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February 27, 2022 | Sun Sign - LibraMystichoneybee
Transiting Pluto will be squaring my natal mars until July 4th, 2022. Everything online gives me some pretty scary interpretations and I’m looking for somebody that can help me understand this tran ...
January 27, 2022 | Sun Sign - LibraMystichoneybee
Saturn in the 7th house synastry question (Synastry & Relationship)
Would Saturn in the 7th house of a synastry chart represent a karmic partner? ...
January 23, 2022 | Sun Sign - LibraMystichoneybee
Venus / mercury RX ? (Synastry & Relationship)
Will my life look up after Venus RX / Mercury RX? My love life took a hard left turn at the start of RX. Will things look up or do I have other transits to pay attention to coming up as well? ...
January 14, 2022 | Sun Sign - LibraMystichoneybee
I’m looking for somebody to give me a reading on my love life. In kind of in shambles and I’m hoping things will be looking up soon. ...
December 17, 2021 | Sun Sign - LibraMystichoneybee
Why am I addicted to chaos? (Tarot Reading)
What is it about me that makes me feel like I only connect with sprit/my spiritual side during turmoil? I feel like I am afraid of peace and comfortable life. I feel numb. It makes me prone to self sa ...
November 11, 2021 | Sun Sign - LibraMystichoneybee
Synastry showing karmic links? (General Astrology)
Hi! I’m Lauren! Is there someone that could look at a synastry chart between me and a person who has passed away and tell me the possible past life connections? They passed away before I was bo ...

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