Relationship compatibility??

November 29, 2018 at 22:55 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Christian250
Relationship compatibility??
We´ve been together for about 6 months and we´re constantly trading thoughts about astrology and how interested we are in it. We´re really compatible but we sometimes clash with each other really hard.. I´m confident that we´ll be fine, i know that every relationship has it´s ups and downs it´s just how you go about them that counts. I´m just looking for a general idea of what you guys think. Thank you in advance if you decide to comment.

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December 5, 2018 at 15:03
(Sagittarius) Christian250 » MelodicBlu
That´s so weird because I do have the urge to write her letters sometimes lol. What do you mean by a very spiritual bond? Yes, we do have a lot of passion, for the better and the worse... Also yes we´re usually always completely comfortable around each other we´re so quircky and wierd with each other we always have each other laughing it´s amazing but sometimes we just have really strong days were we´re completely off
December 5, 2018 at 14:58
(Sagittarius) Christian250
I´m also a neptunian Dom with a Pisces Juno so maybe that helps us more too?? Idk that much about them Currently but I´m always down for an in depth discussion, feel free to write a bunch!
December 5, 2018 at 14:56
(Sagittarius) Christian250 » Trevor77
Yeah it really does feel like there´s a perpetual state of stress unless we have a really good day together. We either have like really amazing days together or we have kinda bland days it´s weird but obviously I still love her a lot. I´m honestly not nearly as detached as my Venus in Aquarius claims I am to be but obviously it´s not like a thing that´s gonna be like oh you´re 100% this way, there´s like a spectrum ranging you to be this way or maybe another way. When she first met me she thought I had like a taurus or cancer moon because I (usually) kept to myself and was really nice... Thank you for answering with such an in depth answer I love reading it so much!
December 5, 2018 at 12:59
(Cancer) Trevor77
This is rare compatibility, because you have very strong attraction in there, its both your venus thats keeping you together. Usually this connection wudnt work at all, but because of both your venus placements, making loads of trines, its creating the love :18:

your venus is in her 1st house so you love her appearance and personality and her venus makes a trine to your ascendant so she feels the same way about you too.

You both have a grand cross in there showing a very tense relationship, with struggles,

This relationship, could easily go on for many years, but your unlikely to last a lifetime because of the harsh aspects aswell,

moon square moon - emotional clashes
mars square mars - physical arguments/ strongly attracting
mars square sun - is a violent aspect
mars square ascendent - another violent aspect
ascendent square mercury - misunderstanding her communication

when you both clash, there are alot of negative energies happening, you also have moon sextile venus, which very goood for long term, but the strength of your connection is low unfortunately, there is also a t square extra emotional outburts from her side.

so i can see the stress involved here!

you have a passed life connection with her, that was not pleasant, she was your forbidden fruit.

if you can handle all the friction that comes with it, then all good, but it will always be like this due to the grand cross aspect, and as you only been together 6 months, then its going to get more intense over time anyway.

yes there is good attraction, but its structured in an opposing manner, meaning ongoing stress.

both your venus are in opposite signs, so both your approach to love will be totally different, venus in aquarius thats you likes some space in the relationship, but venus in leo thats her enjoys getting close and cuddly to her partner and she wants admiration and attention, and your venus is saying, lets just talk for now and have interesting intellectual conversation, but chances are she just wants to be romantic.

so disagreements on things could be neverending at times

the moon square moon, can create misunderstandings, with each other when living together, which can escalate onto other parts of the relationship!

so, my advice is see how it goes.. if it starts getting heavy and too much to cope with, then just be friends only, as you both would still be great buddys :15:
December 5, 2018 at 12:25
(Scorpio) MelodicBlu » Trevor77
Holy jesos, you have 6x passion and loving. thats good, but i wont go after that only. let have a look at this chart...:

Her Venus in your 5th and trine to your ASC is a very good position. And your venus falls into her 1st house, Venus is also the ruler of your 7th, and i concider it very good when there is a good connection between 1st house/asc and 7th house ruler. you both feel very comfortable around eachother. But venus and neptune are conjunct, firstly; this is a beautiful position, very deep and spiritual love. But a tendency to idealize eachother, so keep reality in mind, but please, enjoy eachother and love eachother as you do :)
Again, a spiritual connection with her moon falling into your 12th, but a possibility of not fully understanding her emotional needs, it´s also the ruler of her 7th house! so pay attention to her emotions and moods, communication is key , this might be a bit difficult at times, for her, to express what she´s thinking about, because her mercury makes a challenging aspect to your asc. her way of speaking is emotional, driving by her emotions, your way of speaking is by knowledge, straight forward and optimistic. your mercury is also square to her moon, so again, some difficulties with communicating, but it makes a trine to her venus, which is very good. you might have an urge sometimes to write her sweet letters, she needs that :) communication needs some work in my opinion.
Her venus sextile to your moon is a very beneficial position for love, you both feel at peace when you are together. Her pluto is conjunct your chiron, which is an indication of string soul connection, but it is with pain also. her pluto really pushing onto your painpoints, but you can get through this together.
Your sun-moon midpoint is trine, so thats a good indication for lasting love.
Both of your Saturn make a lot of aspects and also only positive aspects, which is highly needed within a relationship, it acts as relationship glue, so i see you both still walking life together or being friends, years from now. You both are together for a reason.

In my opinion, you have a very spiritual bond with this girl. Go with the flow, you both are still young, and yet, both have to discover a lot, but you can discover it together.
December 5, 2018 at 12:06
(Cancer) Trevor77 » Christian250
well.. its always tempting to blame the stars for not getting along, but as your both into interested in it, it wont hurt knowing your synastry,

for example, if you wanted, people on the forum (inc myself), could help to find where you both clash, then you are both more aware of your connection, and we wont say any conclusions on the matter, but highlighting strengths and weaknesses of your relationships can be helpful!
December 5, 2018 at 11:57
(Sagittarius) Christian250 » MelodicBlu
I just wanna know your thoughts
December 5, 2018 at 08:37
(Scorpio) MelodicBlu
It´s very normal to have a clash now and than, and it´s very good that you share the same interessts. i think it´s very important in a relationship to have things in common. do you have a synastry chart? or what is your question specificly?

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