Help me understand this synastry.

October 15, 2021 at 19:32 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Lasea
Help me understand this synastry.
I want other’s perspectives of these two charts together.
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October 15, 2021 at 23:33
(Capricorn) Emanuel
First of all: that s a huge-ass stellium in Taurus . Venus,Mercury,Sun,Jupiter,Moon and Saturn in Taurus, just Mars at the beginning of Gemini .
And the person has a Scorpio RIsing,so this means all those taurus planets fall in his 7th house. So we can say his life is very strong related to the notion of "others" , "close relationships" , "marriage" etc . The person is still young tho ,but i bet relationships will matter for him much more than for the usual Joe.
Also sincer the 7 th house is the house we bring to surface in close relationships, he become very very Taurean when in a relationship (in opposition with his Rising in Scorpio).
This strong Taurus energy probably makes this person very fixed,earthy,self sufficient,attracted to art,material possesions,a sensual person, a bit slow and with strong resistence to change .Possesive and materialistic ,love simple things and beauty .

You have an Aries Rising (if your birth hour is correct,if not it could be also Pisces Rising).
Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Leo your heart you are a superstar,especially in your private life(represented by Moon). Jupiter amplifies all those strong Leo Moon emotions,probably you are very dramatic and pasional with very strong opinions (as Jupiter is belief and Moon emotional believe in things without to ask any questions ,because you believe them with your heart,you dont need proof,Jupiter doesnt need proof...sure ,this can make you self righteous). Also probably you are kinda an optimistic person in a way . Also your Moon-Jupiter conjunction is in an aspect with Pluto (trine ,an easy aspect) . Pluto adds so much more intensity to your emotional life, strong intuition.

Mars is in Libra,so you pursue in life balance ,equidistance,social justice,peace . You appreciate manners and well behaved ,inteligent individuals ( could be also turn ons ,since Mars represent also sexual desire,lust ). Mars is in a trine to Neptune ,so we can say that your Mars has also a transcedental mission,it s clearly a bit glamorous ,a bit foggy,artistic,spiritual . It also could represent that in your life you will enter in many delusional situation,but in the end all this experiences teach us important lessons about release,unconditional love, Divine love. Because is a trine those lessons are accepted with much more ease.

Mercury is also in Libra ,so you express yourself in a very mannered way,pleasant, with respect for everybody opinions . MErcury is also in a trine to Uranus and Saturn it s very possible that your mind has constant flashes of brilliance ,unexpected thoughts (because of Uranus) ,but also very calculated (because of Saturn).

Your Sun is in Scorpio,in conjunction with Venus retrograde .Venus is in detriment in Scorpio,and being also retrograde s not very playfull. Venus represents our values,friends,style,beauty,what we consider attractive,sexual attraction,marriage . In scorpio Venus is debilitated because Scorpio it s the opposite of beauty ,it s the opposite of peace ,tolerance . Venus rules Libra and Taurus ...two very peacefull signs . In Scorpio Venus becomes intense,obssesive ,revengefull,very sexual (or very repressed sexual ,because of trauma,since Scorpio also represents trauma in our life ), it s all or nothing . In scorpio Venus tends to vampirize,to feed with others emotions,it wants a relationship that is highly transformative,cathartic. In relationships Venus in Scorpio seeks deep transformation . Venus in Taurus seeks in relationships peace,serenity,stability (opposite of what Scorpio wants) .

Sun conjunct Venus means that your values,relationships,romantic life etc are deep embedded in your core ,in your ego . Probably you identify (SUN) very easy with your values (what you like and dislike in matters of art,music,clothing etc),friends,relationships . Maybe you have a special relationship with your dad,maybe he makes you fell very valued (or your values are his values) . Venus represents beauty ,so Venus in conjunction with SUn makes you an attractive person for the rest of us.
Sure ,this conjunction takes place in Scorpio so you can add to this description things I said above about venus in Scorpio. Also,Venus retrograde add an exclamation mark on this part of the chart .You have "karmic" lessons about relationships,friends,beauty etc .You take this things very seriously

The fact that Neptune is in a square with your Venus-Sun conjunction in Scorpio confirms that you will have some important lessons on this matter. Square is a tense aspect... so your relationships can very easy to enter from the get go in a rose colored world . venus square neptune means disappointment in love, but this disappointment can awake in you very strong artistic tendencies (maybe you are aware of your gift ). From this earthy suffering we connect to the Divine . Sure,this not means that you will have all the time disappointments,but it could be a pattern. Maybe you fall in love to easily .

To return to the synastry...your planets and the other person planets are in tense aspects .

The Taurus person is very grounded ,fixed ,stable are much more volatile,passional ,dramatic ,maybe thrill-seeking?
Your Moon-Jupiter conjunction is in a square with his Sun and Jupiter (and by sign to all planets in Taurus).
Your Venus-Sun conjunction is in opposition with his Venus and Mercury in Taurus (and also is in opposition by sign to all planets in Taurus).

MArs and Saturn are not involved ,so this tense aspects aren t necessarily that bad or imposible . Actually tense aspects produce passion and movement...but we need to be very carefull for excesses that goes even to those 2 person hating each other .It depends very much on the spiritual advancement of each of the two chart from this synastry . If both are advanced ,the tense aspects like square and opposition can actually be very good for a relationships.

Also it s worth mentioning that the person with planets in Taurus ,those planets falls in your 2nd house of possesions,values,self esteem ,family assests ,the house of our money resources,money spending. So... a grounded,materialistc relationship ?

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