Secrets of Vertex

June 23, 2023 at 23:39 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Holy Water
Secrets of Vertex
So far I have been in contact with people with whoom I shared the following synastry aspects:
Their Vx conjunct my Vx
Their Pluto conjunct my Vx
Their Moon conjunct my Vx

My Jupiter conjunct their Vx

North Node conjunct Vx(double whammy) between a married couple

The takeaway from this limited, but naturally developed synastry list is that the Vertex point is not so much for the Vertex person, but for the other person. I found its effect to be similar to that of asteroid Pholus. At least in a sense that a planet in contact with Pholus becomes exaggerated enough to notice sudden planetary dominance.
Now, I do not have the list of planet conjunctions to Pholus because I didn´t focus on it as much, but I have witnessed its effects enough to understand the difference.

What I found is that whenever a planet conjuncts Vx in synastry, life of planet person will seem to be definable by the planet conjunct the Vx.

Vertex - Immense level of harmony and feeling of going somewhere, progressing, pushing, striving, moving forward, constant motivation and support.

Pluto - Destructiveness, immorality, inconsideration, hopelessness, obsession with sex, drug dealings, crysis, bottom pit, theft, manipulation, loss. Vice in short.

Moon - Emotionality, loss, pain, care, beauty(not lustful), family, thoughts, hopes, children.

North Node - Struggles, road blocks, lack, feelings of giving up, EMERGENCY(not medical, more like that of anaretic/critical degree which is supercharged rushing, tense and persuasive. I´d say it´s the biggest attribute of North Node), desires.

I can not put the Jupiter on the list as it´s my own, but I noticed themes of spirituality, religion, guidance(biggest one), philosophy of positive outcomes, understanding, leniance, higher power, studies.

Another insight with Vx conjunctions in NATURAL synastry is that there will allways be at least 2 additional conjunctions and a fair chance of a stellium.

Vertex in transits:
Vertex in transits is still a mystery to me, or at least prediction of its activity.

Here´s my experience with transit Vertex:
The day before my late grandfather passed away, I felt a very strong pull to what I could only describe as pull to another world. It was strong enough for me to check the transit and unfortunately I did not save the chart, but I know for sure that Vertex was part of it because it just stood out.

This one´s a bit iffy as there are 2 possible times so I will link the transits of both in case you feel like you can add anything.
Anyway, it´s todo with Titan submersible, or at least that´s what I think. I went to bed feeling exhausted from work and woke up 1 hour after I fell a sleep(first inconsistency with my rhythms of life. I have a clock on my bedside and it´s the last and first thing I see when closing and opening my eyes so I know the times are within minutes), it felt weird and I had a bit of trouble falling back a sleep but it didn´t take too long, maybe 5 or so minutes. I then woke up about 2h later from a very weird dream. It was dark, no sight, no sense of anything, but vague resemblence to sound of water. I´d say it would be a coincidence, but I did not think much of it till I saw the thread on astro seek about the tragedy(it wasn´t confirmed yet).

First transit chart:…

Second transit chart:…

Another weird thing is that I have had maybe 5 deja vu´s while writting this, but am not sure if it has anything to do with Vx.

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September 20, 2023 at 12:20
(Sagittarius) Gryphon CZ
My Jupiter is in conjunction with Vertex in Taurus, retrograde Jupiter is exactly on 8th house cusp. It could do something like "other people think that I am TOO MUCH." No matter what. Cheeky, bold, daring. Exaggerate.
Whatever. I agree, but from my point of view is that I search, explore, go further, I get up and go again. And I have no fear to dive into the depths. For me, only autenticity counts. You live as you are, and you express it.
September 18, 2023 at 13:34
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
Hi Holy water ;D
Nice to see this topic, I wonder why I haven´t seen it before ^^

Great you´re also studying Vertex in synastry ;D
I´ve been studying it too for past years with interactions.
I use Placidus system, from the messages I understand that you´re more used to vedic system.

Nice you´ve experienced these
"Their Vx conjunct my Vx
Their Pluto conjunct my Vx
Their Moon conjunct my Vx
My Jupiter conjunct their Vx
North Node conjunct Vx(double whammy) between a married couple"

Can you tell if they were the same sign conjunct or adjacent/next sign conjuncts?
And in which house did they play out/manifest in? ^^

"Another insight with Vx conjunctions in NATURAL synastry is that there will allways be at least 2 additional conjunctions and a fair chance of a stellium."
This is really cool, I noticed the stellium in synastry when vertex was conjunct,
but didn´t know this would be consistent in every case. Nice insight ;D

And it´s nice that you´ve mentioned the keywords and major themes of those planets
however synastry aspects manifesting in real life situations,
needs to take all 3 factors in account, for both persons in the synastry.
"Planets show us what is happening;
Signs show us how it is happening;
Houses show us where it is happening."

For example,
my sun conjunct her vertex less than 1 deg, was in her 7th house of relation.
Her vertex falls in my 9th where my sun is, means playing out in my 9th.
My vertex trined her neptune, also in her 7th house, and her neptune falls in my 3rd house.

So it plays out very specifically & detailed,
that she formed an connection with my sun sense of self thats expressed 9th house natal,
and it was relationship 7th house based in her chart & falling in 9th in mine.
On my side my vertex that is expressed by my 8th house natal,
falls in her 7th, and there it trines to her planet neptune of dreams fantasies, and since her neptune falls in my 3rd house with our synastry,
the aspect manifests itself in my 3rd house of communications.
As in, her neptune falls in my 3rd and then there it trines with my vertex.
Whereas my sun falls in her 7th house, and directly conjuncts her vertex.

So it needs some calculation on how it manifests itself, with planet, sign character and house it falls in both person´s cases ;)
Lot of people seem to forget to calculate or take account of all 3 factors parts in the synastry.

And from my personal experience of noticing my vertex natal,
is that it´s 8th house and anti-vertex is in 2nd house near my south node.
And I experience it as an catapult, vertex in 8th being the aim, and anti vertex in 2nd house being the load.
And from what I´ve learned on the net, that both are needed and considered in forming connection in synastry.
So it takes a bit more dimension to it, and I´ve not fully dived into that experience yet.

Looking forward to hear & learn more
Cheers :37: :78:
September 17, 2023 at 23:56
(Pisces) MSage » Sunnyshadow
Relationships !

The oceanic pull and the crash
The love forever
If only
Your Pluto was not sq my Venus.
Our moons ! I wanted to chit chat. Your dreams I could not connect.
Your far off travels. If only!
June 26, 2023 at 07:06
(Gemini) Holy Water » MSage
Haha, I can only imagine! I must also add, for a person interested in astrology, it´s good to know the baseline of their character and life in general because then, any deviation can be linked to astrology, giving intuitive understanding of how everything operates.

15 years is quiet a while.

I also forgot to mention my stance on Vertex conjunct North Node(I mentioned a little about it innitially). I think Vertex conjunct North Node can be quiet a rough experience. Neither are considered as planets and I´d say that North Node needs something tangible to grab on in order to be satisfied. Because Vertex is just like North Node, there´s nothing to really grab on and as a result, the North Node person might become more sensitive to opportunities, but as I mentioned, North Node lacks so it can turn out as looking at an opportunity that can not be taken advantage of or it can also manifest as even greater desire for opportunity which can lead to bad decisions. Furthermore, as you might know, North Node is not always active, we keep going back and forth between the Nodes so North Node person will not be able to take time off which can bring disappointment and exhaustion. If Vertex person has own planets conjunct their own Vertex, that´s amazing because then North Node person will be able to receive something directly from the Vertex person. However, because North Node is also connected to obsessions and Vertex enhances the planet that is in contact with it, Nort Node person will likely want to own/claim the Vertex+Planet person. Of course, planet has to be considered, but I think North Node will grab onto anything because it just lacks so much.
June 26, 2023 at 00:43
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » MSage
Good points. I don´t really blame that 1 placement. But did see it play out some with her

There were other things that I don´t care to mention here. I still wonder what it was all about, even though it was over a decade ago now. I think she regrets it now, but the damage was more than I could deal with. Trust takes a long time to build and can all be destroyed in an instant. (And some people make extra sure of it.) Sad but true.

My only cold consolation has been to see how our lives have changed. Guess I won that game 😏 hard not to be a little smug about it after all the shit I endured.

The end 😄
June 26, 2023 at 00:00
(Pisces) MSage » Sunnyshadow
I have Pluto in seventh, cusp 8.😊
Vertex is not everything .
It can draw two people together, maybe they’re a lesson or not.

I’ve seen some great synastry and a no go. Different cultures . Just did not work. You can say why? Maybe one not ready for a relationship or a million reasons.
One wanted to focus on something else.
It can happen.

Vertex is strong indicator with a strong pull, but do not rely on this one point, go starry eyed.
June 25, 2023 at 21:02
(Pisces) MSage » Holy Water
Your welcome!

Holy , it was funny to see that.
I knew something Astro was happening., cause out of character for me.

If I think of more I well bring them up.
I have seen this actually a lot for good or bad.
Just think, vertex conjoin Jupiter , but they have Pluto oppose Venus synastry . Ouch.
I wish gotten this couple who lived beside me.
I believe this possibly could have been their chart. Synastry.
The drama never ended and I could not decide who obsessed.
They could fight for days non stop. Must have been mars too somewhere. She finally left I heard and got her own place.
Lol he visits her.
Going on 15 years. Wow
June 25, 2023 at 17:16
(Leo) Sunnyshadow
My ex and I had Ascendant conjunct vertex for both of us. My Ascendant conjunct her vertex was the tightest orb.

It did have a very fated and karmic feel to it. Very strong bond, or at least I thought...

We had decent synastry otherwise, but nothing spectacular. I think the vertex/Ascendant might have been the strongest. And Mars opposite venus

It ended pretty dramatically and catastrophically 🤷‍♂️

She has pluto in 7th, so... wouldn´t expect anything less!
June 25, 2023 at 15:24
(Gemini) Holy Water » MSage
Vertex and other planet person do not feel the same.
Vertex enhances their planet for good or bad.

In deed, that´s the point I was trying to make about Vertex conjunctions in synastry.

Thank you for sharing your observations. 🙏
June 25, 2023 at 13:19
(Pisces) MSage
I also have a personal example recently.
I never been a real fan anyone where you scream and faint. The past Prince enjoyed doing this in parks. Walking up to people and they flipped out.

My recent is this, Kenue reeves appeared in my page. All this silly romantic stuff. Ok
I began role playing.
Then thought what the h am I doing. This is Neptune for sure.
Lol, my Venus in his fifth house and conjoin his vertex.
My Jupiter Uranus conjoin his moon, Venus, and mars.
Ok ! Now this makes sense.
I had several actors come and go. I just thought ok , you getting press or what.

I never paid them much mind, Even brad Pitt.

I think reeves is funny. I really lol.
His shots of so many emotions.
I find myself laughing.

Vertex. This will drag you in. I never even watched his movies.

I ve experienced this. It worth going out if Venus conjoins your vertex by transit. Jupiter too. Moon as well , Though this is fleeting.
June 25, 2023 at 12:59
(Pisces) MSage
I use to wonder why I met significant people the end of summer into fall.
Transit Venus . Sun , mercury all hitting my vertex.
Mercury on my anti vertex ,

I ve known a lot of Leo’s , Virgo with Venus placements and cancer suns . Personal Leo.
I have gone back and looked at the transits.
Thought interesting.
North node vertex is a powerful connection.
It like the vertex draws the planet in , synastry

I think really good and bad relationships have vertex prominent
They have a vertex connection , but a bad Neptune square mercury
Or vertex connection and Pluto trine Venus.

Vertex keeps them around, sadly even toxic relationships.
I think should look at this always in relationships.

Vertex and other planet person do not feel the same.
Vertex enhances their planet for good or bad.
June 25, 2023 at 04:31
(Aquarius) viv
Thank you interesting thread!
June 25, 2023 at 00:30
(Gemini) Holy Water » HellenisticAstro
Funny that you mentioned it because I wanted to add relationship glue to characteristics, but thought it might not be important. Little did I know, maybe I should learn not to skip over things no matter how irrelevant they seem.

Was not even thinking that you´d be lesbians but I know women who jokingly compare their friendship to being lesbian.

Talk about midlife and time flying by, I´m 26 and already have a good amount of gray hair showing up. Not usual for this age, but seems that my body is moving faster in time than my mind. Anyway, for the longest time I was wondering what, astrologically could have been causing it. At last I found that it´s Gulika in 1st house. The only good thing about it is that it´s far from my ascendant degree and aspected by Jupiter so malefic effects are not acute, but it´s definitely one of the worse placements to have.
June 24, 2023 at 17:47
AgGa » Gryphon CZ
What do you think makes the Vertex so "difficult"?
I’ve analysed Vertex conjunctions with another people (my Vx conjunct exact my Mars), and, after view discussions with another astrologers, came to the conclusion, that Vx functions in astrology is more like a "gateway" – for good or bad, it lets the influence of other planet/light in.

Here is Vx described by Edward Johndro (american astrologer):…
June 24, 2023 at 13:53
HellenisticAstro » Holy Water
Thank you for your explanation.

It a girl, she my close friend since we were in High School, we 39 almost 40 now so long time friend.
25 years ago when we in school, the whole class where just three Asian girls (so we hang out together, we were like the 3 Musketeer lol). All three of us married now, and we don´t hang out much anymore (married life, husband, kids, etc..)

But she the one I was closest to. No, we not lesbian, we both married to men. Times fly, we all hitting midlife now.

Thanks for tell us more about Vertex.
June 24, 2023 at 13:08
(Sagittarius) Gryphon CZ
Vertex and Antivertex are very difficult points in astrology. Therefore, to understand what they mean in astrology and how they behave, it is necessary to understand what they really are, how they are defined.
They are ecliptic projections of real, geographical East and West. So we can imagine them as shadow, idealistic or alternative Descendant (VX) and Ascendant (AV). I think Vertex is like Descendant with no boundaries, childhood programs and barriers, Vertex symbolizes our very ideal (and maybe also quite unrealistic) relations. And similar with Antivertex: it is our very ideal Personna, our face, "human suit" that we have if there is no limit. I think it somehow complements the whole. But it acts mostly unconsciously.
June 24, 2023 at 13:08
(Gemini) Holy Water » HellenisticAstro
I´m a Vedic student and Vedic doesn´t use Vertex either, but it´s something I started my astrology journey with so can´t really just delete it. Some people told me not to pay attention to it, but I always had a feeling about it.

I only considered exact conjunctions in this thread as I don´t see >1°:20´ orb as focused enough for purposes of accurate observation. With higher degree orbs, other planets or points can form tighter aspects so it can get tricky to sift through the energies.

Yes, knowing the birth time is important and I have birth details of all the people whose synastry aspects were mentioned in this thread. I am sure that my observations are accurate.

Mars represents friends and brothers, besides, Mercury and Mars are friendly planets. I will need to double check this one, but if a person has Mars, Mercury conjunction in their natal chart, there´s a good chance of them being a surgeon, especially so if conjunction occurs in 8th or 12th house.

Your Venus friend will not feel it more, they will simply be engulfed in Venusian things. Here are some of Venus characteristics:
Love life, romance, pleasure in bed, wife or girlfriend, passions, wealth, luxorious lifestyle, lifestyle choices in general(what to eat or wear), drama(theatre, cinema, movies, media), artistic talents such as acting, photography, youth, beauty products, medicine, veterinarians, animals and even learning.

I think it´s also important to consider the gender or sexual peference of a person when dealing with Mars and Venus. Based on persons gender or sexual preference, planetary promises are geared towards different things.

Hope it answers your question 🙏
June 24, 2023 at 02:17
Hi, thank you for sharing your stories about Vertex, and I learn something new about Vertex too.

I´m Hellenistic so No, I don´t use Vertex. But I experience this Vertex with a friend.

My friend Venus Conjunct my Vertex EXACTLY at 0 orb, like EXACTLY at 0 orb. Vertex is a very fast moving point and it a sensitive point that need a birth time.

I don´t know what it means by my friend Venus Conjunct my Vertex Exactly at 0 orb means. But my friend feels it more than me.

And also my friend Mercury Conjunct my Mars EXACTLY at 0 orb too.
No, we don´t verbally fight, the opposite in fact. We can talk about anything (even the vulnerable stuff) with each others, it just so natural. And it like my friend mind (friend is Mercury) is always with me (me Mars).
Friend Mercury Conjunct my Mars EXACT, and Mercury is the mind.

It just so odd.

Since you know about Vertex, I have one question, what does it means when my friend Venus Conjunct my Vertex at 0 orb Exact, Venus is a planet so Venus (my friend) should feel it more than me the Vertex right?

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