What is strong and weak Jupiter - how it shows husband

February 2, 2021 at 14:51 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Zusanne
What is strong and weak Jupiter - how it shows husband

I would like to hear some opinions from your experience, in what way Jupiter signifies a future husband?

I read that Jupiter in Cancer has good energy and predicts a possibility of finding a good husband, but in vedic astrology I have Jupiter in Gemini that is a weak sign for this planet. I am so confused, I don´t even know if I have Jupiter in strong sign or weak.

Also is it very bad that I have six planets in Capricorn that is opposite to my Jupiter? I don´t know if that makes Jupiter less positive.

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February 3, 2021 at 19:51
(Capricorn) Zusanne » rohini moon
Sorry if my replies were chaotic.
February 3, 2021 at 18:23
(Capricorn) Datta108 » Zusanne
Good insight, but dont forget that happiness is subjective so who knows who is content and peacefully happy in thier marriages??
In terms of utilization of jyotish to ascertain disaster in marriage or life in general,what good is knowing about the future If you cant mitigate or reduce the suffering if the outcome is bad or unfavourable?? That is why there is "Upaya´s",spiritual remedies to change or reduce any upcoming difficult karma, these include Fasting on certain days of the week,prayers, japa,giving charity on certain days,visiting holy places,reading about Saints and spiritual scriptures,living like a first class human being with sound moral character, helping others will no expectation of them helping you,etc..
When I met my spiritual teacher, I was goin thru the proverbial dark night of the soul where I lost everything and was facing possibly great legal problems ,bankruptcy and possibly homelessness.He had me to many Upaya´s for Months to help bring me out of it,so yes there is free will which I choose to exercise in a spiritual way to alleviate the hell I was goin through 🙏
February 3, 2021 at 18:22
(Virgo) rohini moon » Zusanne
Yeah, I noticed the confusion because none of your replies make much sense.

Figure out which system is more applicable to your life, I nor anyone else can tell *you* it IS or IS NOT, anything. I´m just reading your chart and telling you what I can see / gather from it, yes, I was speaking of your chart, who else´s chart would it be? Again, not much of what you´re laying down makes any sense, and is vague. But being 31 years old you should be able to gauge by now which fits and is applicable to your life and what is not. I almost thought you had to be 20 years old at first because of the uncertainty coming from your posts .

So, if you´re asking about husbands, I´m going to venture a guess, you are not married nor in a relationship? so by reading up on your placements in either system - by now - you should be able to deduce what is or is not.
February 3, 2021 at 18:07
(Capricorn) Zusanne » Datta108
I like checking up some synastry with people I know and it´s interesting, but it cannot predict if people end up together as far as I know. So it can predict what kind of person we will marry but not who exactly?

Also if traditionally marriages are matched by horoscope, does this make marriages there happier, more successful? I have never heard about any research that suggest happier marriages in India.

I admit that I feel unhappy in love and problems attracted me to astrology, but if I have chaos written in the stars in vedic, it discourages me from trying. I believe we should try, not to give up. Free will exists and we don´t have to choose things unhealthy for us. In astrology it seems like there is one path, but i truly believed that there are several opportunities to choose.
February 3, 2021 at 17:46
(Capricorn) Zusanne » rohini moon
I am not sure if this is about my chart, but if it is thank you for your reply 😊

I value harmony in all relationships, I don´t know if I can allow my jupiter to be destructive. Home is always something important to me, in western I have venus in 4th house, it used to resonate with me, but in vedic I see only pain and destruction in my chart.

I find those systems very confusing at this point. At first I thought that astrology can be a tool for self reflection, but now I am confused. For example how libra rising in western and virgo rising in vedic can both represent me, when those signs are so different from each other. Maybe it is everytime confirmation bias, that is why we think it fits.
February 3, 2021 at 17:39
(Taurus) nutelina
I have Jupiter in Cancer and I haven´t had a husband yet :2: But I do like kids and take care of kids and all that. Very family oriented. Jupiter in 1st house.
February 3, 2021 at 16:17
(Capricorn) Datta108 » Anni23
Namaste, in order to ascertain spouse,one has to look at the Navamsha chart according to jyotish.Besides that ,the lord of the 7th and planets in the 7th or aspecting the 7th has to be factored in. Traditionally in India, charts are matched before marriage.As a 54 year old who has been through many failed relationships, I would say it´s an absolute must to get charts MATCHED by a respected competent vedic astrologer before entering a marriage to avoid any calamities which I have direct experience of🙏
February 3, 2021 at 09:09
(Leo) Anni23 » Queen92
Oh wow, does that mean that I could end up with a Leo-Virgo like myself? :61: :61: also if my mars is in conjunction with my moon (in virgo) and sextile with my mercury (in cancer) would these also be important aspects effecting the possibilities of relationships? Also I have three other (relatively major I think) aspects to my mars as well. So I don´t know if having so many aspects defines my interactions, by contributing to a particular collective effect

Also what other houses would I need to look at other than where my 7th house Lord is? Towards where all aspected planets are located?
February 3, 2021 at 05:19
(Virgo) rohini moon
Disclaimer: I am viewing your chart through the system of Vedic.

Your Jupiter is in Ardra nakshatra, ruled by Rahu. Rahu is unpredictable and chaotic.So per your chart - Jupiter can actually expand the chaos and disruption in your life. Jupiter rules your 4th, and 7th house and sits in your 10th house. Disruption comes to you through all of the areas those houses represent. Through the home, work and "others" Ie relationships.

Mercury rules your 1st and 10th house, sits in Capricorn in your 5th, a friendly sign :15: so, that part is good for your Jupiter. . And you´re actually probably more shrewd in your approach of communication Ie - when to talk and when not to talk as per Saturn ruling it.

Maybe that helped alittle.
February 2, 2021 at 14:57
(Pisces) fishscales
Firstly, you should pick which system you want to go with: tropical or sidereal.

Review all of your planetary placements in both systems and see which ones resonate with you more.

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