Stelliums and Earthquakes

March 17, 2022 at 00:49 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) YRashawn
Stelliums and Earthquakes
A 7.4 magnitude earthquake disrupted Fukushima, Japan causing a tsunami advisory to be issued on 3/16/22.

About four or five years ago I read a book that vaguely stated that stelliums can bring about earthquakes. If this is the case, I am thinking that all the planets exerting the same frequency towards Earth is causing a physical manifestation. Like when you the frequency of a sound is too high and glass shatters.
I calculated a chart for this transit and there was 4-point stellium in Pisces. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. The tsunami advisory would be stemming from this Pisces energy as well because Pisces is a water sign. Both rulers of Pisces being in domicile is powerful energy. Mutable energy is also volatile.…

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March 17, 2022 at 21:02
(Scorpio) Astrocelestial

Not sure if stelliums can bring earthquakes, or at least not every kind of stellium. There are about 50 earthquakes in a day, so it can happen during any planetary aspect.

But, there are earthquakes with a high magnitude that causes low damage, while others can produce a lot of loss and victims at a lower magnitude. I think here is the interesting part where some tough planetary aspects can increase the probability of having a destructive earthquake. Of course, I´m not canceling science. It depends on more factors if an earthquake is destructive, such as depth, region, and so on.

From what I´ve researched, it looks like aspects between Uranus/Pluto/Saturn can have an influence. Also, these planets in tough aspects with the nodal axis seem to have an influence on events that affect a vast number of people. The most I´ve seen is Uranus in hard aspects with other planets. Uranus is about sudden and unpredictable events, and that´s exactly how earthquakes are. Also, Uranus symbolizes large groups of people.

I´m listing here some planetary aspects at the moment of some earthquakes.

- Will go with your example first, 16-Mar-2022 Fukushima, Japan: Mars square Uranus. Tsunami advisory: there is a stellium in Pisces, and especially with Jupiter there, there are chances to have more of these, or floods.

- Japan, 11-Mar-2011: 9.1 Magnitude. Despite the magnitude, the biggest damage was produced by the tsunami. At that time Uranus was at a critical degree in Pisces (water sign). In Pisces were also Lilith, Mars, and Sun. Lilith was also conjunct with Uranus.

- Indonesia, 26-Dec-2004; 9.1 Magnitude with a devastating tsunami. Uranus (Pisces) was squaring Mars. Saturn was squaring NN and NS. Lilith was in a water sign, in Cancer.

- India, 26-Jan-2001; 7.7 Magnitude: Uranus was squaring both Mars and Saturn (one of the largest earthquakes in India)

- Romania, 4-Mar-1977; 7.4 Magnitude: Uranus was squaring both Mars and Saturn (one of the most devastating earthquakes in Romania)

- Indonesia, 28-Sep-2018; 7.7 Magnitude which generated a tsunami. Uranus was squaring Mars and SN/NN

It doesn´t mean that these aspects are generating earthquakes. It just increases the possibility of having an impactful event somewhere on the earth.

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