In the need of some light-shedding

August 29, 2019 at 14:31 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) CuriousMoon
In the need of some light-shedding
Hi there!

Just freshly joined these forums and after reading some of the other threads, I feel encouraged to post some questions here myself as well. Even though astrology keeps hooking me up for the past ~10 years, I´m still a rookie and therefore looking for some thought-exchange and insights from you.

So... I´m especially curious about things surrounding career and hobbies. After looking at my chart, is there anything you think I could truly blossom in? I don´t seem to have any talents at all.

Also, looking at my chart, it seems a bit discouraging to me. Most positive things I can spot seem to get overshadowed and overpowered by negative and challenging aspects...
I seem to be paralyzed and slow in almost every aspect of life.

Generally I´d be very happy about any thoughts about my chart that you can give! Every opinion, every constructive comment is most welcome.

Love & peace,
CuriousMoon :152:
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September 29, 2019 at 19:23
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Hmm... This is quite hard to answer correctly. I feel inclined to respond with: "I do not give practical advice." My anti-Virgo attitude, trying to seem more Cancerian. But when someone is coming with some problem to me, I first approach it from a very rational point of view, something like "The chances you will have another offer like this is pretty low - it´s a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Do it, if you don´t try, you will never know if it will work out for you. If someone can do it, it´s you." Then followed by some more emotional advice and support. So yeah, seems like you are right!

To be honest, if something like this happened, I think I would be paralyzed. Getting incredible anxious, my mind racing so much - asking myself what to do, being scared of doing something wrong. Probably I´d need some Cardinal sign person telling me what to do, and then I would execute it. To me it seems also more realistic, that you as a Scorpio person would react quicker than me. But I agree with the fact that I would be the one doing the practical "work", rather than the emotional support. I´d feel more comfortable in that role. Not to mention that the Scorpio energy is oozing emotional strength, feeling that you can rely on them, that they will be there for you and nothing can happen to you.

The Scorpio is the Psychotherapist indeed, while the Virgo could be the Neurologist? So we are both operating with the brain!

More than problem-solving, the Mercury energy is giving me a quick mind, often restless (I have trouble falling asleep because my mind is coming up with new things all the time, analyzing everything). Sometimes scattered. Very curious. Since my Mercury is in Gemini, it perhaps lacks some grounding and discipline that the Mercury in Virgo would have. I like languages, communication and information. But I´m also very nervous and prone to be stressed.
To be honest, I am not sure if I understood you correctly. But I will try to answer it anyway:
Unfortunately, I react quite emotional in most situations and I´m incredible sensible/sensitive. I recently noticed that my Moon is in the 1st House when using the Whole Sign House System, which could be one of the reasons, beside my Sun sign being Cancer. I feel them quite strongly at the moment; if it was a situation in which I felt offended, the hurt and the anger is quite prominent in my mind for some time - they will last a few days (sounds quite Cancerian). Some time after the incident, I will analyze my feelings and my reactions in a very Virgo way. Trying to "diagnose" myself. Especially when lying in bed. And then I feel the need to communicate it to my close ones.

There seems to be a mix for me between "seeing" and "feeling" of what needs healing in others. Mostly though I concentrate on their mind-set and the way they behave.
Things I feel drawn to fix. Hmm. Myself. It seems more logical to me to fix oneself first, before being able to help others. But - I have a huge need to help friends having a life they deserve. I have many depressed, suicidal and introverted friends, that are not getting the love and support by their parents and family they need. Some of them even have toxic relationships with their parents. Unfortunately they all live in different countries. If it wasn´t the case, I would love to invite them to my place more often, cooking for them, making them feel at home and introducing them to each other, creating a nice and cozy place that everyone likes to return to. I often feel the need to broaden their horizons by making them more open to new things and new people.

Thank you for your compliment! I actually really do think that I have almost only weaknesses. Isn´t that what is called operating on the lowest level or something? That one is spiritually undeveloped (I didn´t get into it that much yet, but I think I was reading something like this, sorry!)?

Being drawn to wise people in itself is very wise! I understand that you are talking about emotional maturity, not about mature age, but: do you also find yourself more in the company of older people? Enjoying conversations with them much more? Or are you in the company of people around your age but who have lived through a lot?

That Scorpio energy must be oozing out of you, for people to approach you with very serious problems and issue, finding comfort in your presence, even though you are still so young. Does it sometimes bother you or make you feel uncomfortable?

Are you still in touch with people from your old group of friends? Or did you leave this chapter of life behind you? Leaving things, especially people, behind is hard for Scorpio, isn´t it? Especially with the intense relationships you form with them - and the feeling of dependency that often can be found. I can imagine your friends became very dependent on your emotional support as well. I´m confident though, that using your energy in a more focused way at work will make you very successful!

Yes, knowing that Scorpios are very protective about themselves and their secrets, I was already prepared that you might reject me and my questions. But I´m so happy that you are answering in such a detailed way even! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into replying to me. Love the Scorpio Bible, and, in general, the way you reflect and perceive things and how you interpret my answers!

I have a few more questions, though. As a Pluto/Scorpio person, do you enjoy delving deep into other people´s thoughts and the way they think and operate? How often do you feel like you want to know more about a person and what kind of people are sparking your interest? Can you spot other Scorpios when you meet them?


P.S. Don´t worry! I´m happy about every single line of text. As said above, the Scorpio Bible was awesome, please don´t feel bad about it. I need to apologise, in case my sentences are sometimes simple-structured or downright incorrect or not understandable. I´m trying my best!
September 29, 2019 at 17:51
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
I liked that you were able to discriminate between the different types of care that Virgo and Cancer people can provide! In my experience a Virgo person, in the face of someone else´s crisis, will come up with practical solution-based advice rather than entering into the emotional side of things. Is that right for you?

I think that Scorpio and Virgo people are both equally good at caring, they just help from different perspectives. Imagine you are in a queue in a post office and a man begins to have a heart attack, collapses. I believe that a Virgo person would react by placing them in the correct position, using any first aid knowledge that they have, phoning an ambulance and obtaining them help in a coherent manner. Does that resonate with you?

From a Scorpio perspective I would be perceiving how traumatic it could feel to have a heart attack in a public place unexpectedly and how scared the person would be feeling. I would react by making sure that I was physically close to them, saying soothing things and accompanying them in the ambulance. I would be empathizing so strongly that I would really struggle to do any of the Virgo things! I think that where Scorpio is the therapist, Virgo is the doctor. Both necessary!

That is a lot of Mercury! I bet that problem solving is second nature to you. Would you say that you exist on a mental/ cerebral level? My question to you would be: how do you process emotions? How do your Cancer and Virgo bits interact with each other in regards to emotions? Can you, from a Virgo perspective, ´see´ what needs healed in others as opposed to feeling it? If I feel drawn to heal people, is there anything that you feel drawn to ´fix´?

I thought that that was really cool and brave of you to disclose that you think you have the negative aspects of each sign. Self-aware and emotionally intelligent! BUT- as you also mentioned, Virgo people are extremely hard on themselves. Do you think that you also embody the positive aspects of Virgo and Cancer but are too modest to say so? Do you have something which blocks you from seeing positive aspects of yourself or communicating them to others?

In answer to your very relevant and perceptive questions about the Scorpio business- As an adult I am now most drawn to people who have emotional maturity and intelligence, it´s a pattern that these people have often experienced difficulty in their lives but have been able to heal adequately from that and are now and in a position to support others. Wise people with good intentions.

Yes, I feel that people who need help are drawn to me. Last week I was in a train station and a lady sat down next to me and told me all of problems without any prior warning or interaction. (She was having a ridiculously difficult time. Just all the most terrible things that you could imagine at one time. I left appreciating my life).

These kinds of interactions have helped me to learn to set healthy boundaries and not over-help even if I feel drawn to do so. (For example, I will feel someone´s problems and not disclose them because they haven´t). It requires self-awareness! As a teenager I had an extremely damaged and group of ´friends´ who I acted as a mother to. That was not healthy but I was very young! I now channel my dangerous amounts of empathy into working with people in a structured way (at work) and hope to get better at it, internally and externally, as life goes on.

As a result of all of this, I have also only just recently learned that it´s okay to share information about myself with others and have trained myself to do so over the past few years. Previously I would never have answered your questions. There can also be a power dynamic in ´making´ things about other people that everyone should be careful of, I think that people in helping positions- official or unofficial- should always assess at what their own needs and intentions actually are with regards to caring for people. I once worked with a guy who got into counselling because it "made him feel better about himself". Not appropriate!

Probably my Taurus bit is responsible for trying to mould my ability to help people into a career that´s fulfilling? In the face of all the Water and Fire in my chart it feels quite subtle so I think I´m lucky it´s my Sun! It´s the bit that says: four jobs is too many, go back to university and- my favourite- it´s bed-time now.

:27: x

P.S. The Netherlands is beautiful! Apologies also for the ´Scorpio bible´, please feel free to have a ´Virgo rant´ for balance.
September 28, 2019 at 10:42
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
The Virgo descriptions are quite harsh indeed. Seems like they are not very much liked. You are right, most of the Virgo and Cancer traits are blending in quite well together - except for the emotions part. The way they are caring is different - Virgo is more nagging and Cancer just likes to nurture.

Most of the time - yes! Though I think I lack some of the best Virgo traits for some reason. Like being super tidy, for example, haha. Interestingly, all my personal planets, except for the sun, are in signs ruled by Mercury. My Chart Ruler is Mercury and my Dominant Planet is also Mercury.

Scorpio is probably the most interesting sign (to me). Since you are just feeling all the emotions around you, perceive the darkness in other people, I guess many people are drawn to you. Is there a type of person or signs that you feel you are the most drawn to? Do you feel that people that need help are drawn to you or are you also drawn to them? Or do you observe yourself being more drawn to people that can support you?
I admire the intensity, the strength.
Which role are your Taurus qualities playing in your life?

Hmm... tough question. To be fair, I feel like I seem to have all the weaknesses of both signs. Being moody, pessimistic, overly-sensitive and insecure on Cancer side and anxious, self-critical, somewhat self-centered and having trouble making decisions, being quiet, reserved and shy on Virgo side.
I look very young, a trait associated with Virgo ascendant, I learned. I like to observe and be more in the background, but I´m also overthinking everything - which could be traits both associated with Cancer and Virgo. Home and family play a really important role for me, especially the family I want to create on my own (Cancer theme).

:178: :176: - I like how similar our signature signs look! :)


P.S. Perhaps you will decide to do it one day anyway. :) I haven´t been to Amsterdam yet, no. Though I have been to the Netherlands. Beautiful country. Oh, and sorry for the long text...
September 27, 2019 at 18:03
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
Yes, I totally hear you about the Cancer/Virgo differences. Some descriptions of Virgo people can be harsh! Weirdly, I think that both Cancer and Virgo suns are similar since they´re quite gentle-natured and well-meaning. Carers!

Have you come to terms with your Virgo powers now? (In my opinion they are probably extensive and brilliant!)

I think that the Scorpio business is mostly internal. I perceive lots on a non-verbal, inter-personal level and would probably say that I exist on an emotive level. I can feel a lot. I´m very able to counsel and support people (and hear about the darkness in their lives) and find myself in that position often. I feel viscerally drawn to help people to heal and enjoy encouraging people to make they changes that they want to make in their lives. My personal relationships are intense. My desire for spiritual fulfillment is intense. Intense is the key word!

How do you feel about your Cancer-y behaviours in relation to your Virgo ones?

:178: :176:


P.S. Don´t feel sorry about Berlin! It think it´s against my better judgement that I want to go anyway. I recently went to Amsterdam and found it so overwhelming that I´m not sure why I went. Have you ever been?
September 26, 2019 at 06:11
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Oh, I haven´t noticed yet! But what I was noticing first when looking at your chart was the Scorpio ascendant. What makes you more scorpio in your behaviour from your point-of-view?

Yeah, I do see myself as more Virgo than Cancer as well. After I "discovered" the whole birth chart I had trouble accepting it for some time - since my sun sign is Cancer I was supposed to be so emotional and stuff. And at that time being emotional and cancer-ish sounded nicer to me than being an analytical Virgo person (of course I do know that it is not all black and white, that´s just how I felt back then).

I agree with you!

I´m sorry! :(

September 24, 2019 at 19:15
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
I have a Scorpio Ascendant with Pluto in the 1st House! Apparently Scorpio is my ´signature sign´ and I´m Pluto dominant. I think I´m more Scorpio than Taurus. Do you see yourself as more Virgo than Cancer?

You are welcome, that sounds like a brilliant place. I think that everyone is in the right place at the right time, if you feel happy then that´s an indicator that it´s good for you.

Yes! You´re probably right.

How big it is has put me off in the past, you just reminded me!

:27: x
September 24, 2019 at 19:08
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Haha, it sounds like an incredible shrine of all-the-deep-emotional-connections-you-have-ever-made! Would you consider yourself to be quite Scorpio-ish?

Thank you so much! Even though I enjoy working with my team and the international environment we are able to work in. But sometimes I do miss creativity and I definitely feel like this company and position is only a small step.

Sometimes you are just overthinking more the older you get. But perhaps travelling alone is not a must-do kind of thing, and if you are happy without it - that´s more than fine!

I think you should visit Berlin, if you have the chance to. It´s considered one of the most beautiful places in Germany after all!

September 23, 2019 at 14:56
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
Yes, you´re probably right! My Scorpio-ness was likely to involved in building my internal all-the-deep-emotional-connections-I-have-ever-made shrine.

Horray! Congratulations to you. Do you feel like it´s the correct place for you? That´s brilliant that there´s lovely people there.

Cake and flowers to celebrate your new job: :74: :65: :68: :65: :74:

I did think so. I feel the same too but have travelled myself in the past and seem to have lost the ability to do so! Totally understand the feeling of vulnerability.

(You´ve put me off Berlin!)

September 18, 2019 at 19:28
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Of course haha!

Yeah, I can imagine how enriching this time must have been for you. The memories of it will be something you will always carry with you. I can also imagine how hard it must have been to leave it all behind in the end - but it was probably a necessary step to progress in your life (Problems with letting go could be a scorpio thing too, right?).

I actually started my full-time employment 2 weeks ago and so far I like it. My team is awesome - we are quite close to each other.

Ohh, I had some typo there! I meant that I never feel secure travelling without someone else, which is why I haven´t done that yet. But I´d need to grow way more as a person to be able to go this path. If I remember correctly she was going to Lisbon and she said she loved every second of it and was able to meet so many new people. I´m really happy for her. But you didn´t travel alone yet?

I lived in Berlin for one year. But I´m kind of happy that I left it behind. Even though it´s nice for visiting and stuff.

September 16, 2019 at 19:59
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
Haha! Cosy snack time is the best time.

I definitely miss the people that I worked with in a community arts capacity, yes! I was regularly at school- it started out as teaching assistance but then a group started which, by chance, had several autistic children in it. It ended up as ASN support work and was very cute!

Hard to leave both children and adults that I had connected with emotionally (I think that´s a Cancer-y thing?). Working with vulnerable adults impacted my view of the world the most I think. Are you looking forward to your new job?

I feel like that too! Can I ask- did you used to travel alone? That´s cool that she did that! Did she go far? Do you know if she felt anxious or did she just love it?

I have heard that it´s massive but block it out each time! Did you go to a nice part? I would love to do all the Scandi countries too, Norway looks amazing. Japan sounds excellent also!

September 14, 2019 at 13:13
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
I could never say "no" to either of those, haha!

Wow, you are amazing! All of those jobs seem extremely interesting, I bet you learned a lot during your time there. It´s probably a weird question, but do you miss your time there? Which of these jobs were impacting you the most? The freelancing job?

That´s also a nice approach to it! But there will be probably too many moments in which we think we found our destiny like this, haha.

No, I will never feel secure with another person travelling with me. One of my Taurus friends were lately travelling alone somewhere for the first time. It was costing her a lot to decide to do it, but she said she doesn´t regret it at all and that she had a great time, even if it was only for a weekend. I admire her for it - I wouldn´t be able to do it... yet.

Berlin is so big and loud! But they have nice restaurants and there are so many museums I´d still like to visit there. I´d like to explore Scandinavia (especially Norway) a bit more. I would also like to visit Japan. Wow, and Iceland is definitely interesting as well!

September 11, 2019 at 18:27
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
Taurus and Cancer are basically one when it comes to home and snacks and cosy times!

I wasn´t studying, thank goodness! That would have killed me off. I was taking a year out between swapping subjects in a Gemini manner. I did freelance community arts work (at galleries, a primary school and a charity for disabled people), was a sales assistant in a vintage shop (fondling the textiles) and worked in a concert hall at night. A weird amalgamation of my interests!

Haha- I didn´t even register it! I love a bit of creepy familiarity! Yes! But I trip out that it´ll be ´easy since it is probably my destiny´. :76:

I see! Yeah, I feel sort of anxious about travelling now also. I love hearing that you love it again! Have you ever been on holiday by yourself? (That scares me and makes me excited in equal amounts).

It looks so beautiful. Yes- people always tell me that Berlin is magnificent (and I would like to see the art). I would love to go to Mexico. And India. My mum says that these are ´places that I need to take boys to´. I went to Iceland when I was little and had a brilliant time, I always mean to go back. What about you!?

September 11, 2019 at 16:07
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Ah, I see! Then it´s alright - I would do that too. I was actually a bit surprised at first, since like you said, preferring your own home is such a Taurus thing.
Four part time jobs?! While studying? What kind of jobs were these?

I just realised that I wrote "We" in this inner conversation example. A bit creepy - oh well!
Easier... probably not. But when I do have these moments of having this idea of just switching my subject or job, I feel like it could be more suited to me and much more exciting. But then again: "The grass is greener on the other side." ;)
Is it the same for you?

Yeah, I just love languages, haha! Until two years ago, I was never travelling, which makes me a bit scared and anxious of travelling now. But I´m slowly getting used to it and I love it! As long as I feel that it´s safe and secure.
French is a beautiful language. And I would definitely love to visit the South of France as well! Is there some other place you would like to see?

September 9, 2019 at 18:13
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
The courses are distance learning! I think the comfy-confines of home is both a Cancer and Taurus thing. Mercury did drive me to having four part time jobs at once though, that was an active period.

YES! YES! That is what I have too. Do you ever feel like the new subject/job is likely to be easier, better suited to you and much more exciting than what it is you´re trying to pursue?

Woah! That´s many languages! Polish is cool and all the Asian languages are amazing! Do you plan on travelling? I´m not sure, I think that I´m interested in French since I was taught it at school but I also feel quite connected to it. I always imagined that I would go to live in the South of France.

:) x
September 6, 2019 at 11:21
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Wow, you are so active! Visiting an external course and wanting to join a counselling evening class - I don´t think I could do that. I prefer to study and learn in the confinement of my own home. I feel most comfortable there. But perhaps I should really change my mindset - to broaden my horizon some more and stuff.

Because I have the very same issue every time something new and intriguing is sparking my interest!! In my mind it works like this: "Hey hey, did you hear that? Doesn´t that sound like a really cool subject/job? OMG, we gotta do that too!". And then, the other part of my mind is responding like this: "But we can´t! We are so close to finish our studies... maybe later." And so on...

How come you are particularly interested in French?
In school I actually also learned some French and Italian for a few years. But since I didn´t use either of them I started forgetting them slowly. Right now I am trying to teach myself some Polish, but I definitely would like to pick up some Asian language as well!

Sounds like a very fitting name, I´d join that, haha.


P.S. Aww, don´t worry about it! I´m actually more sorry for you - that you got caught up like this! I enjoy our rant. It´s nice to talk to someone about such topics.
September 5, 2019 at 20:26
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
The courses are external! I do consider counselling evening classes even though I will be tired from uni. I think that´s another product of Gemini, Gemini cares not about tiredness.

Yes! How did you know!?!? Mercury insisted that I drop every responsibility and learn to sew. Does this happen to you? I felt compelled to actually so do for about a week. It´s beautiful that you understand these things.

I would like to learn lots but I´m particularly interested in French! I see that you are from Germany, so you are already bilingual! Are there any other languages that you want to learn?

We could start a publishing house together for partially-Gemini-people-who-have-other-jobs-but-need-to-write-books-too? I will tell you when I write my book.

Horray for final year! It is very cool and sensible to have secured a stable job.


P.S. Apologies that my advice to you has turned out to be inconclusive and has turned into a Mercury/Gemini rant.
September 4, 2019 at 17:24
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Well, it was time for me to finally buy books about Astrology anyway. I just didn´t know where to start and you gave me the needed push!

Oh wow, that sounds so cool and interesting! I like how you are connecting you interests so nicely. Really inspiring! Are these psychology courses you are visiting part of your university syllabus? Or is it something you are doing outside of your main studies?

Costume designer... I bet your Mercury really wants you to do that now, hehe. Are you also someone who would like to learn many languages? Or are you only particularly interested in French?
I´d also like to write a book but I have zero ideas about what exactly. If you publish your book, poke me.

Yeah, my final year, so happy as soon as it´s over! Psychology and Art and Psychology and Mathematical-Medical... I agree with that! Or languages instead of Mathematical-Medical. So many possibilities.
I definitely thought about trying different things. But for now I´m really happy to have a stable job secured already in accounting. Especially since the job market situation is a bit scary for people with no experience. So right now it´s important for me to get at least some experience and then I can start experimenting.

September 3, 2019 at 17:51
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
That´s so lovely that you got it!!! I hope that you enjoy it and find the answers that you need.

I´m studying art- I began with Fine Art and swapped to Textiles- and have always planned to be an Art Psychotherapist. I also consider becoming a teacher for children who have additional support needs and am just in the process of seeing all the similar possibilities that could manifest also! I do short courses in relevant psychology-based subjects which appear to satisfy the Gemini thirst- aside from the ´journalist freak-outs´.

I also recently had a dream that I was a Costume Designer and had found deep spiritual fulfilment through doing that... that´s the Mercury curse. Obviously, I will also not be entirely fulfilled as a human being until I have written a book and learnt French.

Absolutely, that´s very cool that you managed to finish! Is this your final year? I can see that if Psychology and Art are like the book-ends of my fate it sounds like Psychology and a kind of Mathematical-Medical something are yours. Probably if you just follow what feels good and correct then you will find the answer! Have you considered trying different jobs to see how things feel?

September 3, 2019 at 06:14
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Wow, sounds exactly like what I need! Just ordered it and it´s supposed to be there in the evening. Can´t wait to read it, thanks for the recommendation!

Totally. Have you found something that you finished studying? Or are you still looking for something that will satisfy the Mercury/Gemini thirsts?
For now I´m happy that I was able to finish it (technically I´m not done yet, still have to defend my thesis). But there are so many possibilities for the future. One of the many things I´d still like to study is Psychology. But Medicine, Data Analysis, Business Informatics, pharmacy, behavioural sciences and so many other subjects are also a possibility. For now I am content with reading about a few of those in my spare time. What about you? (I think I have seen it but I didn´t read too much in it. I guess I will check it out after work.)

Unfortunately, my Virgo powers make me more nervous than anything, haha. In my opinion, Scorpios are more brilliant. But that´s perhaps just my perception.

P.S. You are welcome! And thank you too, haha :)
September 2, 2019 at 18:29
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
System message: Post has been written by user berrycat, who already deleted profile on this website:
Absolutely! There´s a book called Astrology: A Cosmic Science by a lady called Isobel M. Hickey which is excellent. It is only one point of reference but it has an interpretation of every possible sign, placement and aspect. Her descriptions of some aspects are like spooky prophecies (which come true), it´s really amazing.

Yes, I can relate to the study changes also and the general being-drawn-to-many-subjects-equally. Exhausting is the word. Can I ask- since you have finished studying do you still feel like you want to study other things? It really might be Lilith too! (There was a hilarious Lilith thread on here recently, I don´t know if you saw that?)

Being a tax adviser does sound like business and counselling! I think that your Virgo powers will just mean that you´re brilliant at what ever you do and you´ll be able to apply your abilities really well.

P.S. You are very welcome! Thank you, you are definitely awesome and nice too x
September 2, 2019 at 16:53
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
True that! Reading different views and observations on the same placement can be sometimes even a bit addicting. To the point where you are just so hungry for more information but there is not enough good material left (online at least).

Mercury in Gemini can be definitely exhausting like this. I changed my studies a few times before I stuck with business studies. In the beginning I wanted to get psychology degree, but since my grades were good, but not good enough, I couldn´t do that. So I started pedagogy, then switched to computer science and then to business administration. Or perhaps changing studies is more like a Lilith in 9th House thing. But I can so relate so much to what you said about Mercury in Gemini!

There is a possibility for me be a tax adviser in the future, perhaps that´s some good communication-business combination? Or a business analyst? As in counselling?

P.S. I´m not just saying it because of all the cats, but...! From the two posts I have read written by you, you seem like a really awesome and nice person. Thank you so much for your opinions and sharing your own experiences!
September 2, 2019 at 12:59
(Taurus) » CuriousMoon
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You are welcome! Yes, maybe you have things to come that will make it clear to you! A different interpretation could help also, I find that two descriptions of the same placement can differ in a big way.

That´s crazy that you are the same! I think that the "concentrating on one thing when you like so many things" issue is a Gemini one. I have Mercury in Gemini and routinely have internal freak outs where I want to divert from my chosen path and become a florist/ journalist/ monk. Probably since you are so Virgo you are able to prevent that from happening! That you are able to say *especially* is massive and may be the key to what it is that you´re supposed to be doing?

Have you ever tried working with people (e.g. counselling, community education, social work?) Maybe the communication-business and your interest in psychology and behavioural sciences means that you would excel at verbal communication? That you have a Cancer Sun would also back this up, you would probably be really lovely in a helping profession.


P.S. Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats.
September 1, 2019 at 16:54
(Cancer) CuriousMoon » berrycat
Hi berrycat!

Thank you so much for the link you have sent to me. It was interesting to read and I can agree a lot with Part of Fortune in 3rd House. The article about Part of Fortune in Scorpio was intriguing, especially since I have trouble seeing myself like this. Perhaps I need more experiences in life to be able to observe these traits in myself more clearly - I hope that makes sense. :)

Wow, what a coincidence! I´m indeed an "All-rounder" as well. As in: I have so many interests, especially when it comes to Psychology, Astrology, Human Behavior/Behavioral Sciences, etc... But the thing is, I´m not really excelling in anything I learn (yet?); it´s just hard to concentrate on one thing when you like so many things - so many subjects that spark your interest. Perhaps your friend is experiencing the same thing as well? At school I did really well too - but I was never the best. It was frustrating... :)

I don´t know much about astrology yet, but seeing that my Mercury is adversely aspected by squares, one of them being Mercury square Chiron, makes me a bit discouraged about the communication suggestion though.

CuriousMoon :152:

P.S. Thank you, I love your name - fits so well to this thread. :)
September 1, 2019 at 16:22
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Hello CuriousMoon!

Researching your Part of Fortune will probably provide you with all the answers that you´re looking for. It´s said that the Part of Fortune is where you will find not only material success but also personal happiness and fulfilment! I really didn´t know a lot about it until recently and got a lot out of reading about mine.

Here is a link to a good website, there´s also an option to read about the House it´s in:…

My friend is also a July 3rd Cancer with a Virgo Ascendant and Moon and I would describe her as an ´all-rounder´- I don´t know if that´s something which resonates with you? At school she did really well in exams (but not obscenely, spectacularly well) and in every subject (but not type in particular). She is very clever but content to not be ambitious and probably would describe herself as not having talents, as you have. Maybe you both have an aspect that causes this in your charts.

I would agree with the communication suggestion based on your Part of Fortune being in the 3rd House and your Midheaven being Gemini!


P.S. I also love your picture and how catty the conversation has turned.
August 31, 2019 at 07:26
(Pisces) fishscales » Leo Moon
Man she is wound huh? :61:
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