Personal years ~ cycles

January 8, 2022 at 15:40 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) OS*
Personal years ~ cycles
There´s many cycles to vaticinate timelines, however the personal year is probably the easiest to calculate among them.

-by adding the current year to your birth day and month, and then reduced to a single component (number). for example, someone born on January 8th would be on a personal year 6. by adding 1 (month) + 8 (day) + 2022 (2+0+2+2=6) = 15 (1+5) = 6 personal year.

Which personal year cycles would you consider were the best ones for you ? and most difficult ones, from numbers 1 to 9

Have you ever notice a pattern in those cycles ?

for example, I always had a dramatic change of hair style, or got a tattoo on a personal year 3

The 3 is expansive and creative energy. often brings new acquaintances too, or travels. Most often, a change in appearance, change of style, brings alterations in different areas of life (depending on the other cycles going on during the same period, could be self, home, career, health etc).

The most challenging personal years I´ve experienced have been 11/2s. This is my life path number. The personal years seven and nine have been difficult, no doubt. 7/9 both represent detachments and letting go in within those cycles, which are often very hard to process.

Around every 9~10 years, transit of Rahu~Ketu will conjunct the natal nodes. and I believe my personal year cycles having same number as my life path collide with this astrological transit. Bringing turbulence in my life, self awareness, growth through many challenges, and those periods have been very significant for me.

Lastly, how do you foresee your personal years ? Do you believe it is from year to year or from birthday to birthday ?


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April 26, 2022 at 00:28
(Cancer) shashae » OS*
you´re very welcome :79:
April 25, 2022 at 23:54
(Scorpio) OS* » shashae
Whoa. you have a lot of 3 & 9s in your chart! life path 3, also born on a day 3 (21st =3). and every universal year 3, you´ll have personal year 3, too. That´s a lot of 3s!! Expansive :37:

Glad you got out of that hairy situation, for the better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
April 24, 2022 at 09:35
(Cancer) shashae
Personal years definitely makes sense. In 2019, it was my personal 3 year and I was somehow living in my own home with a difficult person who I once could´ve sworn was meant to be mine. That year showed a lot about that connection in a nutshell. My rose-colored glasses flew off. I was in a situation where he had me on the side while he went and started dealing with an ex while still having access to my home. He felt like he had to lie or cover stuff up when he didn´t which is why it´s clearly manipulation. To have access to more than me because he knew he would lose it. It didn´t help.

Energetically though, my personal 3 year was definitely high energy. I am also a life path 3 as well. It was a year where it was cool but I have had better years for sure. It was stimulating to say the least. I was busy and had to suddenly move if I didn´t want to owe. It was a wild year but learned a lot for sure. :1:
March 12, 2022 at 15:42
(Capricorn) Luna Alba » OS*
"in cards of truth, you have the most powerful card of the deck."

What do you mean by cards of truth? .

So we do have a mutual thing that happened during our 7 petsonal years : the change of job.

I ended the 7 year on 31st December. I am in an 8 personal year currently.
What should I expect?.
01.01.1994 are my numbers.

I just kept reading about life path 7 and the descriptions are so full of gloom and doom usually. Solitude, spending most time alone to discover higher truths, lack of trust, unlucky in love matters bla blaaa.
I would have preferred a life path 3 or 5 if I were to choose :4:
March 12, 2022 at 14:23
(Scorpio) OS* » Luna Alba
Hey Luna Alba

in cards of truth, you have the most powerful card of the deck. King of Spades. two in my family have this card. funny because one of my uncle´ even pass in the newspaper for being the first baby born of the year.

-do you also associate 7 w Uranus and sudden changes?

for me, not really. I think the sudden changes happen more in year of 4 and 5. many people associate the 7 with the "tower moment" because of the 16th card of major arcana but I don´t really see things that way.

I find when comparing real life events, sometimes it may be different from one person to an other. not everyone will have a strong year of luck or change in appearance during a personal year 3.

when I started my personal year 7, current cycle, I changed job positions. it came really drastic and suddenly, I kinda expected it to happen since my first peak period of personal year 7 was a 1 (new beginnings). During personal year 6, under period 4 I asked for a change and higher pay. Since were in a pandemic and budgets are real tight I didn´t get what I wanted, but their answer wasn´t a "no" neither. in November, VP approached me and offered a raise and higher position. my birthday is in October, cycle had changed to 7/1.

usually 7 personal year is one of rest. often relationships can end but it´s mainly about reviewing past 6-7 years and reflecting on where to move forward. imp decisions or changes must be really thorough carefully, to avoid making drastic decisions that could be regretted later on. . .

it´s also a year where we don´t need to push forward, whatever you truly "need" will come to you, the rest is just noise. most commonly we become more solitary.

I think pinnacles are very imp. shows a total shift in conscience. if you are LP7 it changed at age 29. then 38, 47. unless you´re using an other method ? 36-7=29, 29+9=38, 38+9=47.

7 is one of my favourite numbers. its extremely powerful. rules over all paradox in nature. manifestations. I use number 7 all the time. I´ll eventually make a post about it, someday :)
March 12, 2022 at 09:09
(Capricorn) Luna Alba
I´m born on January 1st, so it´s easy to do the Maths for me.

I´m a life path 7 (I don´t like it at all) - do you also associate 7 w Uranus and sudden changes?.

Nevertheless, I´m in an 8 year and very curious about what will bring.

The last year, a 7, brought me an opportunity and I suddenly changed job. I feel lucky it happened, I felt stuck since 2017 there and kept contemplating to leave. I also ended a relationship that started in the 6 personal year.

So a lot of changes, hard emotions...but overall a decent year.
Waiting to see what the 8 has in dtore for´s on the eve of my Saturn Return.

How important are the pinnacles?. When I turn 30 I saw I change the pinnacle
March 9, 2022 at 11:32
(Scorpio) OS* » nevena786
Yes, if you apply more advanced techniques you can see sub-periods in your personal years. In other words you’re not only influenced by one number.

I understand what you mentioned about “codes”, but I don’t use that type system of numerology, I don’t really relate to it.
March 9, 2022 at 11:17
(Capricorn) nevena786
Also there is 2 ways to foresee personal year. The one that is more mainstream is from year to year. But there is another way that include period from birthday to birthday and it´s a little more complicated and i don´t think it´s used that much. I always combine those two.
March 9, 2022 at 11:11
(Capricorn) nevena786
Hey :)

I look my personal year according to my numerological code.
For example, i´m born on 15.01.1997.
My numerological code is 786.
And then I add number of year.
For example, 2020 was globally number 4, so i add number 4 to all numbers in my numerological code.

It looks like this:


So, 2020 was year when number 2 influenced, but it´a also important to look number beside that main number.
For me it was good influcence of number 2. And i really did enjoy material goods that year and overall positive (3) emotions (2).

But let´s say someone got number 9 beside number 2, it´s not good. That would cause a lot of deception in emotional sphere and potentially some health problems.
February 3, 2022 at 02:08
(Aquarius) Admiral Hill » OS*
Thank you!
January 29, 2022 at 16:04
(Scorpio) OS* » stellium12
you´re welcome :)
January 29, 2022 at 15:56
(Capricorn) stellium12 » OS*
Thanks. I´ll play around with this. I am surprised as how well my astrology supports my numerology.
January 29, 2022 at 15:38
(Scorpio) OS* » stellium12
there might be, but I don’t use numerology websites. I calculate everything by hand.

to give an example, if you’re now in a personal year 9, from birthday to birthday, January 2022 would be a personal month 1.
If you´re in a personal year 1, January 2022 would be personal month 2.

you could even add the date, to give you the personal day.

I use birthday to birthday. I think cycles are important. I’m born on Oct, 28th and noticed things change around those dates: year is divided into 3 periods, marked by a peak cycle that also changes every 4months. or every 120 days or so.

hope this helps,
January 29, 2022 at 15:07
(Capricorn) stellium12 » OS*
I was not aware of personal months. Is there a website you prefer to look into personal month calculations?
January 29, 2022 at 14:09
(Scorpio) OS* » stellium12
have you tried to look at personal months to see which reflects more ? this might help determine which is more accurate for you,
January 29, 2022 at 12:25
(Capricorn) stellium12 » Sus
Many sites discuss using birthday and others calendar. Since I was born at the end of a calendar year it makes it more confusing. I know my life will change this year so 9 makes sense. It will also be a beginning so 1 makes sense.

I guess it doesn´t matter as I have no plans. I felt over the last year that change was needed so I will retire this year and let the universe guide me to where I need to go. It´s a battle between my Capricorn sun and Sagittarius moon. I guess as the year unfolds, circumstances will tell me which path to follow.
January 29, 2022 at 08:27
(Sagittarius) Sus » stellium12
I go for personal year and not global year.
My personal year

1+5+1+2+2+0+2+2= 15
1+5= 6
January 29, 2022 at 02:51
(Scorpio) OS* » Sus
sorry to hear. usually those year are positive though I did have some personal years 3 and 5 that weren´t so good, at all.

glad to hear you´re thriving in personal year 4s must mean something good since its your LP# :)
January 28, 2022 at 23:48
(Sagittarius) Sus
My path number is 4.
My destiny number is 6.
In years 4 I really accomplish a lot. My daughter born in a 4 year. I had a very profitable year in 2020, a year number 4.

3´s and 5´s were the worst.
2022 its 6 number year. Hope this will be a venusian year...
I married in a year number about that?
And divorced in a year 3.
January 28, 2022 at 18:11
(Scorpio) OS* » Admiral Hill
hey, happy birthday :)

thanks for sharing your thoughts, experience and I hope this year goes smooth for you :68:
January 28, 2022 at 15:10
(Aquarius) Admiral Hill
I entered my 9 year, so right now is my 1 month.

The losses have already stacked up, but in order to complete this cycle it makes sense.

Looking back in hindsight, I can see where numerology defined other years. Last year I returned to some work to instinctively prepare for moving on from some things in 2023 (which is unironically my 1 year).


I agree with you, 7/9 is some of the hardest stuff. 7 year is where I quit my job and took an entire year off lol.
January 10, 2022 at 12:13
(Scorpio) OS* » rohini moon
thank you! 😊🦋💫
January 10, 2022 at 05:04
(Virgo) rohini moon
I love the name change! :4: :3: :75:
January 9, 2022 at 18:11
(Sagittarius) Sagit » stellium12
I go by calender year.

I have absolutely no idea if you´re a 9 or a 1.

I have not lived your life.

I will say this. I am no financial advisor. I do know that in a 9 year if something is meant to fall away in your life, IT WILL.

9 year and loss are no joke!! You never know if in the 1 year your job morphs into something more as a mentoring position, given your age.

The choice is yours.

January 9, 2022 at 17:20
(Capricorn) stellium12 » Sagit
So which is it, birthday to birthday or calendar year.

If I go birthday to birthday I´m a 9 which i really don´t want to deal with.

If I go by calendar I´m a 1, yea.

I am planning on retiring this May, but I set the plan into motion back in July ( capricorn sun you know).

So do you think I´m a 9 or 1 in 2022?
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