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June 25, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Suddenly worsened health (Transit Astrology)
Hi, I was completely okay yesterday during these hours but now I´m releasing kidney stones, I just learned in the morning. Beforehand, there was no symptom that was disturbing or threatening excep ...
June 11, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Seclusion (Natal Astrology)
Hello, Please don´t be fooled by the smiley lion :6: Whereas others die for meeting with new people, meeting the love of their life and having some quality time, why do I never think about con ...
June 10, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
It is the second time I got this kind of message from different users. Have you guys received this before? What is this? :43: ...
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May 12, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
I want to be wrong in this and hope I´ll. Have you ever seen an Aquarius guy who dates a woman who is beautiful, good-hearted, someone who is not disgustingly unusual? Women that Aquarius men in my ...
March 22, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Attracting trouble (Natal Astrology)
Is there any indicator in natal chart whether a person is prone to attract fights, altercations and accidents? Even if I pay attention to spend time with people who are kind and friendly, I feel li ...
February 7, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Something is wrong (Natal Astrology)
No idea if it is because of New Moon in Aquarius but I feel terrible for couple weeks. Nowadays I have noticed some people complain about feeling bad in forum and have to agree that. I can´t sleep or ...
October 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
How to break a Virgo man´s heart? (Synastry & Relationship)
Hello folks, I seriously ask because it seems one of the Virgo guys in my life wants a lion attack and I do not want to waste the potentials of full moon in Aries. How can we break their heart? Or ...
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June 4, 2021 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Why I intimidate men unintentionally? (Synastry & Relationship)
I have no idea if that happened all the time but recently I have realized that they act hesitant and even scared of me. Not only in relationships but also in group projects and friendships. What might ...
April 30, 2021 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
NN/Pluto Opposition in Transit (Transit Astrology)
Hi all, I have a NN/Pluto opposition in my transit chart for 1-2 years. Transit Pluto is also opposite to my natal North Node in 7th house. I´ve experienced the worst in that 1-2 years and still wa ...
March 25, 2021 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Problematic celebrity charts (Natal Astrology)
It may concern abuse, misfortune, murder, bad relationships. What celebrity do you think has the most challenged, unlucky chart? I know there are lots of examples but I would like to share a specif ...
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March 1, 2021 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Bad temper... (Natal Astrology)
Hello What can be the placements or aspects that make a person grumpy and angry, even in a smallest inconvenience? I´m that person and my chart doesn´t mean anything about that; I have planets i ...
December 6, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
First impression (Natal Astrology)
Hi everyone, People predict that I´m a Scorpio at first. After they start to know me, they say I´m a Gemini or Libra. My mother says I reflect the characteristics of water element. For a Sagittari ...
November 11, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Transits and sleeping issues (Transit Astrology)
Hello guys. I just wondered whether you have difficulty in sleeping nowadays. My sleeping schedule has become a nightmare. I can´t sleep for hours, I don´t know is it because Mercury in Scorpio but I ...
September 30, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Hello everyone. I´m not a kind of person puts all her hope to synastry chart in general but that chart is different, important for me. I can say I´m kinda desperate about it because I´m not good at re ...
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September 20, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
I read somewhere that the negative contacts of Chiron/Saturn is destructive for the relationships but when I look synastries, the Chiron aspects generally (especially squares, oppositions) seem like a ...
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August 31, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Misfortune (Other)
No clear idea what is happening in the sky but I CAN NOT be okay for months. Since when I was cheated in Valentine´s Day and my parents separated very badly, I have done most of the things I enjoy ...
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July 25, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Just a curiosity. I have seen some topics about soulmates, twinflames etc recently and I wonder if aspects/placements in natal chart have a role in these. Forget the synastry for one minute. Is it ...
July 18, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Dominant Planet Confusion (Natal Astrology)
Hi everyone Do you believe the dominant planets that are shown in your chart here? I mean, they are different when you calculate in other astrology websites. It is very confusing and doesn´t give a ...
July 5, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
Father Issues (General Astrology)
What aspect or placement may cause a bad relationship with father and cause separation from dad at young age? How can we understand whether a person has a apathetic, callous father by looking at his/h ...
June 17, 2020 | Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin
8th house synastry (Synastry & Relationship)
What is the effect of the planets in 8th house? I like someone so much and most of my planets stand in his 8th house. Is it troubling or a good thing? What do you think? ...
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