Past love confusion

June 23, 2019 at 02:49 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Koichan.w
Past love confusion
Hello there... so when im confused i try to find answers in astrology, thats why i would really be thankful and appreciate if someone out there could give me some advice.
Someone from my past popped back up, someone i had really strong feelings for. I waited for this moment a whole year. Then i got over it. Now i want to look forward, but i couldnt find anyone who could compete with him and I also can not forget the past.
Now i dont know if I should let him back into my life. Thats a decision I have to make.
What i wanted to ask is: is there something about the synastry chart that catches your attention? Could there be (strong) connections? Could it be a beneficial relationship? „Soulmates“?
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June 28, 2019 at 23:36
(Pisces) Koichan.w » pneumadeux
Thank you so much for your input!! I will think more about it, analyze the parts of our charts you pointed out to me...
I read something about his and mine synastry which said it was a very rare connection but couldnt see where the “ rareness” was.
June 23, 2019 at 03:43
(Gemini) pneumadeux
Your Sun is in watery, emotional Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

His Sun is in earthy Taurus, ruled by Venus.

So right off the bat, your personalties, although quite different, could be mutually beneficial, IF you’re able to be a bit more grounded and “real” than you usually are. That will be something you’ll most likely needed to work on since your dreamy Neptune is in the secretive, subconscious 12th, and his Venus is in airy communicative Gemini in the house of long-term relationships.

In short: talking about what you both want in a relationship will most likely reveal very different things, once the attraction has worn off.

I can see where the attraction is strong: His outward personalty as represented by his Ascendant is conjunct your Midheaven. He represents something you want to achieve in yourself. This could reveal a kind of hero worship on your part… and since you’re a Piscean, this could have an addictive quality; not terribly realistic.

Your personality driving first house planets are in a trine with his Pluto, which would reveal one of two extremes: his ability or desire to literally dominate or change you, or his ability to help transform you in a positive way. The challenges here, however, lie in the fact that his Pluto is in his secretive 12th house (and it’s retrograde) and it’s conjunct your un-healable Chironic wound in your 9th house of education and spirituality. This is a powerful warning sign of a painful relationship, to me, unless your aware of his shadowy side and you’re aware of your own area of ongoing personal pain, developed in childhood. Since it’s in the 9th house and Saggitarius, I’m going to assume it has to do with a religious upbringing on your part.

The squares in the synastry are tough ones, as well: Your personality driving Sun, communicative Mercury, and expansive Jupiter are all square his moon: emotionally, the two of you are at odds; specifically your personality and his emotional desires surrounding a home life (and issues with his parents, most likely his mother.)

That’s just a sampling.

So. I see fascination on your part, and a propensity to manipulate / control / dominate on his.


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