Help w communication

March 28, 2019 at 02:08 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) taurean_sunflower
Help w communication
Hello everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone had advice on communication. My partner and I have several aspects in our charts that cause tension (as all couples do) and one that is really hard for me to work with is my gemini mercury trying to communicate with his Capricorn mercury. I feel so bogged down sometimes in conversation with him but he hates it if I interrupt him or try to get us to the point faster or want to move on to a new conversation too quickly. I think my mars in Leo also clashes with his mars in Taurus during conversation and tensions can rise before I even realize that I contributed negatively to the conversation and once he gets upset it’s hard to smooth things over. I try to kind of slow my communication down some and be more concise but let’s be honest, that’s no fun at all lol. The rest of my chart is on here for you all to see and I will happily answer any questions about the rest of my partners chart if it will help. We mostly get along really well and connect on a very deep level but communication can be rocky. Thanks in advance! (Also any other insight, ideas, opinions, on the relationship are welcome) I tried to attach photos of both of our charts but it would only let me attach one so that is my partners. Mine is available on my profile.
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March 30, 2019 at 09:54
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:

My apologies for having taken me so long to reply to your post. I´ve been going through a somewhat rough time myself.

Also my apologies in representation (a self-imposed one) of everyone here, as I can see that NO ONE else have replied to your post, and offered any advice, :-(. As a community of astrologers - or astrology lovers and students - we should be a little more attentive to pleads for help.

I will start of by congratulating you for your desire and initiative to improve your relationship, and for your willingness to see and accept your own authorship/participation in the relationship difficulties. That all by itself, says a LOT of good things about you, :-).

I can see - by the chart itself and by your own comments - that communication is the biggest issue/difficulty here.

I took a look at both charts separately, and at the composite itself, and here is why I found and my insights about it:

1. As you said, your Mercury is at Gemini on your 6th house (I only use the “Whole Sign” house system in analyzing charts). Gemini is well known for being very versatile - and right to the point - about all communications. They are ALSO well known for jumping from one subject to the other at very high speeds, :-); the “twin” (opposite forces) nature of the sign. Their minds are usually restless, and their attention span short. Some of them love to write a lot, but many of them like to be very concise and right to the point in their writings - I have a Gemini friend who is just like that latter example, :-).

2. Your partner´s Mercury is at Capricorn at his 6th house - actually he have a 5-planets stellium in his 6th house in Capricorn!!! So he is a SUPER Capricorn!! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a much slower planet than the speedy Mercury. Saturn is well known by moving slowly - but steadily so - towards anything, and his thinking process is also slow, but not necessarily in a bad sense. Saturn just want to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and that things are structured in an orderly fashion, INCLUDING his communication - unlike Gemini who just says what comes to his mind without that much analysis.

3. Saturn likes to take his time to think things through. One of the best minds of science - Albert Einstein - had his natal Saturn conjunct his Mercury; a slow, but deep thinker. Although your partner´s Saturn is not conjunct his Mercury, they are nevertheless, in the same house and sign - Capricorn - who anyway, is ruled by Saturn. So your partner´s Mercury DOES has a Saturn “signature” to it.

4. Even though that your Mercury (one´s “style” of communicating) is in the speedy and “wanting to jump from one subject to the other” Gemini, it is opposing your Pluto in the sign of Scorpio, his own natural sign. So even though that Gemini is well known by his great interest for learning about many varied and different subjects - ALL at the same time, but in a rather “superficial” and a bit “dilettante” way - here Gemini Mercury have a need to dig DEEP into things (Pluto). Here Mercury has a strong need to get to the bottom of things, and sort of “loses” his dilettante, “Let´s just learn the needed details” attitude.

5. Even though what I just described above, Mercury in challenging aspect (the opposition) to Pluto, can also feel restless, as he is now in the “underground” of things (Pluto and Scorpio). You must watch out for compulsive repetitive thoughts with this position, and for an inclination to doubt and mistrust other people´s motives, which you either express verbally, or your facial expressions says it all, haha! You must also watch for a tendency to blame others for your OWN communication difficulties, with this aspect.

6. But Gemini Mercury connected (by the opposition) to Pluto, can actually have a , let´s just call it, similar “wavelength”/”frequency” to Capricorn Mercury. Digging deep into things (Mercury opposite Pluto), is a slow thinking process (Saturn Mercury). So if you - instead of just paying attention to your own subjects - pay a little more attention to deeply understanding (Pluto) your partner´s thought patterns and motives for his communications, it could become a win-win scenario for BOTH of you. He will be VERY appreciative about you being interested in knowing how his mind works and the seriousness (Saturn) of his thoughts, and I am sure that he will respond similarly in return, :-).

7. His Moon (childhood home, mom, inner feelings) is in the 8th house (deep issues, painful transformations) in Pisces (sensitivity to pain). Pluto (deep transformations, pain from the past), the natural ruler of the 8th house (not of his 8th house) sits in his 4th house (childhood home, mom, inner feelings, being nurtured) in the sign of Scorpio (hidden things, deep emotions). His Chiron (deepest wounds) is in his 12th house ( subconscious issues) in the sign of Cancer (which the Moon rules, and which is identified with the 4th house).

8. Most probable meaning for #7 above? He perhaps had heavy nurturing (4th house and Moon) issues in his childhood. Probably his relationship with mom (or his father if he represented mom’s roles) is fractured. In any case, the placements described in #7 above, is indicative of deep inner emotional issues of security, and about having lacked the proper nurturing from others in our childhood. So he needs your support and nurturing. That nurturing mostly occurs when we listen to the other carefully and in an attentive patient way.

9. His Moon in Pisces (a compassionate moon) and his Jupiter in his AC in Leo (optimism, enthusiasm), is a most probable indication of a very nice uplifting individual; is he not? But he probably just gets frustrated by having his communication cut by you. Most people would, you know.

10. So just be patient with him; get interested in his thoughts/subjects also; use your own Pluto/Mercury placement to help you with that; and I am sure that he will respond in a similar way, by showing a strong interest in your own communications. He does have Saturn (Responsibility and discipline) in his 6th house (serving others). He will feel responsible (Saturn) to also fulfill your needs (Saturn in the 6th).

Well, I hope that all of the above may be of any help to you. Please, feel free to correct me on anything you feel that I got it wrong. Astrology is only about probable scenarios; the final saying is under the power of the chart holder himself/herself, :-).

Generally speaking, I see two charts that does not represent any heavy issues between you two; just the normal stuff expected in most relationships. We are on planet Earth, aren´t we? Haha!
March 28, 2019 at 04:37
(Taurus) taurean_sunflower » Davis212
December 22 1990 20:16
Charlotte, NC, USA
Thank you!
March 28, 2019 at 02:42
System message: Post has been written by user Davis212, who already deleted profile on this website:
Please post his exact birth data so we can look at the synastry and composite.

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