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January 27, 2020 | (Pisces)fishscales - Filter
OK, let´s state our #1 weakness and see if other people can pinpoint the cause of it in our natal chart... Mine is pride Where is it in my chart? ...
January 27, 2020 | (Scorpio)ancient_astrology - Filter
Despite the craziness that sometimes take place here (like last night!), Astro-seek is a good place. I have met so many wonderful people whom I could not have met any other way....younger people and p ...
January 26, 2020 | (Pisces)fishscales - Filter
I found you a cake appropriate for someone with the "karma of a butcher" ... Sorry, I couldn´t fit all the candles on there cuz you´re so fucking old... I would have needed like 3 Porterh ...
January 26, 2020 | (Pisces)fishscales - Filter
January 26, 2020 | (Scorpio)ancient_astrology - Filter
They call me the Real Marvin or MarvinReal. Don´t accept fake Marvins. I´m the real deal. Women call me Marvelous Marvin. Men call me Maurice. It would be best to call me LEGION. Does anyone her ...
January 23, 2020 | (Aries)ram_goat - Filter
January 23, 2020 | (Gemini)beep - Filter
Soulmate connection wtf must this be why I’m in love rn jk! Loll I’m so bored omg tell me more hahaaa Give me links to these ...
January 23, 2020 | (Gemini)beep - Filter
Which aspects show actual attraction in synastry whether physically, mentally etc ...
January 18, 2020 | (Capricorn)alimostofi - Filter
This is what I do. @citystats. ...
January 17, 2020 | (Taurus)Kief - Filter
I think introverted people are people who came on this planet not wanting to be here to begin with. I mean ever since being born I always thought I was on the wrong planet. Like “there’s gotta be some ...
January 17, 2020 | (Aquarius)Amdash - Filter
This is just a little post for all ARTIST and I mean ALL ARTIST IN TERMS OF PAINTING, GRAPHITE, OR COMICS, MANGA, or AND DIGITAL WORK, to come this form and struck what you GOT!! Also: tell us all w ...
January 16, 2020 | (Taurus)emerauxe - Filter
The Titans will win outright over the Chiefs. Chiefs are favored to win. Eliminating the Patriots and the Ravens on their home field was no easy feat. The Titans are not getting the credit that ...
January 16, 2020 | (Libra)leorising - Filter
BETELGUSE, the star of Orion, is running out of light and may die very soon, causing a great super nova in space, the brightness of which would be seen on earth for days as a light the size of the ful ...
January 16, 2020 | (Aquarius)Leo Moon - Filter
I happened upon twins who chewed Double Mint gum and fell sooooooo....hard!!! How many sticks of Double Mint should I chew a day?!!! Help me Obi Wan......, ...
January 13, 2020 | (Virgo)rohini moon - Filter
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RVHQJlogH0k On days like today and many others...can´t help but think about Fiona - the Virgo queen´s - truthful, iconic statement on that fateful day at the degenera ...
January 12, 2020 | (Sagittarius)GothPunkNY - Filter
Any rules against threads/discussions like this? Say hi if you´re in, or near NYC and looking to find astrology groups, or whatever else! ...
January 12, 2020 | (Aquarius)Leo Moon - Filter
So many discussions here are about relationships. So what makes a good long lasting one? I mean a relationship that lasts many years. I have had a 23+ year relationship and it was always comf ...
January 11, 2020 | (Scorpio)MelodicBlu - Filter
So.. What do you do when someone cursed you, with some kindoff misfortune. I´m 90% sure, there was once a horary chart pulled for it, and it said yes, and not just ´some´ black magic, but some nas ...
January 11, 2020 | (Aquarius)Amdash - Filter
Hey everybody! I´m pretty sure are all not strangers to meditating. I´ve been at doing so for a while. What is your process or style of how you meditate? Better way I guess to say that is what is yo ...
January 10, 2020 | (Pisces)fishscales - Filter
One of these days... Petr is going to kick all of our asses off of this site... :61: https://youtu.be/ow5917Tsf7E ...
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