I´m crazy about this man.. ??

June 3, 2021 at 14:32 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Anilah
I´m crazy about this man.. ??
Can you tell me more about this Synastry Chart?


I can´t fully interpret synastry.
It seems to me that there are not too many "love" or "passionate "aspects ..

But I´m crazy about this man. 🤯💘
I think I feel overwhelmed with emotions near him.

I adore his intellect, intelligence, manners, kindness, physical beauty voice all ..
There is a big difference in age, but I don´t feel that difference?
What´s the matter?

Could this relationship have a future?

What is the trigger for such a storm of emotions and passions towards him?
And does he feel the same way about me based on this analysis?

Thanks.. ❤️

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June 7, 2021 at 07:42
(Libra) Kamariya
12th house synastry could definitely explain your feelings towards him. You guys could be super intrigued and drawn to each other, sometimes it could make you question why. Since you´re the house person, it´s easy for you to sense his emotions and feelings without him particularly mentioning it. This type of synastry never leaves you alone. Your sun also sits on his rahu (north node) and so there´s a sense of going somewhere but it can also trigger feelings of obsession and illusions and sometimes make it hard to see the reality of the situation. For this bond to work, emotional maturity and honesty are important over here because lack of it will quickly stop the relationship.
June 4, 2021 at 12:33
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
System message: Post has been written by user Moon_Queen, who already deleted profile on this website:
**I adore his intellect, intelligence, manners, kindness, physical beauty voice all ..**

How you described your attitude toward him, absolutely resonates with his fresh Cancer Venus (that just left mental/verbal Gemini) exactly at your fresh Cancer AC.

I say "fresh" since his Venus holds the lowest degree in his chart and that way represents his "partner planet - darakaraka" and being at your AC, you feel yourself as the one for him and he probably also feels you as his natural partner.

On the other hand, your "darakaraka" partner´s planet is Neptune and when looking at the synastry, his Scorpio rNeptune is right at your Vx that is giving you direct channeling where you also see him entirely as your natural partner.

I assume that these very unusual matches gave both that strong sense of connection.
June 4, 2021 at 12:13
(Sagittarius) natalizzye
Conjunction causes immediate warmth and attraction, his mercury is in conjunction with your sun - you know how to get along very well, asc cancer connection venus cancer- this connection gives a warm feeling of relationship, when I meet leo people I have the same, I feel together with them, the best I get along with them, even more than with the sagas, there are a few squares that create tensions, but these gentle aspects neutralize them, good luck !!! :76:
June 4, 2021 at 11:34
(Gemini) Anilah » LotusStar
Yes, I also did not see many harmonious aspects in this synastry.
That´s why I was curious about this.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. ❣️
June 4, 2021 at 11:28
(Gemini) Anilah » Jaided
I didn´t know much about this..
With my ascendant in cancer,
I am very sensitive to people, especially to those who have some aspects with water signs.

So this could really be another signifier.
Thank you. ❤️
June 4, 2021 at 00:20
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
System message: Post has been written by user Jaided, who already deleted profile on this website:
People don´t talk about house overlays much but I always notice that when someone feels crazy and super attached to a person even in a short amount of time, there´s water house overlays. So many of his planets are in your 4th and 12th house, tied to Cancer and Pisces.
I could definitely see this person making a big impact on you.
June 3, 2021 at 23:23
(Taurus) s81
Besides the other things pointed out in the other comments:

"There is a big difference in age, but I don´t feel that difference?"

IMHO, for that kind of relations to work well, both members of the couple are required to have Moon-Saturn aspects. In his case he has an opposition, which is a major aspect, and in your case you have a really minor aspect of 15 degrees (some call it "untion", others "quarti-sextile" -I prefer the later-) applying btw, so it is strong enough to show really clear force. At least, here you are writing this post, right?

"Could this relationship have a future?"

That depends on you both, do you both want it to? I saw some couples 30+ years of age difference running in the long term, it might work. Anyway, based on the charts that can not be told, it depends on the will of both members of the couple.

"What is the trigger for such a storm of emotions and passions towards him?"

Well, a number of things (some pointed out in the other comments). But let´s see something to remark, he has an important stellium at your 12th house so, for example, he draws horizons (Jupiter) for you in a way you don´t see (12th house), that has an unconscious emotional/passional echo in you for sure. And age has nothing to do here.
Also, your Moon is in sextile with his Venus, and that sounds great for you.

"And does he feel the same way about me based on this analysis?"

Mmm, I guess he is somewhat happy -to say the least- with you hehe, your Ascendant is in partile conjunction with his Venus, that sounds great for him.
June 3, 2021 at 20:43
(Virgo) LotusStar
His Virgo stellium is on your Venus/Mars midpoint, a point of passion, landing in the sensitive 4th house of your core.

His Venus on your ascendant, definite attraction to your looks and overall mutual appreciation noted there.

Mutual Pluto/Sun hard aspects is an obsessive factor but tends to bring power struggles. Pluto always acts as a transformer to any planet it touches. What seems a fascination and intensity is actually a scrutiny that brings out what is toxic or broken to the surface to destroy or reshape over time.

Another intensity factor is his Lilith in your 8th house squaring your Moon. It´s the inner planet person who tends to be more "under the spell" of the Lilith...

I don´t personally see a huge amount of long term compatibility as there isn´t much harmony in your inner planetary elements and signs except you both sharing the same sun sign. It looks a more sexual fascination and mutual admiration..but I could be wrong.

With his Saturn in your 10th house he could be a sort of mentor to you, especially in terms of your career or achieving your potential, helping you mature. But, lots of his planets in your 12 house is a bit tricky, over idealizing the person and glossing over their flaws is a risk here, especially by the house person. If they have your best intentions at heart, they can help you see your blind spots. If they don´t, they can take advantage of your blind spots.
June 3, 2021 at 20:05
(Aries) raspberry
From your natal chart, I can tell that you may have the tendency to idealize partners or relationships or wish for a fairy tale romance ( :154: :192: :159: and :151: :197: :159: ) But on the shadow side, these aspects may also mean disappointments, clandestine relationships, deception etc.. Also :156: :191: :152: in the aries-libra axis( relationship axis) in opposition to mars( man), may explain those explosive, overwhelming emotions. Jupiter - neptune emphasis in the chart may show a person who exaggerates or overidealizes things.Lastly, :154: :194: :157: explains the age difference.

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