First Impressions?

July 5, 2019 at 14:01 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) Just Curious
First Impressions?
I am new to the forum but have been fascinated with Astrology all my life - I just find it really complex. It is only now really in my 40s that I am beginning to get a real sense of my own chart (another story for another time - let´s just say I have some pretty big stuff going on with Pluto and Saturn in my 1st house and Capricorn is my Asc.) .

Anyhow - I wondered if anyone could give me their first impressions of this synastry chart please? It is myself and a male friend.

Many thank yous!
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July 5, 2019 at 16:16
(Cancer) Just Curious » goldenlion32
Err...Wow! I didn´t expect that, thanks so much for taking the time to respond the way you did. I´ve always known this is a ´something´and I am gaining insight intuitively all the time. I wanted to move away from the online interpretations and get a real perspective through the eyes of an astrologer, so thank you.
On the face of it it seems quite negative although I know the lessons here and I am grateful for that. Thanks again, I will be reading and rereading!

If anyone else picks up on anything else/different persepctives etc I would be very grateful!
July 5, 2019 at 15:40
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
This relationship is mirroring the Sun Cancer, Mars in Aries, Libra Pluto, Uranus in Libra, Chiron in Aries, and Neptune in Sagittarius.
What happens when you have a relationship like this is you mirror the shadow self of one another and with your Aries in Chiron wound and heal one another in the mental process, emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual, and financial way.
You carry the same energy a different way and teach on those houses and it’s quite tough to get through if you’re searching for something more than friendship.
You can grow, evolve, and become two very independent people.
It works kind of like this, if one of you says, don’t be too emotional, the other one is thinking what you mean, “I’m too emotional, you’re too emotional”. With the Sun in Cancer.
Uranus in Libra means any time one of you can do something erratic, unexpected, and wound the other in the thoughts because it’s Libra (Air).
Mars in Aries: Person A….” You’re and asshole right now.” And Person B “I’m an asshole right now, “What about you? You’re being and Asshole.”
These are the kinds of the mirroring soul lessons you might learn, that every time you’re both pissed, you’re at a stalemate, and one of you has to do something different.
You mirror thoughts, emotions, feelings. It’s like literally standing in front of a mirror and all your positive and negative traits dealing with the 8th house Scorpio (Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Physical, sexual, and financial level of your subconscious mind.
Also, the 12th house digging in the depths of your deepest fears about being the masculine and feminine. Everything will come up and you really have to work hard at a relationship like this. It’s quite hard and both people have to do a lot of inner emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, sexual, and financial healing.
Soul Lessons
Third Eye
Venus in Leo vs. Venus in Leo (Heart’s desires)
Sun in Cancer vs. Sun in Cancer (Ego)
Leo in Mercury (Communications)
Seeing clearly and with clarity through the illusions of the world (Maya).
Throat Chakra
Saturn in Gemini
Gemini in Mercury (communications)
Communication style in understanding one another through verbal communications or the written word.
Heart Chakra:
Libra Pluto Vs. Libra Pluto
Uranus in Libra vs. Uranus in Libra
This might be quite difficult since Libra is the psychology of listening and hearing what the other one has to say.
Uranus in Libra tends to be those unexpected moments, surprises in the relationship that come out of the blue and can be quite hurtful and you were just not expecting it.
Libra Pluto is transforming one another all the way through the relationship. Which is how your whole life ends up being transformed inside and out and it can be quite burdensome, difficult to grow up together as the masculine and feminine in the relationship.
Pluto always digs in the deepest parts of the subconscious mind and brings up to the surface your emotional triggers as the masculine and feminine, and what ever your avoiding in life, afraid of in life, it will surface and you can’t run away from yourself, because the other one is always holding up the mirror and what you don’t like about yourself, and you get mad at them for making you see the ugliness inside of yourself and forcing you to grow up, mature, and take 100% responsibility for your life on all levels of the 8th and 12th house.
Solar Plus
Mars in Aries vs. Mars in Aries
You can be both fighters, combative, arguing, domination, control, and power issues being learned. With the Aries in Chiron transits your ego’s will get busted down in two seconds. And neither one of you will get away with anything.
Jupiter in Aries
The bank account, wealth of knowledge, wisdom, insight.
Sacral Chakra
Lilith in Pisces vs. Lilith in Sagittarius (Shadow side of the Psyche) This is another you both may wound one another and transform each other. Iron sharpening iron. The darkest part of one another and must overcome your survival issues and live in peace and harmony.
Root Chakra
Moon in Aquarius
Emotions, feelings, moods, thoughts. Needs 100% freedom to be their authentic self.
Jupiter in Aquarius
The bank account, wealth of knowledge, wisdom, insight and again 100% freedom.
What I don’t see a lot of in this chart is earth to ground the relationship long-term.
Saturn in Cancer & Saturn in Gemini or Water (emotions) and Air (Blowing in the wind).
You speak a lot of the same language and understand one another because you may think and process information in similar ways.
What really happens in relationships like this is one person will take on certain energies, while the other one loses those energies, while taking on the other energies.
It can be a growth experience, probably quite challenging at times. It will teach you how strong you are as the masculine and feminine, but also in some ways, makes you weak in some ways in the sense to be a whole person you must be able to use all your energies and keep them in balance.
Trying to get you both in balance in all the chakra’s might be where one carries all the weight, while the other one does in another way.
This would be more about liberation of the soul, versus Union of the Masculine and feminine in becoming one with Aquarius (Humanity)
Versus Union between a Masculine and Feminine.
There is Moksha and Enlightenment and Liberation, and there is Sacred Marriage. (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo). They can look the same, but often what your taught in social media in the Twin Flame Community is that all these relationships that can be seen with anyone close to your generation in the same year or within a few years are romantic, marriage, and sexual.
I can mirror everyone in 1970-1972, but it doesn’t mean there all my soul mates, twin flame, false twin flame, shadow twin, divine masculine. And this is where many masculine and feminine are getting screwed up in relationships.
You really have to trust your intuition, your gut feelings, your insight, wisdom, and knowledge.
When you look outside in the external world for answers, you often find you will get a lot of advice, but this is the trick of the trade, where you get your advice, whether it’s quality or if it’s just a pile of spaghetti mess out their in social media.
Libra Pluto with the polarity point of Aries
You’re both evolving into being independent, self—reliant, self-confident, and interdependent, versus co-dependent like you’ve been taught from the Leo Pluto Generation. Breaking out of the conditioning of the addiction/alcoholism and divorce, death to the emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
Not blaming the opposite sex for why one believes what they do, emotes certain emotional patterns, and why one’s speaks or acts with certain behavior patterns.
Uranus in Taurus is all about growing up and getting heart centered, love from the heart.
Uranus in Taurus vs. Uranus in Libra is the balance of the masculine and feminine energy we’re learning to hold and execute, where when we were children we only learned the masculine energy, which was quite wounding in the sense families were torn apart.
Aries in Chiron Return, deep core healing on both levels, what you both didn’t heal in Uranus in Aries, everything will come around a 2nd time to make sure you’ve emptied out all your deepest fears.
North Node Capricorn/South Node Cancer, this usually has to with Marriage, and learning the conventional ways of Patriarchy. With the nodes now liberating the person from this and transcending the karma from the past in Saturn in Capricorn in 1989-1990 as masculine and feminine. In a sense graduating to the mature King and Queen in the Heroine’s and Hero’s journey.
As they say growing up is hard to do.
North Node Scorpio/South Node Taurus this has to do with evolving into the Scorpio, perhaps purifying, purging the subconscious mind, but also deals with the 8th house soul lessons, washing away karma in this house/also 2nd house of Taurus
What one values in relationships, money, materialism, shared resources.

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