Composite aspects and my personal situation..

November 1, 2021 at 04:18 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) MorningGlory
Composite aspects and my personal situation..
I just wanted to share something personal that happened to me. Much of what had happened to me down below; a part of it at least was my responsibility.

I´ve done some research on astrology and what creates fatal attractions that lead to murder, kidnapping etc. It seems to me that conjunctions with pluto almost always seems involved. And who seems to feel it more happens to be the person who is more plutonic or at least the stronger person in the relationship.

So I started work at a new location. There was a guy that I was attracted to instantly from the moment we met. We commuted home and due to the rain, he asked me if I wanted to dry off in his house that was near by. Once I went to his home, he forced himself on me, pinning me to his couch, and I spent almost half an hour trying to convince him to let me go and wrestled him. He put his hand up my shirt. At some point I thought he would rape me and even worse, I thought he would hold me hostage. It wasn´t until I hysterically started crying and told him how he reminded me of the abuse i suffered when I was younger that he let me go. Then I pretended that we would remain friends and somehow letting me go, I ubered home.

Next two weeks, I ignored the shifts he would be in. But recently i did go, and I tried to come off as cold but something about him draws me to him. Forget reporting, I felt empathetic toward him. I felt sorry for him.

I don´t know how to approach him. And didn´t know what to do when he approached me but in a friendly & fake manner, gave him the indication that I don´t want anything to do with him. He´s a scorpio moon with moon conjunct pluto and knows everybody at work.

Our composite chart has moon conjunct pluto, mars conjunct pluto and moon.

I am really considering quitting because this situation is bound to get ugly at some point. After work, I ran and ubered home. I am both scared of him but feel ways toward him in ways that I can´t describe.

Again, I´m not trying to normalize, justify, or even glamorize what happened to me. But the truth of the matter is that I´m neither traumatized nor angry.

But anyway, thoughts on these mentioned composite aspects and what are your thoughts on composite chart aspects in general?

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November 3, 2021 at 19:26
(Virgo) Astrooo

Your story and your theme appealed to me because we have common points in astrological terms

1 / Pluto conjunct Mercury H12
2 / "Plutonian" sun
3 / Venus Asc (Master of my Libra ascendant)
4 / Jupiter H1 (Master of your ascendant Sagittarius)
5 / Neptune H2

So ...

3+ 4 = easy to create a superficial bond with our social mask

1 +2 = ease (and excitement) to perceive and awaken the dark sides of the people we meet

5 = great intuition but not always very clear sense of values, possibility of inventing false fights or playing defenders of lost causes.

In addition, with you, the black moon is H7 = relationship to the other is a source of fears / conflicts (but once sublimated, these fears will be the source of your greatest joys).
To escape this fear, you will oscillate between over-affirmation of yourself / experimentations of pleasures / dissolution in the "group"

But your real Sun (that of H12) will remain hidden.

= I think that at this stage your priority work point is that of communication = learn to better express what you want and don´t want, and not to use your natural Plutonian magnetism to make things come to you, to a way that can lead you into dangerous outbursts for your physical and psychological integrity.
Because Pluto conjunct Mercury H12 = connection with energies which can be very dangerous if we do not know how to channel them.

So by having an effective communication tool, you will find your real place in the community and you will be able to engage in constructive relations, and not only based on explosive energies (Sagittarius Pluto) or of dissolution (Mercury + Scorpio moon.

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