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May 9, 2020 - 02:18
Sun Sign - Piscesxxastrologyxx » van.ivanov

I will try my best to interpret significant placements and aspects in your birth chart:

To begin with, your ascendant is Libra. People will see you as a peaceful, balanced person who is ideal for a relationship or partnership.

Both your Sun (in Pisces) and your Moon (in Cancer) are in water signs, which indicate you are a very emotional person. Unlike the common misconception, Sun in Pisces alone may not guarantee that a person compassionate, loving, caring. However, your strong Moon in Cancer (domicile) in the 10th house (a strong angular house) indicate you are a compassionate, loving, and caring person who is also driven by his emotions.

You also have your Mercury in Pisces. Sun in Pisces + Mercury in Pisces combination is for dreamers. I have this combination as well. Many people say Mercury in Pisces is less intelligent, but it depends. Pisces, being a mutable sign, is very intelligent, since mutable signs can adapt to different situations, change the way they think, and look from different perspectives more easily. Having your Mercury (the planet of intelligence) in Pisces gives you emotional intelligence, despite the fact that you can be less analytical and seem somewhat irrational. Since Mercury is in the 6th house, you can use this emotional intelligence in your workplace and daily life.

Your Mars in Scorpio also caught my attention. Mars in Scorpio (domicile) is very strong, assertive and courageous especially considering that yours is trine Sun.

Four of your personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars are in water signs. You have a powerful water emphasis in your chart. In addition, you have strong planetary placements in the element of fire. Fire is passion and active energy, so it doubles the energetic but destructive and self-destructive (if not kept under control) nature of Mars in Scorpio. You have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries. Normally, Venus in Aries is a weak placement for Venus, however, you have your benefic Jupiter conjunct Venus, so your relationships will not be much of a problem if you keep your exaggerated temper in control. Two benefics combined will bring immense luck in the field represented by the house they are located in. Yours are combined in the 6th house, so it is a good placement for employment. I guess you may not suffer from unemployment a lot like others do. Another interpretation would be that you are highly capable of asserting your energy into your work, so it would be better if you work more when you get angry. You also have Saturn in Aries, at its fall. Saturn in Aries may bring a lot of issues related to harming others or being harmed by others, or it may again put emphasis on keeping your rage under control. If you focus on the right goal and assert your energy into it, you can lift immense difficulties from your life and become an expert on survival.

Your North Node is in Leo in the 11th house. 11th house is the house of socialization. Leo is the sign of displaying yourself, and north node is what you should definitely do in your life. I think the message of this placement is very clear.

I know I should not focus a lot on generational planets, but from your Neptune in Aquarius + Uranus conjunct South Node in Aquarius, it can be understood that you are a very rebellious, intelligent, innovative person. These qualities feel like you have been familiar with them since birth.

Pluto in Sagittarius also adds up to what I said about fire before.

The problematic thing in your chart (everybody has some problematic thing with their chart, no chart is perfect) is that it lacks earth. Earth is the element of stability, reliability, resilience, responsibility, fulfilling tasks, practicality, being realistic and grounded. You need to work more on these characteristics. You need stability. If it is somewhat guaranteed that leaving your school will be beneficial for you, it would be the most logical thing to do. However, you cannot go from one school to the other, and then to the other, and to the other. You should learn to use your logical and realistic side more and become more resilient and harmonious with life´s difficulties. That is how you heal your lack of earth. You are very fiery aggressive and you know how to put up a fight, but you should also learn to have an earth-like patience and resilience. Of course, I do not know what you are experiencing, and it would not be right for me to decide for you.

I hope you find my interpretation beneficial.
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Apr 4, 2020 - 17:38
Natal Astrology: Signs of psychopath!
Sun Sign - Piscesxxastrologyxx » Astro-Seek.com
First, I would like to start replying to your question by saying that astrology does not determine the choice of our actions, but it can, however, determine the traumas we experience. Astrology also influences our characteristics and hidden personality, but after all, we have the choice to decide how are we going to use that planet´s or sign´s or aspect´s energy. A person whose main emotional theme in life is suffering can heal others or make others suffer. First, I will talk about your birth chart. Then, I will give some of the indicators of problematic psychological situations in western astrology in my opinion and according to my research. I know astrology to some extent but I am not an expert on astrology.

Let´s start with sign placements. Both in vedic and western astrology, dignities are very essential. In my opinion, each planet in detriment or fall has the potential to cause some psychological problems if supported by many other indicators.

I will write Sun in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer below. About your chart, it is true that you have Saturn in the 12th house which makes your inner emotional world a little difficult one. Your Saturn is in Aquarius (domicile), so it is a humanitarian one. However, you have Saturn square Pluto. You will experience or have experienced a lot of difficulties in which you could not or will not easily transform yourself or the conditions. Because of Saturn square Pluto, you have destructive energy indeed, but it makes you an idealistic rebel, not a psychopath. Your destructive power is more about reforming the society or your life conditions. You can exaggerate freedom, and experience themes of restriction of freedom. Considering your life generally, you can have success after many hardships thanks to Saturn square Pluto. Also, your Moon and Black Moon Lilith are in Pisces in the 12th house. Your Pluto is in Scorpio, in the 9th house, and square your Moon. These all indicate emphasis on religion, philosophy, and spirituality. You should enhance these qualities you have if you do not want this emotional depth turn into something self-destructive.

Sun in Libra (fall)
Extreme dependency on others, low self-consciousness, indecisiveness

Sun in Aquarius (detriment)
Destructive rebelliousness, strange way of thinking, a little bit craziness, love for breaking rules.

Moon in Scorpio (fall)
Here is the big deal. Extreme jealousy in relationships, extreme desire for vengeance, other intense feelings that need to be under control

Moon in Capricorn (detriment)
Almost no empathy, being numb for other people´s suffering

Mars in Cancer (fall)
Emotional outbursts, hidden desire to destroy the enemy

Mars in Taurus (detriment)
Extreme resilience to change, a very materialistic approach

Mars in Libra (detriment)
Strategies for attracting people around, being very sneaky and diplomatic

Venus in Virgo (fall)
No satisfaction, extreme realistic approach with a lack of understanding of true love

Venus in Aries (detriment)
Mixture of love and violence (sometimes emotional, sometimes physical), selfishness, lack of love

Venus in Scorpio (detriment)
Manipulation via sexuality, love mixed with hate

Mercury in Pisces (fall)
Dangerous imagination and illusion, manipulative speech, deep understanding of enemy´s weaknesses

Mercury in Sagittarius (detriment)
Manipulation in the legal field, strong nihilism, perceiving everything only in a philosophical way

Jupiter in Capricorn (fall)
Extreme strictness, workaholism, narrow-mindedness, stubborness, being lost in fulfilling the ambitions

Jupiter in Gemini (detriment)
Hypocrisy, unreliable personality

Jupiter in Virgo (detriment)
Obsessiveness, destructive criticism, perfectionism, feeling servitude and extreme devotion

Saturn in Aires (fall)
Mastery in attack, feeling only like a soldier, physical destructiveness, identity issues

Saturn in Cancer (detriment)
Various emotional difficulties, immense emotional restriction, emotional destructiveness

Saturn in Leo (detriment)
Having an ego which longs for being boosted, self-worth issues, arrogance, boasting a lot

If someone has any of those placements in the fourth or especially the eighth or the twelfth house, it is very crucial.

For aspects, conjunctions are very important. For conjunctions, these sign placements can be a reference. If, for example, someone has Mars conjunct Moon, it can function as Mars in Cancer whereas if someone has Neptune conjunct Mercury, it can perform as Mercury in Pisces.

For other aspects you need to look at relatively more dangerous planets. Negative aspects between Moon(emotions), Mars(destruction), Saturn(oppression), Uranus(rebellion and strangeness), Neptune(deception),and Pluto (danger) may give psychological issues as well.

Mars trine Pluto is very crucial, because it is the aspect of a destructively powerful person.

A Scorpio or 8th house stellium, or 12th house stellium (especially with Mars or Pluto in the 12th house) can make a person psychologically more dangerous.
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