Always attracting Sagittarius

May 6, 2021 at 20:31 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Yuukino
Always attracting Sagittarius
My whole life I´ve been attracting sagittarius, my first best friend, my all boyfriends. I was wondering if there is something in my chart that shows it or is it just coincident ? :25:

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May 12, 2021 at 07:45
(Taurus) Sea_Cloud » fishscales
@Yuukino as well:

I´m going to second that it´s your Mars in Sag.

I attract Cancer women (and Cancer moons) like mad, and I have Mars in Cancer.

I figure your Mars is a good deal of your "actions" that you put out into the world, and so: It´s highly visible. As they say, actions speak louder than words. :3:

So something about the "way" you have about you or the way you behave or act screams something that´s like catnip to Sagittarians.

It´s the only thing I can figure because Cancer women love me & seem drawn to me with my Mars in their sign, too. :79:
May 10, 2021 at 09:25
(Aquarius) rubbagegod
Hi! i’m not an expert just speculating. But maybe it could be because of your gemini placements? sag and gemini are sister signs and usually attract.. + your midheaven/MC sign, the way you present yourself/persona you would like to portray? is in gemini along with mars, the “action” planet & and mercury in gemini, the way you communicate, all could be why you are attracting sagittarius ..

not a pro just speculating lmao ;; lmk if anything made any sense
May 8, 2021 at 14:48
(Taurus) Yuukino » natalizzye
That´s your experience with the bulls. I´m not really a slow person. Since I have more energy than an average person, I constantly workout and dance on daily basis. When I do nothing it really bothers me, but that´s probably because of my capricorn moon. Maybe you just haven´t met or interacted with productive,or energetic bulls before, but either way it´s okay. I get along with all zodiac signs, after good communication is the key to understanding others. :1:
I have nothing against sags. I just wish they didn´t rush into my life out of the blue. :22:
May 8, 2021 at 13:14
(Libra) Lib_8
Surprisingly I find that with me too and my mom is also one!! Mind you I get along pretty well with most of them and enjoy their company.

My ascendant is Sagittarius, I figured it may play a big role for this.
May 8, 2021 at 12:11
(Sagittarius) natalizzye » Yuukino
Generally speaking .. with the bull I can not catch a deeper / better contact as with representatives of fire. Bulls are slow for me, not very energetic, with bulls I can spend up to an hour, with fire representatives even a whole day. I am supposed to attract to sagittarius myself, because I have Venus in the sag, mercury, sun, pluto. I get along on average with representatives of the same trademark, I see my advantages and disadvantages in them.
May 8, 2021 at 08:48
(Taurus) Yuukino » Sag_Stellium
It´s kinda 50/50 situation, half sags are foreigners, half native. You are right it is a bit too much for me. I don´t mind sagittarius, I just met so many of them, i kinda try to a void them in the most nice/polite way that I can think of. (If i don´t find them entertaining or i feel like i can´t connect with them on the same level)
May 8, 2021 at 01:11
(Pisces) Sag_Stellium
I agree with bad1angel.
And if I may add to that, jupiter is the traditional ruler of your seventh house, so a person with this placement can theoretically attract adventure-loving, action-oriented people, maybe those whom you can have meaningful, long, philosphical discussions with. Teachy-preachiness from others is another thing you might be familiar with, though you might feel it´s a bit much for your taste. And the sag people you said you met, were most of them foreigners?

btw you did attract this sag dominant to your thread though lol
May 7, 2021 at 23:14
(Sagittarius) natalizzye
your 9th house alone speaks a lot. house 9 belongs to the sagas, and you have it full, plus your jupiter, let´s add also the fact that you have mars in sagittarius.
May 7, 2021 at 18:54
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » zarko22
I don´t think the 6th house represents our SICK SELF. Health is one of the areas of the 6th, but it doesn´t mean we will get sick. Maybe you didn´t mean that. The angles are just so important in astrology. I only use the angles to describe the 4 most important parts of self, as is tradionally taught. It isn´t my idea.
May 7, 2021 at 18:16
(Libra) zarko22 » JayJayAstrology
If we start in such a way as you explain the houses, then the 6th house is our sick SELF.And we will always find some Self that corresponds to the existing image in the chart. Your astrology always explains everything, it is amazing how you manage it. :4:
May 7, 2021 at 18:01
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » zarko22
It is the IC - part of our cross - ASC is Self, DES is Other, MC is social self - IC is private self. It is the house of home and family where we are nurtured and conditioned. It is our private emotional world. The 4th house is an inward house. The water houses are the most private - as they represent our emotional and spiritual worlds. Of course, all houses represent many things, but first and foremost, it is our private, internal self - the part of space represented in the chart that is on the other side of the world. The MC is somewhere around Noon - the social sphere. The IC is hidden. In your own quote - "the psychological parental influence". I´m just using different words.
May 7, 2021 at 17:25
(Libra) zarko22 » JayJayAstrology
This is PART of Deborah Houlding*s article about the Forth house.

* Main Rulerships:
Everything that relates to the foundation and roots of our existence. Parents in general and fathers in particular; grandparents and ancestry. Paternity (inheritance from parents) as well as the psychological parental influence.
This house also rules hidden treasure and the treasures of the earth, such as mines and minerals, gems, oil, wells and water supplies; Lilly notes: "profit out of the bowels of the Earth" ([CA], p.558). It rules land, the quality and nature of the ground, (whether it is fertile, swampy, woody, stony or barren), and all buildings and structures on it - the property of the home as well as the emotional environment.
Farming, agriculture and any occupation that is concerned with tending the land is relevant here. Baigent, Campion and Harvey suggest nationalism, the ideology which represents love of the land ([MA], p.229); this would also embrace patriotism and a strong concern with ´roots´, tradition and history.
It is said to indicate the beginning and end of all things, representing early childhood experiences that give rise to an unconscious emotional experience of life, the vulnerability of old age, the process of death, and funerals. Death by drowning is particularly relevant.*

And where do you see here our *private self* ?
May 7, 2021 at 17:09
(Libra) zarko22 » Cind
Yes, the 4th house as a spare ascendant. For modern astrology, one ascendant is not quite enough for our selves. It tends to multiply it, as if it were a movie series about Rocky.
May 7, 2021 at 17:02
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
You do have a very strong Sagittarius, Jupiter, 9th house presence in your chart. You probably relate to other Sag people very well.

Pluto, Mars, Chiron are in Sag, with Pluto conjunct IC - your private self

Jupiter, ruler of Sag and Pisces, is conjunct MC - your social self

And Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, the sign on your 7th house of relationships.

Your chart ruler, Mercury, is conjunct Jupiter, also conjunct MC.

This is a whole lot of Sagittarius!

My website: - I do western astrology readings, dream interpretation, and mind-body healing by a donation of your choice - and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
May 7, 2021 at 16:47
(Libra) zarko22
this is your chart with twelfth-parts
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May 7, 2021 at 16:20
(Libra) zarko22
I believe that as someone who handles Uranus and Pluto, you have not heard of twelfth-parts. They have been used in traditional astrology recently, some 18 centuries ago. :4:
They represent the subdivision of each sign into twelve equal parts of 2 ° 30 ′ where the first twelfth of each sign belongs to that sign and the next twelfths are assigned to the other characters in the sequence, so e.g. the first twelfth of Gemelli will belong to that sign, while his last twelfth will belong to the sign of Taurus.
In your chart at the top of the 7th house you have Pisces. In traditional astrology Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, unlike modern astrology which gives the rule over Pisces to Neptune.But I´m talking about the traditional one. And so, the twelfth-part of Jupiter, which rules the 7th house, that is, the partners, is in Sagittarius. I hope it can be seen well in the picture.I think that explains your interesting situation quite well with the coincidence of the Sagittarius sign as the sign of most of your partners.
May 7, 2021 at 15:45
(Taurus) Yuukino » fishscales
I feel like I´m attracted to earth and water signs. Fire signs are a bit much for me to handle. While sags come in my life out of the blue. :14:
May 7, 2021 at 11:31
(Taurus) » Cind
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May 7, 2021 at 10:45
(Pisces) fishscales
Maybe Pluto in Sag conjunct your IC is super charging your magnetism with Sagittarians...

Mars is also at the tail end of Sag...

In a female, Mars indicates the type of men she may be attracted to...

Although in Mars´ case, it is probably more a case of "attracted to" rather than "attracting"...
May 7, 2021 at 10:10
(Pisces) Cind » Travelguy35
Hi, What house system do you use because in Placidus you only have Sun and Pluto in your 9th?
May 7, 2021 at 09:44
System message: Post has been written by user Travelguy35, who already deleted profile on this website:
I attract a lot of sag girls. A lot. If I attract someone new, even before knowing their sun sign, it is a good bet it is a sag girl. But it tends to be quick and fleeting and I am the one that leaves them. Actually, I have kind of been a jerk to too many sag ladies in the past. Don´t know why because a few in the past have been very attractive and what seemed like my type.

But it probably has something to do with my sag venus, mercury, uranus and neptune + sun and pluto in the 9th.

Taurus tends to be a little too much for me with their slowness and what feels like overly practical but in the end, they are the best for me IMO because they are stable. Ideally a Taurus with some subtle sag and/or aries energy or strong 9th house energy.
May 7, 2021 at 08:49
(Pisces) Cind
Hi, you do have 4th house in Sagittarius. Your IC is who you are internally away from everyone else on a very deep level, these people could also feel like family to you.

It´s the sign opposite your mercury as well so oppositions are quite strong. :)

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