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July 11, 2023 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Quick and Easy Profections Video (Traditional Astrology)
For those interested in traditional astrology, I, in conjunction with the Classical Astrologers Guild, have just posted a tutorial on an easy and quick method for calculating profections. Check it out ...
November 5, 2022 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
My Formula for Calculating Profections (Traditional Astrology)
Some here who are familiar with traditional astrology--that is, the astrology that existed for 2000+ years in the West until it was tragically eviscerated by Alan Leo at the turn of the 20th century ...
November 15, 2021 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
In traditional astrology, determining whether you have a day chart or night chart is EXTREMELE important. For one thing, it will alter the character of certain planets. For example, Jupiter is bette ...
June 3, 2021 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Do You Have Mars square Venus? (Natal Astrology)
If you have Mars square Venus, I will do a full chart reading for you. Message me. Have to be willing to Zoom. Thanks. ...
February 18, 2021 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Synastry: You´re doing it wrong. (Synastry & Relationship)
I see some of the so-called synastry being done on Astro-seek and it is either wrong or incomplete. The first problem is that most people want to start with the combined synastry charts. Not a good ...
January 3, 2021 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Whole Sign House Denialism (General Astrology)
There are some "modern" astrologers who apparently are so butt-hurt that the Whole Sign House System is once again gaining traction that they are spreading lies. Look, you can decide to use ...
December 26, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
<<Tout ce qui n´est pas machine -- physique, psychique, ou intellectuelle -- est miracle, et tout ce qui n´est pas miracle n´est que machine - physique, psychique ou intellecturelle --. Nous n´ ...
December 4, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
12 House- House of Bad Daimon (General Astrology)
In traditional astrology, the 12th house is, by far the worst house. It is called the house of Bad Spirit, κακοδαίμων.Saturn rejoices here and we will talk about the implications of that in a moment. ...
November 9, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
I have not been visiting this site much. However, I understand that some people have a fanciful notion that Trump won and they are trying to support their claims with astrology. It´s extremely clear ...
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October 2, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
I am not going to post his natal chart, but I think President Trump May BE very sick based on his Solar Return chart (pasted). Then again, this may just have to do with his secrecy. I´ll show why. ...
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May 28, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
I want to discuss an issue about which there is much confusion: that is the difference between the duad of Domicile/Adversity vs Exaltation/Depression (fall) First of all, we must discuss the Thema ...
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February 29, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
A lot of people here are seeking spiritual liberation. Like me, you grope in the darkness and do your best. We have for generations had cliches and our spiritual leaders turned out to stink of curry ...
February 23, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
I just had a skype session with Dian Van Patten. She is a very nice lady and SHE IS REAL. So end of discussion on this one. She is also an actress as she explained in her opening thread. I feel ...
February 22, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
<<What a cruel comment. My family has been in LA for over 130 years. I was born in Burbank. You don´t know me, yet you are ready to call me BS? I joined this site because I thought there would b ...
February 21, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Saturn Square Venus (General Astrology)
If you have this configuration in your chart, please let me know. I´m interested in analyzing it up here. It can be a superior or inferior square. ...
February 20, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Sex Only Option (Other)
I would like to see a "Sex Only" option like the "No Dating" option. It would read like this, Jenny_Sue is only interested in talking about sex. If you´re interested in gettin ...
February 18, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
She was brazilian, a scorpio and wore a pink bikini. I believe she´s my soul mate. How do I find her? ...
February 17, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
I am going to begin to discuss Zodiacal Releasing. This discussion will cover several days. Just a little bit at a time. I will eventually get round to use it to discuss the chart of Amdash (I´ve r ...
February 17, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Some of you think that the Lot of Fortune and Spirit are just two funny spots on the chart. You think, Oh my lot of fortune is in the 3rd house, so maybe I´ll get along with my brothers. Or oh my lot ...
February 14, 2020 | Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology
Happy Valentines to the light of my life, my daughter who goes by the moniker shadydamsel here on astro-seek. She´s in the hospital convalescing, and so if you can send her any positive, healing ener ...
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