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July 9, 2022 | Sun Sign - Capricornstellium12
Life path 1 people. Are you seeing big changes in your life this year. Please share. ...
April 3, 2022 | Sun Sign - Capricornstellium12
Grand octile (Natal Astrology)
Has anyone worked with a grand octile in a chart. Not a lot on the subject so does anyone have any advise on how to go about interpreting it. ...
February 12, 2022 | Sun Sign - Capricornstellium12
I found this and it does fit me. Do other people born under a balsamic moon resonate with this. Are we really that bad? Balsamic Moon If you were born during the Balsamic Moon you’re a terrible pe ...
December 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - Capricornstellium12
looking for some assistance in interpreting this chart aspect. Venus is opposite Nessus with saturn, chiron and eris at 45 degree intervals between venus and nessus. All are exact within 30 min of ...
August 15, 2021 | Sun Sign - Capricornstellium12
Progressions (General Astrology)
anyone have any experience with progressed planets in Pisces? I recently looked at my progression chart and see that the sun,moon mercury and ascendant are all now in Pisces. ...
August 2, 2021 | Sun Sign - Capricornstellium12
Four planet conjunction (Natal Astrology)
How do you interpret a 4 planet conjunction in western astrology with a fairly tight, less than 2 degree orb? Moon, jupiter, mars and mercury in Sagittarius. Are they additive or do detract fr ...

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