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July 31, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
My Saturn is in 6th in the sign of Aquarius, and I´m currently going through my Saturn return (goes exact February 2023 at the very end of Saturn in Aquarius). We all know the 6th house partially d ...
July 27, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
My planets and 5th house (Natal Astrology)
I was wondering if anyone would like to look at my chart and tell me what you interpret out of all my 5th house planets with the signs they´re tied to as well as my exact aspects in those planets. I´m ...
July 22, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
Do any of you know much about dreams and their meanings? Venus and Mars are in my 12th house right now and the dreams have been getting vivid. Does anyone know what dreaming of my father dying could m ...
July 9, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
Saturn square Pluto transit. (Transit Astrology)
Does anyone have insight or personal experience with this transit you´d be willing to share? I see I have this transit going on very shortly before my Saturn return goes exact in 2023. It´ll be in ...
June 21, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
Moon conjunct Pluto (Natal Astrology)
Do any of you have this aspect or have someone close to you with this aspect? If so, what´s the relationship like with your mother or the mother of the moon/pluto person? I have a son with a Capri ...
June 3, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
I have a question for you Aries risings, what´s it like to have a big portion (or ALL if you use whole sign) of your planets signs also being the ruler of your house? Does it make your signs extra ...
April 27, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
Born in retrograde planets. (Natal Astrology)
Someone I know was born during a retrograde period for their Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Their planets are all Capricorn in 4th house, except for Pluto which is Scorpio in 3rd. Their North nod ...
April 23, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
Moon transits. (Transit Astrology)
Do you notice your moon transits through the houses? Do they affect you internally, depending what they are? They´re so short but I feel I notice the shift in certain houses for sure. Leo moon is ...
April 20, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
I am wondering if theres any significance in experiencing your life path number as your personal year number at the same time? Also, would any of you who have recently experienced personal year 7, ...
March 9, 2021 | Sun Sign - CapricornJaided
Sun in Cap, Anaretic Degree. (Natal Astrology)
I was born on January 19th, so the last degree in Capricorn and I had no idea up until today that this was of any significance in my life. What I am reading suggests it means I have a big lesson to le ...

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