Composite with me and my best friend, sometimes things are toxic. Am I crazy?

November 10, 2021 at 22:19 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) kkarda
Composite with me and my best friend, sometimes things are toxic. Am I crazy?
I have cancer Saturn in 11th along with my venus and I also have a 12th house stellium. Making friends is hard for me, making good friends is harder. It always feels as if people are using me in friendships. Sometimes I get the vibe that my best friend is competing with me and using me as a source to boost her ego (note my 12th house stellium is in Leo...I am meant to get used for my energy)

For example, a guy came up to me today (I don´t talk to him) and brought up if I and my friend could hang out with him this weekend. I responded sure, I will talk to (best friend) I asked him where he wanted to go and he responded to a movie theater and I said sounds great let me know if anything changes. I then told her and her response was and loudly "HE *Name* ASKED YOU" (I was in class and immediately turned red because someone responded with a snarky remark about me and this guy. She then said he asked me I just wasn´t planning on him asking you. She then told me I was the third wheel. She stated "I can´t deal with this" (referring to the two other people she talks to because another would be so much) I told her upfront "don´t go if you are uncomfortable" because she always rants about the stress of men and women she talks to. I may be insecure but I feel as if she thinks it outlandish of me to talk to or flirt with anyone. It just made me feel like shit because I tell her my insecurities and she sort of flaunts stuff in my face.

Another example is that in one of our shared classes after I test I was ranting about how scared I was to turn in a test because I felt like I did bad. My teacher responded with "you have one of the best grades in your class, you underestimate yourself" She looked annoyed after this (ps she flaunts her grades when they are better than mine in other classes) When the test was graded she immediately asked me what mine was and I responded with not good (it was an 85% not bad at all for me) I never asked her what her grade was but she said "I got one of the highest grades in the class on the test" Sounding like she used the words my teacher had in a different way.

I am probably overthinking but I want to know what our charts indicate.

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