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January 4, 2022 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Ok, most certainly not made of cheese, but what are y´alls thoughts concerning the flat earth theories about the Moon... Astrology and flat earth theory seem to make uneasy bed partners at first glanc ...
September 5, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Of course she won´t win the presidency, but will she go down in history as the Also Ran Nut Job, or the Misunderstood Messiah Before Her Time? (Dismayed by various nonsense that comes out of her mo ...
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July 29, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
. I´ve been intrigued by the impact of stationary planets in charts for some time. I have Saturn stationary retrograde in my Natal Chart. And for my upcoming Solar Return, will have Uranus s ...
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July 21, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Hey AstroSeekers, So, well-known Australian astrologer, Jamie Partridge, said this the other day: "When transiting Pluto hits natal Part of Fortune, the person usually finds success in ...
July 18, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
:27: This is not an astrology topic, however, the issue of childhood sexual abuse has come up in a few disparate threads recently, and while female survivors have many valuable resources today, ...
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July 17, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
The Yod Thread (General Astrology)
Hey AstroSeekers, I´d like to propose a thread where we could compile what we know about the Astrological Yod, or, Finger of God (or, for those who have it, also sometimes known as God Giving You ...
July 16, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Hello AstroSeekers (Introduce Yourself)
Hi All Awesome Astroseekers, I´m new as a registered member. I´ve been using astroseek´s wonderful chart calculation tools for a few years, though. I´m here to share and learn. I am particularly ...
July 15, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Request (Natal Astrology)
Hello Dear AstroSeekers, For those who are experienced in reading charts, if you have time and inclination, could you maybe take a look at my natal chart, and tell me what you see? Please be kin ...
July 14, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Hello, I have my correct birth data thanks to the hospital birth record. Until now, my chart was an hour off, due to uncertain information and a faulty rectification that was done once. It also ...
July 7, 2019 | Sun Sign - LeoHeavenSent
Incarceration (General Astrology)
I am wondering if anyone here has direct experience with imprisonment? Either personal experience, if you´re comfortable sharing, or, for example, in a work context. ...

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