friendship, I´d say he had many different groups of friends. Childhood friends, martial arts friends, anime fan friends, college friends and rarely did those circles overlap. He was able to find fulfillment in connections with people without them all being in the same group or the same environment. He compartmentalized pretty easily.
August 1, 2020 at 01:50
(Aries) Tab123
This is definitely not true! I´m glad you asked the question because I´ve read that part over and over and it doesn´t click.. Being social is often misconstrued as being very flirtatious but I think the quieter one is (just my opinion) the more they´re likely to be doing shoddy stuff.. Anyways I used to be friends with a lot of males way more than females because besides my group of close friends, most girls arent much like us, we couldn´t identify with girls who just live by what society says and plays this meek wholesome role, we went out when we wanted and hung with alot of guys but we were never free with favours or did it like a hook up thing.. I think I totally love the fact that my venus is in aquarius because it´s just a really good natural feeling of being able to connect and speak to people but also intelligently and not like you´re a barbie or an airhead, you tend to like the stimulating exciting and fact finding conversations. When younger though it was an issue where I didn´t see guys as anything more than a friend but that wasn´t the idea they got..

And it really caused a lot of pain eventually when I saw that they´re not "true friends" but really now into me. It feels alot like betrayal when it happens, like just because I´m a girl speaking to you and I´m friendly so you´re trying this? Not in all cases was it like that but it still felt like a struggle because I actually take relationships very seriously and I´m quite different when I actually like someone, it´s noticeable I would think.. but from my experience you´re interested in people and in conversation but it does not mean you like open relationships, I would think with aquarius it´s just really vital that you are friends first, that you get each other and that there´s a foundation to the relationship but even with that it´s distinctive even at the start that its building up for something further, my venus in aquarius is pretty chill but I´ve also had bfs that don´t make me jealous at all, ive had all their attention and never had to demand it but I don´t count myself lucky for it because I guess it´s just what I expect, so I´ve never been the jealous type but I wouldn´t share either.. Never :83:
June 8, 2020 at 16:17
(Aquarius) nikkia
I have Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd House of Value.

I prefer long-term, monogamous relationships with someone who is also my best friend.
Integrity is extremely important to me since Trust is paramount for all relationships to flourish.

For me, being in an OPEN relationship means both people can openly communicate with one another.

Although freedom is important, I think this idea is often misunderstood. As an Aquarian - Freedom is being who I am and doing what makes me smile without judgment, interference or demands.

I give this Freedom to others and I expect the same in return. Without which, there will difficulty in that relationship.

As a female, society has placed a lack of freedom onto ´my role´ and more freedom to that of a man.
This never sat well with me. I found it increasing less acceptable as I matured. Enough already.

Simply put - a best friend /lover won´t negatively affect ones happiness and health and overall sense of well-being.
June 7, 2020 at 23:22
(Aquarius) Aunt Clara » bluerosepetals
Good point! I had never thought about it, but you are exactly right!
June 7, 2020 at 23:21
(Aquarius) Aunt Clara » IIyyaarr13
LOL! You are exactly correct in your last statement. :178: I get along with very well because I have a lot of Scorpio energy in my chart. :172: :175: and I do not get along at all, we may love each other, but will fight all the time.
June 7, 2020 at 22:14
(Sagittarius) Sus
I´ m in love with a Venus Acqua and its was and still is, a hard lesson.
I give him a lot of space cause I know he needs it.
He´s not the affectionate guy and rarely shows feelings. He shows he cares by attitudes and not words. This freaks me out most of the Times.
June 7, 2020 at 13:08
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » bluerosepetals
This is a good point, thanks for sharing :)
June 7, 2020 at 09:18
(Taurus) » IntoTheVoid
System message: Post has been written by user bluerosepetals, who already deleted profile on this website:
Not really unconditional lovers. I have a condition - do not suffocate me or expect me to give you 0-24 attention. So many people expect that.
June 7, 2020 at 09:16
(Taurus) » Nola_la
System message: Post has been written by user bluerosepetals, who already deleted profile on this website:
"In my opinion Venus in Aqua is very friendly .We usually try to be tolerant, not to discriminate against anyone, always for equality, but it can be a disadvantage too..."

Yup. This also resonates with my Pisces Sun.

"Often attracted to foreigners, so the relationship/marriage to a foreigner is nothing unusual here."

Absolutely. Plus, my Venus is in the 9th house in Whole Signs.

"It´s not easy for me to answer the question if :181: Venus likes really strange personalities (lol),or it attracts them because :181: is so friendly and tolerant."

Lol yes. My friends were always weirdos (just like I am hahaha) and I loved them exactly because of that. Because they were not afraid to be who they are.
June 7, 2020 at 06:49
(Taurus) dani_mae1 » Leo Moon
I third that point about friendship. My Venus Aquarius husband is my best friend too. It’s definitely important to this placement.
June 7, 2020 at 01:58
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » RohiniMoon
I think you´re right, though. I think the value of freedom makes them seem like unconditional lovers, there is no one description of this placement, because each chart has different aspects but yet Aquarius always seems so unique in itself. It´s so heartwarming.
June 7, 2020 at 01:57
(Aquarius) Leo Moon » IntoTheVoid
Nola made a great point I second.


Certainly I enjoy all the emotional and physical parts of romance, but just enjoying hanging out, talking about everything, being comfortable and friendly....that’s lovely! :1:

I can’t believe I didn’t mention that in my first post.
June 7, 2020 at 01:44
(Virgo) RohiniMoon
When I think of Venus is Aquarius I think of freedom-loving individuals first and foremost...but I don´t have anyone super close to me with this placement to be an authority on the topic :)

I still enjoy reading others responses who do have it...for research ;)
June 7, 2020 at 01:38
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Nola_la
Yes, friendships are the most honest form of relationship! I understand being a bit withdrawn, but that´s natural. Luckily it doesn´t define, it´s just a phase.
I find Aquarians very understanding and non judgemental. I love that some of them can appreciate the weirdness in me. My manager is an Aquarius, we have some of the weirdest little conversations haha- my Venus trine Uranus loves it! :65:
June 7, 2020 at 01:36
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » IIyyaarr13
I can see how they´d clash, yet expand each other from lessons learned!
June 7, 2020 at 01:35
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Leo Moon
This is lovely!
June 7, 2020 at 01:34
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid » Aunt Clara
Aww I like how you describe your flow of feeling. I find my friend very experimental in things, like art and cooking and such. You Aquarian folks are so inspiring and creative. I love it.
June 7, 2020 at 01:23
(Aquarius) Aunt Clara
I have a Sun/Venus conjunction in the 8th house. I am most certainly not into polyamory or weird sex but I do like eccentric people. Actually, I have been celibate for about 20 years, not by choice, but that may qualify as Aquarian Venus weirdness. There are other aspects in my chart that would play into that as well. In my case, my Venus placement shows up in my love for color and form and texture. I am both a photographer and a fiber artist, though I would not claim to be a professional. I also love having a nice house and a large garden full of flowers.
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