May 4, 2023 at 08:27 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) Dirtyaquarium
So i went to look for this topic and the last time palmistry was mentioned in this forum is last year so I’m assuming it’s not too popular of a discussion here but I’ve always been quite interested in palmistry and I do some google ask some questions around and I watch some videos but for someone with a lot of lines on their hands it’s quite hard to see if they form any shapes or have any significance and also I can’t really tell if I have a fleshy mount or not but I’m gonna lean towards that my hand is quite flat and not that fleshy I’ve been told a palm with a lot of lines is a water palm but how reliable that piece of information is I have no idea I’ve just been told by one person the if anyone has some idea of where can I learn more about this especially like I mentioned to read hands with a lot of lines or would like to share your knowledge here I’d be very happy to learn, to be honest I don’t really need to know I just like to know and keep it in the back of my head because it’s so interesting

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September 20, 2023 at 13:57
(Taurus) hyepark3 » tintin92
Thank you!! :1: :17: :79:
September 20, 2023 at 10:50
(Capricorn) tintin92 » hyepark3
hello dearest

that means the world to me. waiting for your answer :3: :17:
September 20, 2023 at 02:48
(Taurus) Rosincvist » hyepark3
"Herschel" is not discussed as freely as the other Mounts on the Internet; Has been turned into a name more comfortable in Hindi; `Harshal´
This would take more than a little investigation :41:
Head-lines are quite the subject :43:; A head-line could start below "Positive Mars" and then end between the little finger & the Apollo finger!
Another type of head-line is really a "travel line" dripping down, down, down!
September 19, 2023 at 14:29
(Taurus) hyepark3 » Rosincvist
Hi, Rosincvist! :)

I didn´t know we had Mt. of :159:, and Mt. O´ :160:!! :22:

There are some new palm-readers who declare that most of the stuff from Cheiro´s generation is EXTREMELY!!! out-of-date!
=> Is it???? But I believe the fundamental interpretations must have remained the same, don´t you think? :4:

I looked up Mount of :159: and Mount O´ :160:.

It´s very interesting... :27: This is what I found... :1:

Mt. O´ :160:

The Pluto is the tenth and final planet, which is considered as significantly important in the Science of Palmistry. The mount of Pluto is called ´Indra´ in Hindi. Its area on the palm is below the heart line and above the headline and is situated between the mounts of Hershel and Jupiter. This mount is the regular feature and can be clearly seen on the hand of every person.

Though the Mount of Pluto is significant enough its influence can be seen only in old age. Hence the mount of Pluto is completely related with the future life of an individual. If this mount is very prominent then the person passes his old age happily and very successfully. He begins to feel happy from the age of 42 onwards and remains happy in every way till his death. If a cross sign is found on this mount, the person will die before the age of 45 in an accident.

But the prominence of the mount of Pluto also led to certain contrary effects. If the mount is too prominent, the person is found to be rude, illiterate and prodigal and has to face difficulties at every step in life; also he is not able to get any co-operation from friends or members of the family.

Again if the mount is not prominent, the person is considered unlucky. His nature becomes irritable and troublesome. The influence of Pluto though significant enough, its influence on the life of individual on earth is too little.

Mt. of :159:

The ninth planet of the solar system, Neptune has covered an important place in the study of palmistry, though its influences on the human beings on earth are very little. Since the planet is situated at a very great distance from the earth, it exerts very little influence on earth. But whatever little influence it exerts on a man´s life on earth, is the significant character of the Neptune is that it exerts a permanent influence on the way of life of an individual.

The place of the Mount of Neptune is one of the significant factors palmists should consider, while studying a hand. The area of the Mount of Neptune on the palm is below the headline and above the area of the mount of Moon. A man becomes an eminent musician, poet or writer if this mount or its area is very prominent. If a line is seen on this mount and this line meets the fate line a little ahead, the person gets some post of great importance.

The leanings of the Mount of Neptune have enough significance in exerting permanent effect on the person. The palmists opined that if this mount has a tendency to lean more towards the mount of Moon then the person is found to be of a person of low caliber and of low mentality. Moreover he also indulges in anti-social activities. The person with the leanings of the Mount of Neptune towards Venus is socially irresponsible.

If a line starts from the Neptune and cuts the Headline, then such a person certainly becomes insane and the greater part of his life passes in a lunatic asylum.The shape and structures of the Mount of Neptune also has some special effects. If this mount is developed more than enough then such a person´s life is full of grief and his family life is spoilt. Such persons are found to be maniac, suspicious and cruel. If the mount of Neptune is developed and meets the mount of Hershel, then it has some s evil effects. Such person will surely commit murder in the near future in order to obtain wealth. Such persons are also careless about their own works but repent after it has been completed. He passes his whole life in poverty and destitution if a cross is found on this mount. Such persons cannot collect even the basic needs of life.

" If this mount is developed more than enough then such a person´s life is full of grief and his family life is spoilt. Such persons are found to be maniac, suspicious and cruel. If the mount of Neptune is developed and meets the mount of Hershel, then it has some s evil effects. Such person will surely commit murder in the near future in order to obtain wealth. " :22: :22: :22:

I´m not sure about these... :144: :4:
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September 19, 2023 at 14:02
(Taurus) hyepark3 » HellenisticAstro
Hi, HellenisticAstro! :)

you have very beautiful hand Mrs hyepark
=>You´ve always been so nice and kind to me... I think it was the lighting that made my palms look nice... :4:

I love your small, cute hands. :) I bet you have a good head line because you are mentally very active and smart. Oh, and a good line of marriage too, judging from how much you care about your husband. :)
September 19, 2023 at 13:50
(Taurus) hyepark3 » tintin92
Hi, tintin! :)

I´m going to work on your chart(& the fortune chart) over this weekend and DM you.. :)
(You might have already forgotten about it.. lol :75:)

I´m slow... lol please bear with me.. :1:
September 18, 2023 at 19:30
(Taurus) Rosincvist » hyepark3
:77: If the Mt. O´ the :116: spreads out like a wing then that is the Mt. of :159:!
If the Mt O´ the :64: bumps against the wrist then that is the Mt. O´ :160: down in the deep unconscious level!
Three Martian zones; An enormous circle on the palm usually means a great hero.
There are some new palm-readers who declare that most of the stuff from Cheiro´s generation is EXTREMELY!!! out-of-date!
September 18, 2023 at 19:19
(Taurus) Rosincvist » HellenisticAstro
If you read Marion Zimmer Bradley´s "Darkover" books; She encouraged women writer´s to continue the saga even though Stephen Edwin King offered to collaborate!
Can we rig the game so that an undisclosed time travel conspiracy has Stephen King gettin´ the Ace in the hole rather than broads with word-processing skills?
The Comy caste never shakes hands unless devoid of psychic ability because of the risk of "too much" mental transfer! :15: :19: :15: :15: :19: :29:
September 17, 2023 at 15:57
(Capricorn) tintin92 » HellenisticAstro
Reddit can be a creepy place.

I posted my palm there. never got an answer then some sent me a private message saying he can read my palms. Said a bunch of nonsense( for real. not just negative but total nonsense :61:). then i saw on another post that palmistry in nature is quite negative. it needs the natal chart for further details anyways.
September 17, 2023 at 13:26
I think there is a relation between palmistry and astrology.

Last year in Reddit I posted my palm for a reading, there this lady read my palm, and she NEVER see my Natal chart before, but her reading was scary, as in she read it to the T as like she can see my birth chart. I got scare, so I end up delete my palm pic post, lolol. haha

In Reddit you can self delete your own post, phew. I was like how the heck this woman see the same thing in my birth chart from just look at my palm. I never mention a word ´astrology´ to her in our chat, she never see my birth chart.
September 17, 2023 at 13:21
HellenisticAstro » Rosincvist
and omg, Sir Rosincvist know how to real palmistry? haha, maybe I should post my palm so you can read my Mars line Sir, lol. j/k
September 17, 2023 at 13:14
HellenisticAstro » Ellilunaa
You don´t have a palmistry question Miss Ellilunaa? You should post your hand too and ask a question. I bet you have beautiful feminine girl/woman hand.

btw have pale skin is good for woman, it the standard for beauty, I remember when I was in China girls in China go outside is umbrella, it like they scare of the Sun make their skin tan. As a general rule of thumb Asian (or at least here in China) is obsess with 3 things: money, white skin and skinny.

btw, you are a girl/woman, you need Venus on your side, you know to look pretty and all. And your chart you have a feminine sign Venus and a feminine sign Moon too. That are good.

I have a masculine sign Venus, lolol.
September 17, 2023 at 13:06
HellenisticAstro » hyepark3
btw you have very beautiful hand Mrs hyepark, your hands very feminine (you posted your hand) in the last page. And you put lotion on your hand too.

I´m here looking at your hand and that Miss lilnevermind posted her hands for reading, she also have feminine hand.

Maybe Miss Ellilunaa can post her hands too for a reading question. I bet she have beautiful feminine hands.

I´m jealous, lol. because when I look at my hand on my bare pregnant belly, it obvious I have Mars hand, lolol.

Can´t run from that da-mn Mars in my birth chart, lol. Not just I have reddish hand but I have reddish skin, including my face. I show a Miss in here my pic at the current age 40, and I was told I have reddish skintone, lol.

I don´t know if palmistry reflect your astrology birth chart, maybe I should post my palm to see if it reflect has the theme of my birth chart. It probably does, show my whole birth chart in my palm, haha.
September 7, 2023 at 18:09
(Capricorn) tintin92 » hyepark3
thank you so much for writing to me :3:

well, I´m very new to astrology so I´m just exploring everything. I have a very "selfish" chart as someone told me, because everything is packed in the first house, yet I started looking at my palms and I was like wow. TOO MANY LINES :75: I can´t even see between the lines clearly and it doesn´t really match what is written on the internet :4: what I mean with too many lines is that there are so many smaller lines everywhere on my palm. that´s got me thinking a bit.
September 7, 2023 at 17:28
(Taurus) hyepark3 » tintin92
Hello, Tintin!🙂

I´m not really good at reading palm lines... I just know some basic stuff, which you can mostly find in the book I attached the link to...🙄😊

Personally, I feel like palms and palm lines are like mirrors. They show my current status and my future, but as I feel and see it. I mean, it usually matches with my insights(?) on my life...🤔🙄

You know, if I have some vague ideas that I think I will continue to work and what I do in this world is important, then that is shown by a long line of fate. If my health is not well, then it is also shown as an unhealthy life line, and if I am lost and can´t figure out life direction, it is also shown in the line of fate, etc.

So, if you want to know about your future, I think astrological charts may give you a better picture of it.

Can you give me some info about the marriage line? Is it a concrete line or just needs to be interpreted with the natal chart too?

Unless they are really unusual, like very long, or ends with x, or meets with the line of Sun, I don´t think I can find specific information about your marriage by looking at your line of marriage.. I am not that good..😅

I may have some time over the weekend to see if I can tell you anything from your chart though..🙂
(It takes me a long time to look at one chart...🤣🤣🤣)

Here is the link to the page for assessing the line of marriage...😊…
September 7, 2023 at 15:04
(Capricorn) tintin92 » hyepark3

i was reading along your messages and figured you are knowledgeable in palmistry.

Can you give me some info about the marriage line? Is it a concrete line or just needs to be interpreted with the natal chart too?
September 7, 2023 at 12:15
(Virgo) Inferno1 » Holy Water
If anyone can offer palm reading,sent me a pm pls. :2:
September 6, 2023 at 13:30
(Taurus) hyepark3 » HellenisticAstro
Hi, HellenisticAstro, Ellilunaa!! :)

btw, palmistry can be wrong too you know.
=> I saw many people suggest using palm readings along with other predictive methods.
Also, Palm Lines Do Change. :)

Here, this author, Cheiro, also states that there is a close relationship between the two sciences Astrology and Palmistry

In my own long experience I could not help but remark the intimate relation between the effect of these great planets of our Universe and humanity in general. Although it would not be within the scope of this work to teach also Astrology in these pages, I must, however, in order to help all earnest students and readers of this book, put before them the following curious evidence of the influence of the planets on our lives. This is also demonstrated by the position and shape of the Mounts on the Hand...........

Also, he even gives dates for specific development of certain mounts. :22:
(It appears to align somewhat with the description of Leo Sun,which usually falls between 7/20 and 8/20.. I am not sure how accurate that is though... :144:)

For example, he states,


This Mount may be considered Positive when the subject is found to be born between the dates of July 21st and August 20th, and generally until the 28th of this month, which portion of the Zodiac is called the "House of the Sun."

These people represent what may be called the heart force of the human race, and as a rule are generous and sympathetic even to an extreme.

They have great force of character and personality,[Pg 159] and even when constrained by circumstances to exist in the lower walks of life, they play, even there, a rôle distinct from their fellows, and their clean-cut, well-marked personality is sure to make itself manifest.

At heart they are really most sympathetic, though they often seem to hide this quality on account of their strong sense of trying to force people to do what is right towards others......

**In physiognomy(in astrology), there´s some description of the hands for each type too. :22:

Like for the Martian type, it says,
"few lines on his/her square red palm but they are deeply cut. The fingers are
short, their tips square."
=> it definitely describes the hands of who has very strong Mars character.
´red´ / ´square palm´ / ´few lines´ / ´fingers short´ / ´square tips´

(I wish I could share this book too, but I can´t :42:)

Anyway, yes, I do think we cannot make accurate prediction based only on Palmistry too. :144:

And it sure sounds interesting, that they are somehow connected, pointing to similar characteristics.
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September 6, 2023 at 09:41
(Capricorn) Ellilunaa » HellenisticAstro
Yeah, white skin is usually associated with higher class and royalty since lower class people worked long hours in the sun which makes them more tanned . Asians are obsessed with achieving pale skin, they think it’s attractive and more desirable and I’ve fallen into the trap of wanting pale skin lol - I inherited my mothers asian skin tone

Interesting , Mars also represents the colour red which explains why strong Mars people usually have reddish skin tones
September 6, 2023 at 03:08
HellenisticAstro » Ellilunaa
Yeah, I live right where Chinatown is and alot of Chinese/Asian here have pale skin. As so Korean and Japanese. To East Asian, white skin is high class, it beauty, etc.. You Asian too Miss, you know the culture and stereotype.

Both me and my husband have reddish to our skintone, you saw his pics last time in the Guess Ascendant thread and you guess his Asc, lol. He has reddish to his skin tone too like me. We both have strong Mars, his Mars is alot stronger though, lol.

The myth is true, strong Mars people have reddish color to their skin tone. It true for us, based on our birth charts.

btw, palmistry can be wrong too you know. Palmistry said I will not have a biological child as I have no lines where the children lines are.

I will prove this false. I got married, got pregnant, carried to full term, and gave birth.

I show you this pic in the other thread last time when you ask about 5th house and baby gender. You said my belly was big, hahaha. It was, as I was only in third trimester.

I was in CafeMom when I was pregnant, as it has my Birthboard in there, the sticker on my belly was just my userbname in CafeMom. I put it on my belly, just for copyright my picture, lolol.

So here I ask the palm readers too, my hand show no lines in the children lines, but then I got married, got pregnant, carried to full term and gave birth. How so? Are Palmistry 100% accurate?
And No, my hand until today 2023 I still do not have any children lines. So No, it not like the lines was not developed back then and develop now, it was never develop (the children lines) in my hand.
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September 5, 2023 at 23:28
(Gemini) Holy Water » Inferno1
I can only suggest you my teacher. He would read your palms and your natal chart in a single consultation. If he´s drawn to you, he might even do a follow up for your palms, but it´s not guaranteed.
The only thing to be aware of is that you would not understand where he is pulling his predictions from because he would not trace anything to your natal chart. He´d only state what happened, but not what in your chart caused it to happen.

He charges $54 USD so if you´re interested, pop in my DMs and I will share his detail with you.
September 5, 2023 at 12:54
(Capricorn) Ellilunaa » HellenisticAstro
I think the most desirable skin tone for Asian women is pale, definitely. So that’s why you see a lot of them having pale skin. Especially in east Asia it’s basically the beauty standard. But most Asians actually have a naturally yellow tone to their skin, which I have. :1:
September 5, 2023 at 12:17
(Virgo) Inferno1 » Holy Water
Anyone offering palm reading over here?
August 21, 2023 at 18:01
(Sagittarius) lilnevermind » hyepark3
thank u but I´m the mess, that link won’t open then I’ll check better

August 21, 2023 at 07:17
(Taurus) hyepark3 » lilnevermind
my line of head is separated from my line of life but the the kind of thin horizontal rhombus in the middle of these two lines, it holds them. It isn´t?
=>They don´t have to be connected together.. :)…

I always wished I had a separated line of head and line of life. I envy those who are quick in their thinking, confident in their judgment (not hasty or reckless though), and do not hesitate to put those thoughts into actions. Mines are fused together, and I am a very cautious person. :43: I hate it when I go over and over again on the decisions I´ve made to make sure they are sound. It´s just in my nature... :144: lol

my heart lines are a little chain.
=>In this book, it says that a line of Heart made up like a chain denotes flirtations. However, I´ve also read in another Korean book that people with such lines are good at sensing others´ moods and know how to deal with people. :1:
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