Sects and chart ruler

March 15, 2021 at 09:15 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Forel
Sects and chart ruler
Dear People,

I am currently hooked on The Astrology Podcast by Chris Brennan and his approach to traditional astrology and promoting the ideas and practices that were lost and now are getting translated now, comming into light.

The one of the things he is pushing, after Robert Hand, who praises Whole Signs, is day and night sect. Due to this theory it was one of the major concept while looking at birth chart and planetary strenght.

So when you have Sun in the houses from 7th to 12th you have a day chart and diurnal sect, where Sun leads it, Jupiter is benefic there and Mars more malefic.
When you have Sun below the horizon, in houses from 1st to 6th - you have night chart lead by the moon, where Venus is the most beneficial and Saturn is the malefic one. Therefore you might resonate more with your moon sign.

But how to interpretate the night chart, that is ruled by the sun (Leo rising), placed below horizon and being fairly unaspected (the only aspect it has to the MC)? Moon is found in her domicile, and is the most aspected planet in the chart.

How to understand that? Because the Moon seems to be the strongest planet in the chart, but due to the Ascendant the Sun rules this whole chart. Does that find balance? Or does it mean, moon is more important?

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March 17, 2021 at 07:17
(Capricorn) Forel » ancient_astrology
I watched the episode of Chris Brennans podcast on master of Nativity and when both luminaries and placed in cadent houses no matter the sect they sort of "cancel" each other, they don´t dominate. Then the Ascendant is the predominate in that scenario. But the ruler of my Ascendent is one of the luminaries 😂. But going further I kind of made calculations to point out Saturn as Master in that scenario, because he is dispostitor of my Sun in Capricorn and it´s found as a Lord in his domicile.
I am crossing my mind to find what is dominating in my chart and haven´t get to it yet, because the picture isn´t clear honestly.
March 16, 2021 at 22:43
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology » Forel
No, the Moon does not dominate over the Sun. Both your Sun and Moon have some problems. The Moon is in a bad place in the 12th house, even though she is in her own domicile. She is also co-present and applying to the Tail of the Dragon. That said, there are some good things helping her. She is applying to Venus who casts a dexter trine and her exaltation Lord Jupiter casts a dexter sextile. The Sun is also not in a good place in the 6th; however he is helped by Jupiter and Venus by direct sextile and trine. His domicile Lord (Saturn) is well placed in Aquarius but he (the Sun) cannot see him, nor can he see his exaltation Lord (Mars) who is in the 5th. Since Saturn is in domicile and Mars is in the place of good fortune, the Sun gets a little help from them, but not much since he cannot see them.

I would be more concerned about the issues related to the Sun, since he is the ruler of the 1st house and rules the main issues in your life, but of course, you should study both.

I am not sure if I´ve answered your questions, but please clarify further by asking questions.

The Master of the Nativity is another issue.
March 16, 2021 at 08:23
(Capricorn) Forel » ancient_astrology
Yes I am totally aware of it and I personally find traditional astrology more valuable than the modern one. And yes, AC-DC axis sets the horizon and when the sun is above or below - you can determine the day/night chart thing.

What I meant is that whatever planet (or luminary) rules over the Ascendant (of course it points out the area of higher importance or exposure and the sign color its affairs) it is said to be the ruler of whole chart.

But according to ancient pieces of knowledge it might not be a master of nativity. Like in my case - sun rules my chart. I identify with my rising 100% (thats the reason I started to learn more, because not identifying with my sun). But my chart is nocturnal, the Moon leads the sect and its also well placed - in Cancer 12th house (well...), having the most aspects and being close to the Ascendant.

So the question is: does it make the Moon dominant over sun (which rules my chart) and I should learn more and look up to the moon?
March 16, 2021 at 00:43
(Scorpio) ancient_astrology
You have a day chart when the Sun is above the ascendant and has not yet set below the DSC, so your designation of 7th to 12th house isn´t quite right. For example. My Ascendant is at 17 degrees 20 of Scorpio and my Sun is at 22 degrees Scorpio, so given that it is below the horizon, the Ascendant, I am technically a night chart.

Let me just add in passing that when the sun is around the Ascendant or Descendant there are some other factors to take into account when deciding if it´s a day or night chart.

In either a day or night chart Mars and Saturn are the two malefics. In a day chart Mars is more malefic (all other considerations aside) and Saturn is a bit less malefic. Reverse for the night chart. There Saturn is the main malefic and Mars a bit less malefic.

Jupiter and Venus are always benefic. But in a day chart Jupiter is more benefic. IN a night chart Venus is more benefic.

I am not sure I understand the rest of your question. If you have Leo Rising, you will look to the Sun to give you information pertaining to matters regarding ascendant issues. The ascendant has to do with personal matters and you look to its ruler (in this case the Sun) and which house it is in to give hints about the main direction of your life. So for example (and this is simplifying things quite a bit), the ruler of the Ascendant (in this case the Sun) in the 4th house, would suggest that your life path might revolve around family, country or even death (yes, the fourth house can be either and you would need to look at other factors in the chart, particularly lots- Arabic Parts- to determine which subject it does pertain to).

Before I answer the rest of your questions, keep this in mind: in traditional astrology it is the ASCENDANT that has more to do with the native in terms of his character, etc, than the Sun. The Sun will designate things about certain people or topics in the natives life but does not necessarily say anything about the native himself. This is in stark contrast to Modern astrology where the sun is considered paramount and where all the planets indicate something about the native´s psyche or personality. That´s just not the case in Hellenistic or any other type of Western traditional astrology. Hope that helps. Ask other questions as needed.
March 15, 2021 at 10:19
(Taurus) Rosincvist
The Magi Astrologers sometimes give-up on the :152: and Ascendant entirely in favor of midpoints, benefic midpoints the most!
There are a few folks who have the :27: sitting on the horizon like a Sunny-side-up egg! They might have an edge!

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