could someone please tell me something about this synastry?

April 8, 2021 at 19:11 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) xsxbxl
could someone please tell me something about this synastry?
Even before we saw each other for the first time, we and every friend of ours knew we would click immediately.
We both fought against our feelings but it’s like a magnet pulling us close and if we can’t see each other it hurts so bad...

sorry for any grammar mistakes

I would be very happy if someone could explain this bond astrologically. :1:
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April 14, 2021 at 08:44
(Cancer) Libra moon
Hi, you have Sun in opposition to Mars from what i see and this is what usually creates this strong magnetic pull . His Moon is in Aries, it is ruled by Mars no wonder he is attracted to your Mars in Sagittarius . The Pluto-Node conjunction also looks significant I can go on and on it makes so much sense you are like a counterpart to this person great synastry
April 8, 2021 at 20:35
(Taurus) s81
Looking at the lunar nodes positions, almost opposed (it´s relevant the "almost" word), I guess you are about 8 years of difference.
For noticeable age difference synastries I look into the Moon-Saturn relation of each partner. In your case you have an applying novile (40 degrees) aspect, and he has an applying decile (36 degrees) aspect, both soft aspects but both applying, so with enough force. So that takes an structural place into the bond you mention.

Your Moon and your Venus activating his Uranus-Neptune conjunction sound very much like what you say too. In fact, in his chart that conjunction is opposed to his Mercury in Cancer, a not so easy combination, so I guess your strong Moon in domicile and in partile conjunction with his Mercury help him inside. Your Moon in Cancer loves to take care of others, so that feels good for both I guess.

The other way round also happens something interesting which is his Sun is in partile conjunction with your Mercury, sitting in the middle of your Mercury-Mars opposition which sometimes bring communcation problems (I guess your Neptune in 3rd also plays a role in that). May be his Gemini Sun is helping you to unlock a little that inner challenge I guess.

Of course there are so many other things that one can mention, like those Venus in Taurus for both, etc.

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