Chinese zodiac?

September 23, 2021 at 06:47 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Fifteen_Dagrees
Chinese zodiac?
Is there anyone interested in the Chinese zodiac? I need references for research

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October 24, 2021 at 13:49
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Geodyk
Seems hard to find much info about it. Someone wondered the same, and got an answer, from someone (...):

"Life Animal is from the Palace of Destiny" .......…
October 24, 2021 at 13:33
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Not enjoying attention, it sounds very unlike your Leo Sun, and also your Libra Asc... I can´t say I absolutely hate any attention whatsoever or never crave it. But I would at least not enjoy to constantly have attention, be on display... I like to hide a lot, and I truly hate compliment showers and stuff like that.

Did you get a similar interpretation like me..?

"You are a YIN WOOD type, which indicates that you are in a process of building certain qualities into your life, either consciously or otherwise. You do this primarily through any means by which you can foster the creative, artistic and imaginative side of your nature. You have a perfect balance of Yin and Yang in your nature, which gives you equal facility for dealing with both sexes. You find that your creative imagination is fired by your intimate dealings with people. You feel a deep sort of symbiotic relationship with the greater society in which you live. With children and friends you find that there is a
connection that goes beyond the normal order of such relationships. This produces results that could not be had with anyone else in similar circumstances. METAL is the element that shapes your destiny and this is found in the areas of life ruled by society, your extended family, children, friends and creative pursuits. They have had the most far-reaching effect upon your development, especially the men in those areas. The element ruling your sense of self - Wood - is not well supported, so you are constantly thrown back on yourself to find those ways and means by which you are nurtured as a person."

1) *Not* ´unusually disciplined´ (but oh I wish!! lol). *Not* at ease in all circumstances; probably usually more at dis-ease. More loner-ish I suppose (but also I crave love a lot)

2) Hard to say... I´m a true sceptic and feel the need to *prove* everything (as far as possible...) But I´m also aware that certain things just cannot be proven and put faith into strange things

3) Oh yesss, I also feel the stresss. I can feel very uncomfortable when I have to talk to or interact with people I don´t know well, or that don´t feel like home. Actually everything unfamiliar can make me feel like that. Guess my Sun/Moon in air would suggest someone extremely detached? I feel in fact that I am not at all so unruffled (again I would wish...) I suppose I also seek out peace, yes... (but then my Pluto H8 Scorpio comes to destroy with its intense curiosity heehh)

4) Depends... Guess I like to believe I´m diplomatic lol. But if someone deserves a mouthful I might give them a mouthful :32:

5) I´m not really sure if I´m so "strong"... always wished I was stronger... Maybe I didn´t get exactly what you meant, perhaps you could give an example ?

Too idealistic eventually becomes uncaring.......

6) Are those really opposites..?

I think things and people are just a bit more complicated... I see myself as often being ´both´... Though much of what you wrote seemed to resonate.
October 24, 2021 at 13:13
(Cancer) Geodyk » WaysOfLeavin'
Sorry but so far I have been unable to find the meaning behind the conception and life pillars.
I did come across a guy by the name of Joey Yap who has written many books on the subject of bazi and whose website allows you to create a personal bazi chart for free albeit it is of little meaning without the interpretation.
October 24, 2021 at 12:45
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Geodyk
Thank you, I downloaded the program (freeware) now actually. The Imperial Astrologer gives Snake as my day pillar, Dragon as hour pillar, and Dog as minute pillar. So, it is still possible to use the link I provided before - calculations are of course a bit more bothersome having to look up the longitude and ascertain the timezone prehand, but at least the chart should be correct. It´s good to get a confirmation of that. The freeware however states that my hour pillar is Snake and not Dragon - so perhaps use the link instead.

Do you have any idea what the extra ´pillars´ of Conception and Life are about ? Just generally speaking (I´m not asking for interpretations)

The Pdf was a nice read, thanks again, Geodyk. I´m gonna look into it more.
October 23, 2021 at 15:51
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Considering that we both have the exact same day pillar and this is one of the most important pillars I was thinking that we could compare more points. I already relate to things you have said like the stress and the need to overanalyze and understand.

Ok so I´m just going to go over some the main points and seemingly contrasting characteristics of the snake and you can agree or disagree?
There may be differences that emerge based on the other pillars..
So we can siphon the differences away, and attribute what should correctly be attributed to the snake

I would also like to peripherally relate this to our western astrology signs/placements

No 1 ". At ease in all circumstances and possessing uncommon self-discipline" (read this earlier)
"being loners at heart isolates us from others to a large extent."
(And the contributing stress)
Sometimes bluntness

No 2 Overanalyzing/Realism Vs Idealism and spirtualism
It seems from what I have read that the snake likes utilising the analytic approach yet is often almost idiosyncratic in the formation of it´s beliefs/unable to be influenced/just ends up believing ehat it does (though again not without a extended thought process)

No 3 Stressed Vs Relaxed/unbothered by many of the usual everyday concerns

I have to admit that I relate to this. Btw I think that in some crucial ways we have quite similar moons- libra moon- picky, sensitive, detached, highly desirous of peace and good communicators?

So for me I really want everything to be peaceful and won´t accept disturbances for petty reasonings
I feel like one of my life goals has always been to be extremely relaxed haha. And yet... my virgo moon
When I was younger maybe I thought that I could play "the game" differently and communciate with people in a way where they would listen..
In a different way I´ve realised people can really stress me out merely by proximity. I think that I pick up on dissonance/disconnection really quicky 😐
I guess that´s Partially why I distance myself to analyse them from a comfortable semi personal zone
I often don´t even know why I have focused so much on "efffective communication" and "objective emotional assessments" of a situation
(Personally I linked this via western astrology to my moon-mercury sextile, though also I see it now as a snake characteristic- which also now I understand may fuel the misunderstanding of the snake being a cool and calculated mover)

No 4 Diplomatic vs Blunt

No 5 the snake is at once sensitive and strong/unchangeable (like metal of fire, even snakes possessing any element)

5.5 Idealistic vs Uncaring

No 6 Superficial or apathetic yet deep

Now to contrast on a basic level to our western charts/numerology- not that I have actually analysed overall similarities in depth to form a strong opinon, I would consider first comparing to numerology
I relate my goat month to my 3
My snake pillars mainly to 7, but also I think that the number 11 is vwry similar to the number 7.
Though the snake incorporates so many diverging characteristics I could also relate it to a 8, 5 or even 6

A overview of the main characteristics of the snake being- good communicators, intuitive, alternately loners or charmers lol.., aesthetes and analysts

Would you agree with all of this more or less?
October 23, 2021 at 15:38
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Yeah not all of those stereotypes apply to me either.. especially considering I seem to attract loners lol (even more so than me)
I don´t think that I´m particularly vain either actually, I think partially because I saw both the irrelevance of appearance which is not attached to style and also that which is attached possibly to style as well as conveying something more about yourself.
And I honestly don´t like the attention. The idea of people getting the wrong idea of me has always rubbed me up the wrong way..

I do agree that overall the snake in the eastern zodiac is more positive

I also think that some descriptions are really negative! And probably not wholly true. I was reading about the metal snake and for many parts I think it was the first bits that I really disagree with.
But then perhaps the wood snake and month pillar level out thoae tendencies
October 22, 2021 at 13:15
(Cancer) Geodyk
I now have access to my laptop with the Imperial Astrologer software which produces a Four Pillars Analysis, a Pillars Interpretation Report and Tzu Wei Chart & report amongst other features for anyone wanting more info on their personal chart (reports are in pdf format and thus I would need an email address)

I also discovered that I had a Four Pillars & Feng Shui program on my laptop which is still available at

This program adds two more ´pillars´ - conception and life - but comes without further interpretation which presumably requires the upgraded (paid for) version.
October 21, 2021 at 19:34
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
I read about the Snake and how they like to associate with the right people, upper class... For me that´s not true. I can´t deny that I´m a bit vain though. Your interpretation sounds quite correct. Yes, there is a tendency to retreat and retreat within (though also, I have a 12th H stellium including my personal planets, as well as a Pisces/Cancer ASC?). I like a lot to spend time at home, I recharge in a comfortable home (Chiron in Cancer...). Loner-ish, overanalyzing... yep, also true.

The Wood Snake seem to be one of the more grounded but also more psychic Snakes. On the negative it seems that the Snake´s tendency to overanalyze things can become severe coupled with the Wood element. So it can point to a Snake that too easily becomes stressed.

Contrary to what snakes seem to symbolize in the West it seems that in the East the Snake is seen as a loyal creature (until betrayed) and not treacherous.
October 18, 2021 at 14:07
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Well.. yes there is something "like that" that we sense from snakes.
But still I have to say even from what I read that the snake is a bit weird/contradictory creature
There is the side of the snake that would be perceived as being superficial but also as I said before the snake is complicated. Actually I´ve read that it is more introverted and so really it´s instinct is to retreat into a space of it´s own often without immediately or naturely considering others. If this space the snake has made more beautiful then I think it is for the purpose the snake has of relating more intimately with earthly surroundings and to elevate the senses.
This does not mean that we neglect the spiritual/intellectual, I think the need for physical awareness enhances other "higher" inclinations, making them more holistic. And further maybe because of the element of wood there is some grounding energy directed towards the earth too.

Haha as for the wood snake being the only "nice one" I would say again that yes it certainly seems that many contradictory things are said about the snake! :61:
That we know how to communicate effectively with other people is true. But also I think that kind of being loners at heart isolates us from others to a large extent. And overanalyzing etc. may make us seem harsh or apathetic, though also what I read says that we are simply realistic.

Basically overall the snake may seems weird. Not necessarily meaning to be fake or that it´s bad hearted- but it seems that it can be alternately genuinely communicative and then also disinterested because of a tendency to isolate

I do still agree of course that we need to look at all four pillars and the elements together which might change some aspects associated with the snakes many stereotypical manifestations. The metal snake... idk I need to reaccess this element/part of me
Also though have my month pillar in the earth element so even that is supposed to make me less of a whiny goat :61:

I´m just glad that two of my pillars are the same! Makes it somewhat easier for me to grasp overall
October 18, 2021 at 13:53
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
That´s ok, I was just mainly trusting the calculator as the majority I tried gave the same result.

Yeah.. different websites do seem to differ on whether the day or hour pillar is morr important. I´m juat assuming that the both are. And also the month, though maybe to a somewhat lesser extent as it´s like the ascendant. I still think that it´s important too though as it´s a big part of how we interact with other people.

And although I joke about being a hermit I´m not entirely haha

(I think that we should probably try to relate the chinese zodiac in a vague general sense to western astrology in some regards as well. As anyone who know anything knows that we are not just our sun sign)

Thanks for the link!
October 16, 2021 at 14:23
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Snake and Libra, oh... seems like fake charmzzz :81: One website stated that the Wood Snake is the (only) Snake with a good heart though. Hah. Strange how they got to that. The qualities I described before such as vanity do seem to belong to the sign of the Snake though, hmm. It might indeed sound a bit like Libra and Scorpio together. I really think I am not such a cunning person at all - but then maybe it is due to the influence of Wood and the other animals in my Ba Zi chart ?

One place I read the hour pillar is the truest you... My hour pillar is anyway Dragon. But being ´charming, of deep wisdom, intelligent, sympathetic´ (Snake)... seems perhaps more interesting qualities.

It gets a bit confusing, with all those different numbers in numerology, different (and contradictory placements) in astrology and Draconic astrology, and then Chinese astrology with all these different branches ;p Like, what is really the REAL ME........
October 16, 2021 at 14:12
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
I did your Ba Zi chart there, and yes; seems like both your day pillar as well as hour pillar gives you Snake. Interestingly, the heavenly stem of your day pillar is Female Wood, a stem we both share..! It seems, that the stems are derived from the gender of the branch animal (Snake, for example, is female), and the element corresponds to a number (0,1 = metal; 2,3 = water; 4,5 = wood; 6,7 = fire; 8,9 = earth). So, as I am born on the 4th, and you 23rd, we get Wood as our element of the day stem (as the single digit after reduction becomes 4 and 5, respectively). Your hour stem, however, is White Snake/Female Metal. Mine is White Dragon/Male Metal.

Regarding the day pillar animal I am confused as to how it is calculated... as one website states Monday = Sheep, and Friday has three different animals. Anyhow, I will just continue using calculators for that. I am born of Feb 4th which seems to be the dividing date between the month of the Ox and the month of the Tiger (but yes - I should be an Ox). Not sure why my month stem read as Earth though, when month of birth is Feb, so 2?...

Apologies if I am repeating things that you are already familiar with. For me this part was a bit confusing - it still is, but I am starting to understand it a bit more.

That same website/calculator states that the day pillar is ´you´, and especially it seems that one should look at the heavenly stem. As according to them, I am ´a Green Snake (Wood Snake) born in the year of the Horse´.

My minute pillar is Red Dog/Male Fire; Month is Brown Cow/Female Earth. The minute and the month pillar I think are supposed to signify family members, so it is of interest that that is a Dog and mom is an Ox (elements are not corresponding to those of the same stem, though). Do you see any such trend with your Ba Zi chart? (Your minute pillar is Red Monkey/Male Fire.)

Regarding day pillar compatibility here is a link to the comparison table I was talking about:…
October 15, 2021 at 12:01
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Another thing that I found interesting was to see that we both have a snake pillar and have the sign of libra

When I was reading about the snake I thought that it sounded like a synthesis of Libra and maybe Scorpio
October 15, 2021 at 11:56
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Yes :4:
If we do research then we can share with each other!

Haha well said about being and not being superficial. I relate.
Sure possibly libra could contribute particularly to a "appearance" of being superficial but I always say that it is because we are too concerned with juggling the options of what to say and what Not to say that people just end up seeing us as arbitrary and capricious. Which actually isn´t the case. Sometimes I worry that nobody can sense my sun sign :42: but it´s definitely there, just I don´t share it with all :23:

But another thought I have on "superficiality" is that there comes a time that you have to realise that if you were worried about it you probably aren´t superficial. And let yourself be whatever you want at different times

I´m both a metal and wood snake. Which sounds like it could be contradictory!
October 15, 2021 at 11:45
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Yep I got the sheep/goat, the only pillar of mine that I have seen get a different result on some website was the hour. But I´m pretty sure I´m a snake for that too. Eeek a lot of snake energy :22:

Though I actually like the snake! :42: lol
It seems that in Asia their ideas about it are completely different.
Besides they have certain combined characteristics that other zodiac animals do not, like being cunning but sympathetic and smooth and sensitive towards ones surroundings and the beauty and wisdom to be found there. Though sure there is a element of perceived perceived selfishness or disinterest and some other possibly negative manifestations but overall I think that the dual characteristics of the snake serve it well!
People may misunderstand but if we really want to we can or could fix that

Sheep or goat alternatively lol, not everyone likes this animal. I would gave thought that people would like the fiercest animals of the zodiac the most (dragon, tiger)
As for it´s portrayed character, I suppose it´s the moodiness which gets to people otherwise people like it´s usually happy nature

As for the 8 it has other characteristics, I think that the idea of success is more central

Besides which by now I am quite sure now that all our numbers combine, maybe even in ways we do not know. Having dual motivations etc.
Though I also feel like when looking at some contexts like the chinese zodiac it can describe for us our primary instinct possibly as well as attitude. Attitude would likely be a combination of all that we are don´t you think? What we learn, and what we desire and how we end up approaching aspects of ourself

So your soul urge is a 4, which I think should have some strong influence over tempering the 8. And your lifepath is said to work hand in hand particularly with your destiny, in your case a 6
And of course 11. I relate a lot to my personality no too

I wouldn´t personally be put off at all by having several very different numbers (as I have several different numbers) it´s just nice to know as well that we have whatever potential thst we always thought we did

Yes I would be interested in having a look at tgat compatibility website
October 13, 2021 at 22:39
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Ohhh, both Wood Snake ?? How interesting... Again, I need to read more about it (until now, I read not much on this sign and element)...

Suspicious probably yes... If I fall in love I become very possessive too, indeed... (but, I read Horses fall hard, when they eventually ´fall´?...) I think I´m both superficial and not... Guess Venus and Libra makes me vain; air signs can be superficial in relating to people... But also I am very interested in everything hidden, the true meanings of things, and so... I tend to discuss serious matters... I suppose, Aqua/Pisces is not someone concerned at all about status, money, and other worldly things. 12th house stellium with 8th house Scorpio Pluto likes to dive deep. Horse I think I read can be superficial? So yeah, I suppose like most I am a mix of things, really...

I got a bit confused... are you Wood Snake or Metal Snake (day pillar) ? Anyways, seems I need to read more about the elements and their combinations. I just know that I´m a Metal Horse (which I suppose fit me, more or less). 1993, I think this is Water Rooster? I don´t know if it was a coincidence but I got along well with most ppl who were born in 1993
October 13, 2021 at 22:26
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Hmm, did you get Sheep on that calculator I sent too..? As month pillar seems to change a lot. (I read e.g. February = Tiger, Monday = Sheep... but in the end I got different signs for both.) Sheeps seems like the cutest though? ☺️ I would prefer being Sheep to Snake lol... I think I read Horse loves Sheep for it´s gentleness and charms (it said it is peach blossom to Horse, but then I also read 4x signs are THE peach blossoms like Horse and Rabbit - so I got confused what peach blossom really means)

When I read about Snake it seems not bad though. Maybe it´s even good for me as a Horse with Dragon ASC - seems it would make someone very loud and not so careful. But true what you say about the month, that it seems similar to what the ASC represents... It would be nice, to sit down and have a chat with a Chinese astrologer, just to get some clarity and clarification in all of this.

I´m very new to these branches and elements in Chinese astro, I need to look more. It was said in that report that a person with much water will be lucky for me, so yes, probably elements are quite important as well. It *seems* maybe year pillar and day pillar are the most important for compatibility...

I found something comparing the different day pillars (animal + element/branch), I will send you. I checked that one as well as some calculator with several people; with everyone I got 0 points (neutral) or up to -4 :75:

I actually read about personality number 11 and it fit me soo much better than life path 8. Well I also resonate with 8 in ways, but I´d say I´m not that materialistic or tough.
October 11, 2021 at 04:49
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
As we both have the day pillar of the wood snake I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts on it and what you do and and don´t relate to in terms of characteristics? Here maybe we will see where other pillars may exert a influence which dissolves some "snake characteristics"
The two things I don´t relate much to are how snakes are said to be suspicious and superficial

Though as you also have your moon in libra you may be quite attuned to art etc.? But I think that people may mistake our interest for materialism

As for the element any thoughts?

Interestingly I am not entirely sure if I relate strongly to the element of metal and metal snake characteristics for my hour pillar.. :63:
October 11, 2021 at 04:46
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Actually my month (July) is a goat month. But I like what I have read about oxes and as I said they are meant to get along with roosters, snakes and dragons!

In a way the month kind of sounds more like the ascendant as it describes our outer social self..?

I really think though that when looking at someones pillars for compatibility we would have to look at the holistic effect of a persons combined animals/traits, unless there is like a completely different approach to communicating or their approach to life.
(I would even compare to numerology when doing this)
So even if one pillar belonging to a person seems incompatible that may not matter, especially taking into consideration the element/all the elements.

As for our elements, firstly some of the characteristics that we use in western astrology (for example water) seem to have some different characteristics with the chinese elements.
Also I would say that with the western zodiac we both seem to have enough water. And with your ascendant this would appear prominent.

Linking this back to numerology as well I would say that you seem like you are a sensitive person who is caring about other people. As your numbers reflect this as well- 6 and 11/2
I also have a 6 :1: (hearts desire) and 9 (destiny) and 3 (personality).
Most sites say that lifepath and destiny are the most important, though others also consider the personality no (or sun no) as very influential
For sure there will always be some level of dissonance but also reoccurring patterns that link all numbers together
October 10, 2021 at 15:09
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Well somewhere I read month is Tiger... like when I look at tables online, February is Tiger. But seems there are really dates for that (that might even change depending on the year ?). I think that calculator I linked to in my last reply should be correct though, I mean if you enter correct longitude (this you can for example find on Astrodienst websit) and timezone. So my month pillar should be Ox as you said.

I suppose the hour pillar corresponds to the ASC, as they both seem to use the double-hour concept. Here you can find interpretations of year pillar + ASC pillar:…

Cool that we are both month pillar Ox. I haven´t really looked up the month pillar of people, so can´t comment... just that I maybe get along better with people born in the year of the Ox than what people born in the year of the Horse is supposed to..? But then I read somewhere that you should match pillar to pillar - so e.g. day pillar should be compatible with other person´s day pillar.

I don´t know much about the Chinese elements... but yes seems different than in Western astrology... What would you say (very) low water means ?

Regarding numerology I´m a lifepath 8, birthday number 4. Name number (destiny no.) 6, soul urge (heart´s desire) 4, personality number 11. I have mostly only looked into lifepath and birthday numbers... What are yours?
October 6, 2021 at 13:07
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
I know what you mean, some sites seem to have discrepancies which I assume is in fault

The month cannot be misinterpreted in fact anyway

Yes that calculator appears to be correct
I think that you are a ox.. as I checked
I usually like oxes! They have some good characteristics

What is really interesting and a bit confusing however is how different sites seem to put a somewhat higher emphasis on some pillars over others

Btw I forgot to say that we have the same day pillar at least, and water is my lucky element too! water is low for me too though and metal is too high for me... :23:
Oh I should say that I do not equate chinese elements directly to western, as with western I do have enough water. The meanings are not completely analogous

My observation is however that almost nobody has completely balanced elements

Ps. Have you done your numerology yet? I find that even more accurate
October 5, 2021 at 14:28
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Oh, I did not take it like that. I got it. And agree with you, in that often they are probably wrong. I see too many :00, 15, 30 (...) I think. (And even if the TOB should be correct the minute pillar seem not that important or interesting for me - not enough to bother with it at this point at least.) I wonder a lot about my own chart and am eager to get the signs correct, including the hour and minute own - as I feel understanding of others starts with understanding of self.

Thank you for the link you provided. There I get Ox as month, instead of Tiger.

But hey..! I thiiink I have maybe found an answer to our problem:)) Try this calculator here:…

If I use that calculator, typing in time zone at time/place of birth, as well as the longitude, suddenly I have a very different chart ! Year is still Horse and Month Ox. Day pillar gives me Snake, as the majority of the online calculators did... but hour is now Dragon, and minute pillar Dog !! Probably, it is the most accurate calculator as it takes into account time zone and location. Now unfortunately my water is even lower though lol, down to 6. Earth too high at 202. Whatever those mean... Otherwise elements are mostly okay I think. Seems Water is my lucky element then? ...
October 5, 2021 at 13:06
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Actually this is also surprisingly informative

Though it seems to emphasise the day and month:
"The month is your private inner self and the day is how you interact in close proximity. These two are how you interact in private."…

Ahh.. but I guess all pillars are important, though the year seems less so

This also has some extra information…
October 5, 2021 at 12:18
(Leo) Anni23 » WaysOfLeavin'
Oh right, yeah sorry I wasn´t saying to consider yourself one of those people necessarily who´s birthtime is off by even 15 mins. My point was just to day that the percentage of people who definitely know the minute is probably pretty low.

Well I guess we tend to regard our own inner ideas about ourselves as more important. But our life trajectory is made up of different components
Oh would you say that the day sign is more important than the hour? :25: I didn´t quite pick that up necessarily but it could be the case

In any case I´m sure it´s all a combined effect, a bit like numerology

Ohh sorry I think that I gave you the wrong website…

It also shows the "hidden dominating element" which apparently is "relatively" important also but I don´t know how much..
October 4, 2021 at 20:56
(Aquarius) WaysOfLeavin' » Anni23
Well mine at least should be correct, or numbers that are not rounded up/down (not saying those that are are not valid obviously)..? But true, often the TOB probably is not accurate, so not useful for a large number of people. Also I don´t care about the years after retirement :37: (at least idgaf right now)

Strange, the link did not work ? Only get some numerology calculator... I searched a bit around but was not able to find BaZi calculator there. (Maybe I´m just too sleepy......)

"But yes your hour sign should be a snake according to most websites if it was between 9-11 i believe"
Yes, it´s only that site that mentions withdraw one hour if born during Winter hmmm

In regards to importance the day sign seems to be of about 70%. Then follows hour, then year, then month(?). But ofc - depend what your definition if ´important´ is
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