Is Davidson chart good?

August 18, 2019 at 07:39 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Maya472
Is Davidson chart good?
I would like to know. We have good synastry but we have to look at this one too.
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August 19, 2019 at 19:03
System message: Post has been written by user larylary94, who already deleted profile on this website:
As the site said in one of they post: "A davidson chart show things that will tend to happen in the relationship as well as how you act towards the outside world when you are together"

Said that my humble opinion about this chart is: i go start with mercury first, Mercury the planet of communication and intellect is in the cloud, hidden, secretive yet spiritual 12th house so maybe could have a lack of communication or a lot of secrets in the relationship and with the aspect of mars square mercury this could intensify this treat and a lot of misunderstoods could happen.

Venus conjunc jupiter in the first house, so Jupiter adds luck and expands everything that his touchs in conjunction with the planet of love and expression in the 1st house said to me that u guys could appear as a very artistic and love couple with the north node that talks about purpose this could means that was mean to be ( or at least give that impression). Mars in 10th house could means that u gonna appear to people as a couple that is very energetic, mars is the planet of action is where we show our anger and how we get things done and how we get the things that we want , so in 10thouse ( the house of status, public, career, reputation ,goals) mars in that house could means that u guys could appear as a couple that work towards your goals and are very hardworking or just fight with each other in public. This mars gives a energetic reputation and people may see u guys as a very assertive couple.

pluto in second house , this house is all about posses, values, "our money" in this case the money of the couple could means that u have guys have deep value or that u hold a lot of your money. it is trine your MC so u guys could appear as a very hardwork couple that keeps the money.

i have doubt if saturn falls in your 5 or 6 house :( so I will not interpret it

moon in 4thouse says to me that u guys could have the feeling of belonging together and u guys could find security in start a family together but pluto the planet of transformation, hidden,deep things is square the moon so this is not a good thing because a lot of secrets or and deep feelings ( that u don´t have control) could appear in a unexpective way.

If u want a second interpretation I highly recommend this site…

since is difficult to find in the internet more things about the placements of a composite chart , Of course the positions read separately could make us lost and a little bit confuse because is only a piece of the entire chart so be carreful, as everything in astrology we need take everything in consideration to see the big picture. I´m still learning how to analyze synastry and composite chart althought that i really like to do it so this is only my opinion.

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