Strong Chiron in composite

March 28, 2021 at 09:41 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) luizamay
Strong Chiron in composite
Hi Everyone,

I have a problem interpreting my composite chart with a man I recently´ve met. Maybe someone can help? :)

Chiron in II house is exactly opposite Neptune(!?), square Mars in 5th and sextile Moon in 4th (all exact). Moon is also in exact sextile with Pluto which says about therapeutic influence.
Then Chiron has some wider orb with Saturn in opposition, and Pluto in trine.

What do you think about it? Is it a healing relationship or causing more harm to each other?

I´ll also add that in our synastry my sun is in exact conjunction with his Chiron and in the opposition to his natal Saturn.

I understand that states about seriousness and commitment regarding my sun trapped there. But what about this Chiron?

I´ll be very thankful for any hint.

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April 7, 2021 at 20:43
(Gemini) luizamay » Cind
Hi Cind,

Thanks a lot for hour insight. :)) it was very nice to read it.

I checked and composite chiron is conjunct his Asc and trine his venus, which is exactly how it is. He comes to the relationship as „wounded” although he is not the only one of course. For me it only touches my IC by 5 degrees.

A little update to the situation: this relationship is so painful on both sides that we are most probably not continuing it. It helped us both see where our wounds are and what we need to work on. But being together is really waking up all dark hidden emotions in the very beginning when the encounter should be rather butterflyish.

Regarding 8th house I empathise with you, I had composite planets squaring my 8th house and the same. Very bad outcome. I guess having all od them active in 8th house must have been really draining to you.

So thanks again.
April 7, 2021 at 10:03
(Pisces) Cind

With the Chiron aspecting so many planets exactly in your composite, I would say it is going to be very prominent and significant in your relationship.
Chiron sextile Moon, I would say there could be healing through emotional bond but with the Mars squaring, both of your actions towards each other could bring a lot of pain or bring up wounds that you need to overcome. With the Neptune opposing Chiron I see that as confusion in what the wounds are or how to get past them.

If I was you I would look at where the Chiron falls in yours and your boyfriends individual charts and what aspects it makes to both of your personal planets.

For example if your composite Chiron is 2 degree Scoprio and your natal Moon is 2 degree Leo - This relationships wounds would bring you emotional turbulence. You always have to look at how the composite planets affect you as a person.

My last relationship all our composite planets fell into my 8th house, let me tell you that bond was strong for me but trauma for life Haha.

Ye I think with his Saturn being opposite your Sun it can be good as he will make you grow and be more responsible but you might want to rebel against the authority.

That´s my perspective but I obviously haven´t see that chart. Hope this helps :)

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