Does our synastry/ composite chart show that our relationship is forbidden ?

May 6, 2022 at 17:45 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Sylviego
Does our synastry/ composite chart show that our relationship is forbidden ?
Here´s the back story,
I am in the process of a separation, and he is in a relationship.
Clearly I´m going through a tough time, but it´s just so nice to talk to him. It´s really helping get through this difficult time. We just click. But obviously we both have the odds stacked against us.
Currently, we behave strictly friendly. But I totally can feel the energy going on below the surface that is between us.

Do you think that by looking at our synastry and composite that we should stay friends and not act on what I´m sure we both feel?

I am the inner blue
And he is the outer red
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May 8, 2022 at 09:29
(Gemini) Rockarchy
It´s very clear you can sense a dynamic undercurrent of emotion and passion from him since your Mercury is placed in his 12th house, while your Mars is conjunct his Venus; a notorious passionate synastry aspect.

Your Composite chart can explain a little in the realm of the "forbidden" -ness in that Black Moon Lilith is located tightly conjunct MC which can sometimes be indicative of an unwillingness to go "public" as the MC angle shows how you display yourself publicly.

Coincidentally I see both your Part of Fortunes are located in each other´s 11th house of friendship so its no wonder you two click very well as friends, but as time goes on the Venus/Mars influence may become more prominent and may be hard to bear as just friends.
May 7, 2022 at 23:36
(Taurus) Sylviego » Novile Circuit
Wow, thank you novile circuit! Your delineation was exactly what I needed to hear! I appreciate how in-depth and precise you were with the aspects. Damn, obviously it would have been nice to hear some more positive news about him and I, but I kind of figured it needed to stay in the unconscious since we have he Venus mars there.
May 7, 2022 at 22:35
(Taurus) Novile Circuit
Hi Sylvie,

I think you are right, it looks to me like you would get hurt if this went romantic.

Lets start with the Moons, they are not connected by aspect and they are inconjunct by sign. In a relationship, you would have problems tuning into each others emotions.

Also your Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto at the IC indicates very intense emotions that you prefer to keep private. His Aries Moon could be too insensitive for you and he could appear to be too self-centered.

Your Mercury is almost sextile to his, but the orb is a bit wide for this small aspect. But his Mercury is conjunct your Venus, which is in distress from the separation process, talking to him is soothing for you right now.

His Mars is conjunct your North Node, maybe he can help you move into a new direction, giving you fresh energy. It would also attract you to him, I think.

His Venus conjunct your Mars is placed in the 12th Sign from your ascendant. (I prefer using the old fashioned whole house system, can´t make up my mind over which one of the 22 modern house systems is the "right" one.)
This is an indication of attraction in secrecy. Also you have Chiron in that sign at your South-Node. That makes you vulnerable, especially if you don´t feel emotionally nurtured by him in the long run.

Another thing to be careful about is his Lilith in Gemini conjunct his Sun. That makes him a bit of a trickster, an attractive trickster. He is unlikely to be Mr. Faithful. Lilith is a heart-breaker. He could try to talk you into something.

Your Lilith is square to his Moon, again this attracts him, but he would risk getting hurt by your Lilith as well.

In the composite chart the first thing that jumps at me is Venus conjunct Chiron in opposition to Uranus. That causes instant strong attraction but it will end in a push-pull mechanism, because Venus wants stable attachment, which annoys Uranus who would prefer to be separate and free. A promise for suffering. Venus is going to get hurt (Chiron) and Uranus will feel guilty.
(I had this as a mutual aspect with someone in synastry. It wasn´t fun. Especially our Chirons conjunct each others Venus.)

Mars square Moon is another red flag, its attractive at first but leads to fighting in the end. (My sister has Mars square Moon natal, she loves quarreling. Constantly has a bee under her bonnet.)

And Lilith conjunct the MC, could that mean the purpose of this relationship would be heart-break? Lilith represents the opposite of nurturing. That doesn´t look promising to me.

I think your instinct is spot-on. Maybe that´s your Pluto-Moon in Scorpio?
May 6, 2022 at 17:46
(Taurus) Sylviego
Here is the composite
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