Clarity over my Chart regarding the effects of July

June 22, 2019 at 13:21 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Amdash
Clarity over my Chart regarding the effects of July
Please forgive me for interrupting anybody who is currently taking care of other matters, but I’m in the need of understanding the certain affects that the eclipses that are happening twice in July as well as the Mercury retrograde will have in terms of affects upon me and involving my career, my relationships, and just in certain general areas so that way I can have a little bit more clarity as to how I can work with these energies.

And in a little bit more Pacific‘s, I am an artist so I also I’m kind of curious if you guys are seeing me do a little more art down the road of July and in the end of the year as well as possibly doing a little bit more side projects that are not art related like a little bit of music but behind the scenes.

And perhaps seeing if I will be able to have a little bit more control over myself regarding relationships with people, and possibly love down the road if I find it.

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July 5, 2019 at 20:00
(Aquarius) Amdash » 100%
You see, that would make a lot of sense, because I am also recognize just bite you know being around him a lot that there are many things that give me lies him including his Mars in Virgo. And having conversations with him, also talking with him about a lot of secret knowledge things, it really is a powerful way to bond and I also believe in him, because I feel like that’s the closest way two peoples hearts to be open and vulnerable and honest

OK, so My Chiron in cancer could possibly square his Venis which could cause a lot of grief and pain along the way for both of us. Well that stinks. I guess he and I are probably good at probably just having an open relationship then. But it is good to know. What was his Venus? I never got any clarity regarding that.

Also Miss Heaven scent, I really do appreciate you taking your time out of your busy schedule to aid me in clearly regarding this. You’re a very thoughtful woman.

Well I guess since that is technically settled, I guess I’ll have to ride this big fat crush wave right on through.
July 5, 2019 at 12:32
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
With your art, I wouln´t worry about the transits. Usually in the summer time is prime time to get your art work out there in craft shows, art shoes, festivals, etc. It´s more about you doing your research and finding the opportunities in your local community. Being confident, having a brand, tags or whatever on your items, and selling yourself and your product no matter how small or great.
June 23, 2019 at 18:14
(Aquarius) Amdash » HeavenSent
First in for most man thank you so much for getting back in touch with me. ( and you’ll have to forgive me because I’m an Aquarius I recognize that you were a Leo! That’s awesome my friend is a Leo and he was born on August 10.) my crush is a lot older than me. He was born on March 1, 1980 in Ohio Colorado but I’m not quite sure about the time though.

And please forgive me I don’t want you to go into all those big ginormous details. But I do feel very happy that you were able to tell me a little bit about my career in art. These things that are happening on July 2, can you tell if they are going to be a good thing involving the positive progress of my career?

And forgive me if I’ve already asked this but clear does look pretty good correct? I draw a Japanese influence the comic books known and forgive me if I’ve already asked this but clear does look pretty good correct? I draw a Japanese influence the comic books known as Manga And I’ve had such a strong desire to push forward and the progression of busyness stories I have been wanting to create for some time and I’m feeling a strong urge to do it but it hasn’t been as strong in previous days until maybe now possibly.
June 23, 2019 at 17:11
(Leo) HeavenSent » Amdash
What is your crush´s birthday? :) If you know it, I can have a look at their solar chart, and will give you my thoughts on compatibility.

The fact that he is a Pisces, the sign that rules your V House, confirms that the connection feels natural, and fated, from your perspective. House V rules your artistic output as well as love connections. In this case, both art + love are combined in one person for you. Remember, though, that you can never force another person to love you back... Of course you know this. It´s one of the stranger facts of human life that so many of us go around falling in love with people who can´t or won´t reciprocate, yet who, in turn, fall in love with others who can´t or don´t love them back... O la la! The point of my tangent is: protect your heart. If it´s a mutual thing, amazeballs! But with Pisces in V, I have to caution you to steel yourself for some heartbreak that may rain down tears, even as you experience soaring spiritual love.

The eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on July 2 looks set to impact you significantly.

It will activate, by opposition, your Natal Uranus at 12 degrees Capricorn. And it will activate your progressed Moon which is now sitting in the same spot, at 13 degrees Capricorn. (Progressions, btw, are a way of looking at what your chart is doing, as your life progresses in real time.)

You´ll feel the effects of the eclipse either on July 2, minus or plus a window of five days, or exactly one month later (August 2 plus and minus 5 days), or exactly one month earlier (June 2, plus and minus 5 days). I think there´s an excellent chance that this will impact your artistic work.

Regardless of what happens with the eclipses, your X House is ruled by Leo and blessed with Jupiter, planet of blessings. You are destined to shine in the public eye (whether on a smaller-scale, community level or in a wider context). Astrologer Wayman Stewart has a series of excellent resources. Here is what he says about the Leo in X placement.…

I can´t go over your predictive horoscope for July (good dates, etc.). That is extremely time-consuming, and not a big interest for me. I enjoy looking at natal charts, but predictive work, is, well, *work.* A lot of work! Sorry!

Susan Miller´s general monthly horoscopes at Astrology Zone have wide appeal. She always highlights good and not-so-good days in the month ahead. You can check out her site, or any of the vast multitude of other sites that flag dates of note. Cafe Astrology is great, too, for upcoming dates of significance. You should always read for your Sun and Ascendant signs. You can also read Susan Miller´s helpful articles on eclipses, and mercury retrograde.

Don´t worry about retrograde transits. Mercury goes retrograde for about three weeks, about three times a year. We all have to live with it. Most of the other retrograding planets will be felt more internally. Again, not something to stress over, I assure you.

Jamie Partridge is a good astrological resource. Here´s what he wrote about the July 2 eclipse:…

The nodal axis I mentioned refers to the Nodes of the Moon in your chart, also known as The Dragon´s Head and The Dragon´s Tail. These points contain karmic information about your soul path in this life. I recommend you do some googling and youtubing on this. Search terms:

:78:Astrology nodes of the moon
:78:North Node in Capricorn
:78:North Node in third house
:78:South Node in Cancer
:78:South node in ninth house

All of the above applies to you!
June 23, 2019 at 15:44
(Aquarius) Amdash » HeavenSent
First I want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THAT AWSOME READING. That was just seriously impressive! I felt like this was a real peck into me as person.

Regarding love I haven’t even considered looking but (and also because I’m an Aquarius who also can easily get that you waited with people,) I’ve been infatuated with a Pisces for a very long while. (I think a lot of Pisces people are actually going to be having a great year. )

I don’t even remember talking about that partner in my post. But you’re saying that that partner is in the band that I am with. That’s amazing because that person is and I just can’t stop talking about him sometimes. And he is esoteric, well actually he’s a Rosicrucian, but he always just feeds my soul sometimes when it comes to promoting and uplifting me.

But I haven’t really made any moves, and he is just getting away from a bad relationship with a female Aquarius, and I have been looking at the Taro cards regarding letting that relationship heal itself and letting my existence be a friend until that existence fade and he and I can bond on a spiritual setting.
But I haven’t really made any moves, and he is just getting away from a bad relationship with a female Aquarius, and I have been looking at the Taro cards regarding letting that relationship heal itself and letting my existence be a friend until that existence fades and he and I can bond on a spiritual setting.

Now if you could man please forgive me, but you mentioned something about the nodle axis? Is there anyway I could ask you to elaborate on those? I having a hard time understanding what they represent. I would just like to be able to educate because I like to understand more about myself, as well as how many of the planets which are retrograding are going to affect me.

Also I just remembered that Mercury is retrograde and then we have to look… And all the Aquarians are going to be set at blaze, and I would just like to know if you know if there’s a possibility th also I just remembered that Mercury is retrograde and then we have two eclipses and all the Aquarians are going to be set a blaze, and I would just like to know what are the certain days that I should watch out for which will be a powerful opportunity from my creative collaborative music and art career as well as bad in terms of emotions and Anxiety.

Because I work overnight and sometimes I deal with that a little bit. But only on coffee. And I also tend to overthink how I am handling our relationships. Because I really want them to be solely based on building purely caring relationships.
June 23, 2019 at 08:05
(Leo) HeavenSent
True love will come, but with Taurus governing your VII House of partnerships, you must take your time, and do due diligence... No rushing into anything. Wait until you are SURE.

Taurus here implies a partner with good looks and refined sensuality.

Your Venus and V House in Pisces says you may experience suffering in love. This placement can bring some victimization, too, but also, beautiful romance that is deeply spiritual. And you are a healer, able to transform pain, and heal yourself, and others. (Pluto in Scorpio in I trine Chiron.)

Venus is well-aspected to her dispositor, Neptune. This enhances the positive qualities of Pisces in your love life. You´re attracted to vulnerable, sensitive, soulful poets, artists, esoteric types.

You are capable of feeling soulful love for everyone, for all of humanity, being an Aquarian with Venus and V in Pisces. But as you know, Aqua is cerebral, and partners or potential mates can find you detached, even cold when it comes to intimacy. It might help to introduce them to astrology, and tell them a bit about your chart! (That could be a fun conversation topic on a date). Your Moon in Capricorn also creates a kind of emotional isolation. It is very hard for you to open up about your true, deep, feelings. It goes against your nature.

Music (Taurus) will happen with a partner/partners (Taurus rules VII), in your own home (Venus in Pisces in IV). You will initiate the partnerships (Mars in VII), and be the driving creative force behind the productivity (Aries rules VI).

This is a great time for you to express yourself through innovative music and art, as Uranus is transiting Taurus, and your VI and VII houses of work and collaborators.

You are destined to communicate on a wide scale (nodal axis in III-IX Houses of communication, transmission, broadcasting and publishing, Jupiter in Leo in IX), and your Mid Heaven in X puts the spotlight on you. Church may be a supportive place for your music (IX House represents places of worship and organized religion)... You definitely have a great outlook for getting your artistry in the public eye!

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