Am I on the right path?

April 24, 2022 at 09:17 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) foxyaj
Am I on the right path?
I’m a musician & recently I’ve received an offer to make music professionally. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do & it feels so right, but I’m wondering if there might be any indicator in my chart.
I’ve always had big dreams & does my chart show certain success in a way? Is this the way to go?

Thanks a lot :)

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April 25, 2022 at 07:14
(Scorpio) YRashawn
The Nodes of Destiny deal illuminate our life´s purpose. You have North node in Taurus in the 12tth house. This means that your purpose involves serving via the arts including music of course. I see that you are a Gemini rising so I assume you do a lot of writing, vocalizing,and using your arms and hands. The nodes are at the 18th degree so this can be a point of conflict involving money, and you may have to conform your values in order to earn money. So whenver ou do something professionally or for work, you will activate your T-Square aspect pattern in your chart Sun opposite Saturn both square Mars. Before i proceed, Yes you are absolutely on the correct path by pursuing a livelihood.
The Sun Saturn aspect will make you vulnerable to being exploited for financial gain or where you have to compromise your ego, identity, personal life, and values in order climb the ladder of success. You could be over worked and when we bring Mars (the apex planet in your T-square) into view. This can represent a depletion of energy but also some frustrations surrounding liberation. This energy is channeled through anger and rebelliousness to be frank. This aspect pattern reflects the nodes being at the 18th degree. The 18th degree is a degree of spiritual/material conflict.
Venus is in Aquarius so more than likely you will be working with a team or group. Venus is music, Aquarius is groups. speaking of Aquarius, Aquarius is hands down one of the best signs for music, specifically music producing. Venus is close to Neptune which can represent you attracting money through working in the entertainment business, music, arts but also sucess in publications because they are in the 9th house. Rahbinah Rastaban calls this a "millionaires aspect". Venus is sextile Mars so more than likely you will get along or even be attracted to someone in your team. Also, have you moved far away from your place of birth? I can see the desire to do so in your chart (Jupiter in the 4th, Venus in the 9th).
April 24, 2022 at 23:03
(Leo) prollygonnamakeit
I co sign the lawyer joan

there is indeed a lot goinn on in your chart

your ascendant and mc is trined exact
uranus up there connect and your fortune on ascendant, gotta mean something.

look over the contract yourself too quite clearly you have a strong need for independence jus make sure u don´t get fhukd, it´s all abt the music😌
April 24, 2022 at 21:23
(Capricorn) Datta108
Namaste as a fellow musician my only question is this: Do you live and dream about music and creating and performing beyond everything else?? Are you willing to forfeit comfort and routine to follow your dreams until you´re in tears because of the trials,struggle and disappointments that can happen?? Does practicing weekly for years on end and missing birthdays and parties and everything else because of commitments to your art sound ok??
If you can do that and have undying passion for your art then you will be successful no matter what any chart has to say,because doing what you want and the love you have for creating music is the goal.
Good luck and blessings on your musical journey!!🙏🕉🌻🎼

P.S. Never sign a contract without a lawyer!!!!
April 24, 2022 at 09:56
(Scorpio) Astrocelestial

Congratulations on this new opportunity! Always the best indicator is your feeling, so you must be on the right path.

Your natal chart can indicate a musician career. You have Pisces in your 10th house, which is good for creative careers or activities where you can help others.

Also, your 12th house falls in Taurus, where you also have the North Node. Venus is the ruler of your 12th house and Venus also represents arts. The 12th house is good for healing, helping others, and also good for activities behind the scene. So I find this placement good for a musician/composer.

I think you can have the ability "heal" others with your music :).

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