Should I leave??????

January 25, 2022 at 21:10 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Kisses
Should I leave??????
Ok so this guy (my bf) and I connect very deeply but last night he tried to shove a cactus up my ass and he’s cheated on me 37 times and he waterboarded me while interrogating me about my whereabouts

If you thought I was going to attach a synastry chart, you’re wrong. I’m just going to leave our birth details here so you have to do extra work to even see our clusterfuck of a synastry chart.

Me: 10/28/2003 4:18am Davao, Philippines
Love of my life: 11/17/1944 10:20am Neptune, New Jersey, USA, North America, Earth

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May 14, 2022 at 23:48
(Virgo) Del65
Anyone who´s into Fifty Shades of Grey, 365 Days, etc will tell you that the activities you describe are expressions of LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE
May 14, 2022 at 00:35
(Scorpio) Kisses » Sunnyshadow
“I need more details about the cactus. Lots of hidden symbolism”

funny enough, Sunny, I’ve come to realize that the nakshatra Ascendant was transiting at the time I made this post is connected to butt stuff

Ardra nakshatra which happens to be in my 10th house, my Saturn is placed in it. Just multiple things have made me come to this conclusion. Also, Ardra rules trolling so no wonder I wrote this shit
January 29, 2022 at 13:41
(Scorpio) OS* » Kisses
I think that’s pretty hilarious 😆
January 29, 2022 at 13:30
(Scorpio) Kisses
If you didn’t get that this was a joke, you’re dumb
January 29, 2022 at 12:17
(Aquarius) viv
i don´t even want to see your chart! the answer is yes, leave!unless you are having us on and then, yeah, leave.
January 29, 2022 at 11:32
(Capricorn) tiffwats
Sis if you don’t leave. I don’t care about the cheating but it’s the physical abuse for me. No body should be abusing you unless you’re into that type of thing
January 29, 2022 at 11:31
(Sagittarius) 8hkitty
lmfaoooo this caught me so off guard i started dying at just the first sentence
January 29, 2022 at 03:55
(Leo) cubic » Kisses
Are you still with him?
January 29, 2022 at 03:51
(Scorpio) Kisses
The amount of people who didn’t get that this is a shitpost is bewildering
January 28, 2022 at 17:39
(Scorpio) 21 » goldenlion32
I really like this point about self-discipline and I´m glad to see that someone understands it, I think most people don´t pay much attention to it and don´t have much of it so they just keep doing same things over and over again and eventually those things start ruining their lives on so many different levels and they just don´t know how to stop, learning self-discipline is really really life changing, also without self-discipline you have very little control over your life and people end up just being observers in their lives and slaves to patterns and different events so they end up in toxic relationships, gambling, different types of addictions which they can´t break free from.

I think in many such relationships it´s not so black and white, it´s as if there is some energy in play which is very difficult to break free from, even if person is aware of what´s happening it might be impossible to leave and break free, but eventually everything just ends and life continues kinda normally depending on your ability to let go of something that ended and move on.
January 28, 2022 at 16:49
(Leo) cubic » goldenlion32
" It´s a high price to pay, and then "Victim", I self-sabotaged myself. "Help Me!"

The long term alterations of the nervous system is the worst from perpetuating a really bad relationship. There are limits to how much a person can self-repair. Relations are treated like these candy bars, at least in the West, perhaps a downstream cultural modification from the USA. Europe used to be a bit more mindful I think, but that´s another topic that involves the effects of social media and so on.

Yes, the dog parable is pretty good, it´s something that can be remembered. The Sunk Cost Fallacy is involved also in these situations - once you invest more than a few months or a year+ into somebody, you don´t want to let go, just because of how much was already invested. It´s one of the most difficult phenomenons to overcome for a human, IMO.

"No one sees the point of self-discipline of the five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and just indulge in the lust, have good , and then complain about it all when it didn´t turn out so swell."

Well, yeah.. tis like that.
January 26, 2022 at 18:39
(Virgo) Fruitlo0pz
I would leave personally and you will find better I promise you!
January 26, 2022 at 18:13
(Scorpio) 2s
i´m done, why did he try to shove a whole cactus up your ass?

tbh you should definitely leave him bahahaha cheating on you 37 times is... it´s bold of you to still be staying lmao he´s not gonna stop cheating any time soon
January 26, 2022 at 16:29
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » cubic
I couldn´t have said it better. "Lust" is the appetizer and "Seduction" is the manipulative acts of getting those highs from little death. It´s a high price to pay, and then "Victim", I self-sabotaged myself. "Help Me!"

It is kind of ironical when you figure this out in life what you are saying. My professor used to talk about a dog sitting on nail and it would be obedient every day and sit on the nail, and take the pain, until one day it figured out it had free will and free choice to get off the nail the whole time.

No one sees the point of self-discipline of the five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and just indulge in the lust, have good time, and then complain about it all when it didn´t turn out so swell.

2022 is a good year for indulging in the five senses. Be careful now! :61:
January 26, 2022 at 16:19
(Virgo) Aren Levi
you should give him 38th chance and love him by your whole soul.

What a gift he is to the world.
January 26, 2022 at 16:09
(Leo) cubic
I´ve had some of these PM-ing me.. and generally.. lots of folks into destructive relationships, either due to not knowing how a nice one looks like, for reasons sometimes outside of their control, having to do with early upbringing etc.

It´s mostly (young people´s?) hedonism, and self-deception. Like they know this is going to be a one of a kind shiteshow of a "relationship", but really the real motif is lust, so person ignores the early smorgasbord of red flags, goes for the sex self-destructively, gets attached and forgets consciously or not, that it was all about those fucks, then involves everybody, and their momma in the the whole ordeal.

I´ve had people asking me for tarot readings if the person loves them, even after I´ve told them repeatedly that´s some of the worst synsatry I´ve seen in my life, really maxing out on negative aspects.

It´s contrived and thus annoying, but being upfront that it is a temporary, extreme lust and self-destruction driven "relationship" is difficult for most for real. The safer/more common path is to enact all these social defence narrative concepts like "love" and "relationship", as if was ever meant to be a serious one, but they themselves seem to get lost in the soup they cooked also, then come around here asking around about synastry readings, when it was all meant to be doomed from the start, and they knew it too. It´s like if you´ve come to that point, it´s probably not a good situation at all.

Well I get it, but it´s still nice to vent about it some, and I appreciate OP´s satire :61:
January 26, 2022 at 15:10
(Taurus) Iceblu333 » goldenlion32
January 26, 2022 at 15:08
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32 » Iceblu333
ha ha! Can´t wait to see your new profile. :61:
January 26, 2022 at 14:54
(Leo) Sunnyshadow » ram_goat

Just as I suspected. A gyrating cacti. They should definitely stay together ❤
January 26, 2022 at 06:33
(Virgo) rohini moon » cubic
:61: :61:
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January 26, 2022 at 06:31
(Leo) cubic » rohini moon
This is clearly not a song about love or romance.

The song describes intentions about aggressive intrasexual competition, aimed at appropriating another girl´s romantic partner. In the course of the lyrics, the lyricist describes her aggressive approach and brash demeanor, culminating with a sound clip of the stolen boyfriend´s excitement, presumably due to completion of a successful sexual intercourse with the aforementioned person of interest.

While some might describe the lyrics as crude, even sexist somehow, it´s undeniably a love-it or hate-it song; it is also udeniably catchy, for better or worse.

The beat is excellent, and it is possible that this song has inspired some of the earliest twerking in history, unfortunately most likely not recorded by a portable Sony video camera.

It is also entirely possible that this is not the worst song of all time, neither it is the best song of all time, but it is a song ahead of its time - an unsung, and unrecognized spiritual predecessor to the late Pussycat Dolls, and the remarkably creative Azealia Banks.

Truly a piece very honest in its expressiveness, and unencumbered by the social mores of any time and place.
January 26, 2022 at 06:07
(Aries) ram_goat » Sunnyshadow
also swears in muffled polish..
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January 26, 2022 at 04:31
(Taurus) Iceblu333 » rohini moon
I was Supposed to Watch another older Movie called "Heat" [1995] and never got around to watching it...

It´s supposed to also be good...

I´ll watch it one day...
January 26, 2022 at 04:28
(Taurus) Iceblu333 » rohini moon
It´s a older Black Comedy movie.

Baby Mama drama and it´s about some bad ass kids that get on this man´s nerve as he tries to date thier mother...

I remember it was crazy back in the day but I don´t know exactly why...

Or how I even remember the name of that movie... must have some kinda meaning in that. :4: oh well...

I´ll watch it one day...
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