Many conjunctions in a chart?

April 24, 2022 at 16:42 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) SunDevi
Many conjunctions in a chart?
Is it me reading too much intro this, or does it seem there is a more than average, significant amount planets conjunct each other. It just seems they individually have the same aspects, suggesting individually they are similar, but there is also a lot of mirroring, and double whammies happening. And what about these Venus aspects? How do you think these 2 would relate?

Her Sagittarius
Him Cancer

Her 4th house in cancer
His 4th house in Sagittarius

His Venus in her 5th house
Her Venus in His 5th house

Her mercury in His 3rd house
His Mercury’s in Her 3rd house

His sun in her third house
Her sun in his third house

Her moon in his 7th house
His Saturn in Her 7th house

Her mars conjunct his Ascendant

His Jupiter conjunct Her sun
His Jupiter conjunct her Neptune
His Jupiter conjunct Her Mercury
His Jupiter conjunct Her Uranus
His Neptune conjunct Her sun
His Neptune conjunct Her mercury
His Uranus conjunct Her sun
His Uranus conjunct Her mercury
His Neptune conjunct Her Uranus
Her Neptune conjunct his Uranus

Her north node conjunct His sun
Her north node conjunct His mercury
Her north node conjunct His mars

His south node conjunct her Sun
His south node conjunct her Mercury
His south node conjunct her Neptune
His south node conjunct her Uranus

Her Jupiter Conjunct His Saturn       
His Pluto sextile Her Neptune     
His Mars trine Her Jupiter      

His Venus square Her Uranus       
His Venus trine Her Neptune       
His Venus sextile Her Pluto       
His Pluto square Her Venus
His Jupiter sextile Her Venus       
His Ascendant trine Her Venus     
His Saturn square Her Venus

His 5th house ruled Capricorn
Her 5th house ruled by Leo

His Venus in Leo
Her Venus in Capricorn

And individually they each have these aspects

Sun conjunct mercury:

Her sun in sag
Her mercury in sag

His sun in cancer
His mercury in cancer

Both have:
Neptune conjunct Uranus
Pluto conjunct Saturn

Both have these planets in same sign

Saturn in Libra
Pluto in Libra
Neptune in Sagittarius
Uranus in Sagittarius

I also recall that i once read something about similar degrees of planet being significant in synastry:…

Both have:

Venus in 28th degree
Pluto in 26th degree
Mercury in 12th degree
Jupiter in 1st degree
Sun in 15th degree

Would love your feedback on this.

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