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June 8, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Dreams (Transit Astrology)
Hi everyone, something weird it´s going on, I always have been a guy who dreams a lot but lately it´s like I woke up in the middle of the night with ideas for project it´s like I´m really inspired, I ...
May 18, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Plutonic songs (Other)
Hi everyone, just to have fun I would like to see which songs do you find Plutonic. I was listening this song the other day it says "Once you feel unstoppable, you run into an obstacle..". ...
May 15, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Eclipse (Transit Astrology)
Hi there! As always I´m interested to see how eclipse affect everyone on the chart. I know the effect started to feel in the previous day´s and after. So far I feel very tired. How about you? ...
April 30, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Solar eclipse (Transit Astrology)
Hi there as you all may now, today we have the Solar eclipse. I want to know what are your personal insights on Solar eclipse and how do you think it works. For me one of the most important things, i ...
April 2, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Cartography help (General Astrology)
Hi there! A month ago I was introduced into Cartography and to be fair I don´t understand it so much. I would like to know what aspects are more beneficial. (I see that my Júpiter it´s conjunct to my ...
March 28, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Asteroids (General Astrology)
Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has a bibliography to share about asteroids. I hope y´all having a good day 🤗 ...
March 12, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Twins (Natal Astrology)
Hi everyone! The few past month i was wondering about twins. I notice that (at least) two cases had a very strong Gemini energy on their chart. I would like to know if there´s anyone else, who know or ...
March 1, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
Planets in the 12th house (Natal Astrology)
At the begginig of my introduction in astrology, i couldn´t understand so much about the 12th house. Nowadays doing some research i found out that it has to do with some unsolve familiar issues. My q ...
February 20, 2022 | Sun Sign - PiscesGabbo23
To any Moon cancer/capricorn (Transit Astrology)
Hi there! I would like to talk about pluto´s transit in opposition to the moon (cancer) or conjuct to the moon (capricorn). I would like to know your experiences with this transit and when you start t ...

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