Stellium in Partner´s 8th House

August 29, 2019 at 11:01 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Johns
Stellium in Partner´s 8th House
Dear all,
what can be the meaning of a stellium in the eighth house of the partner in the following synastria?…

With reference to the other aspects, can we say that the orange subject is attracted by the blue subject?
I realize that there are some aspects as difficult as the square between the Ascendants and the Moons, but also others as good as the conjunction Sun - Venus, the trine Venus - Mars and the trine Venus - Pluto.
In the chart we can say that there is a conjunction between the DSC of B and the MC of A, and a conjunction between the ASC of B and the IC of A? What does this mean?
Thank you very much

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August 29, 2019 at 13:03
(Cancer) Coole

I´m not that good with astrology but I had this with 2 boys in my life. With one I had compatible moon with the second one I didn´t. I was Always the planet person which means they were both scorpio rising.

The first thing I found about them was like God damn! There Is something about this person! I need to speak to them. Over all I would say that the house person feels it more. But IT usually creates a great bond between 2 people. And it´s really hard to let go for each side. And the intimacy usually comes really early. I had 2 years relationship with boy that had Venus in scorpio, scorpio rising, moon in Aqua And sun in scorpio. Btw sometimes it might have feel like just hook up for years so be aware of it. The other boy was cancer with capricorn moon and Leo Venus. He seemed really shallow to me. IT was like exchange. While he get really close to my body I got really close to his mind. And I didn´t like whom I found out so I left.

And remember doesn´t matter astrology - the thing that also matters is how you both are grown for that relationship, what your intentions in that relationship are and what kind of people you both are. :1:

Sorry for my mistakes. I´m on phone and it´s not my native language :4:

Over all I would also prepared to reveal old secrets that you might never shared with anyone lese before. One of you might feel the need to share those. Also not everyone likes to speak about things from 8th house. I realised that my coleague has her moon in my 8th house not that long ago And actually the thing I felt about her from the beginning was I should not believe her and she also point out things I do but I don´t like to admit to myself. Not everyone feels comfortable with that.

And doesn´t matter this synastry always teach you someting. I would say maybe the most. 12th and 8th :79:

But that´s my subjective point od view

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