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Feb 19, 2021 - 18:35
Natal Astrology: Mental illness
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » cappysuncancermoon
Depositor of Mercury is Uranus in 12th house, bouts of depression-panic attacks, situations relating to Uranus and Neptune´s concerns. Individual is their own worst critic. Mars in detriment Libra conj. near exalted Saturn in Libra in higher mindful 9th house. Decisions made are doubted in the extreme.
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Feb 8, 2021 - 18:10
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » SageSnuggins
Sage will you give me 3 numbers of any denomination and ask what will be the result of the 2nd vaccination for my dad? I haven´t read some of the information but enough to know you are concerned for his safety.

Take care
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Mar 13, 2020 - 16:22
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Christian250
When reading a chart you must consider the radical placements, those Signs that naturally rule houses of the Zodiac. When considering these placements Mars becomes the lord of the 1st and 8th house´s by origin.

For example you have the last degrees of Gemini (speaking, thinking communications, lord Mercury ruler) on the Ascendant. In the chart you would look at Mercury and Mars to see how the original authorities of the Ascendant (Mars), and the 3rd house ruler (Mercury) would blend or interact by aspect. From that aspect (square = obstacle, trine = harmony) you would be able to tell if the relationship of Gemini on Aries house would reflect with each other of some understanding.

A general interpretation could consider how you both would interact with the energy present between them..together. The square is friction, both of you speaking about how to overt disharmonious conversations in the future could help, preparation in that an understanding could be melded between you is how you might transmute the energy of a square...for-warned is for-armed.

Do you see Gemini (communication) within the 12th house, those things of Gemini within this house (naturally square (obstacle) in Pisces house (karma, dharma, deep reflections creative with grace and beauty being a major part of Pisces nature), in the 12th. Mercury, Mars lords rule the physical Ascendant, a personality consideration might need special attention given to it, to be able to blend harmoniously bet. each other, watch the transits of Mars & Mercury). The square, semi-square, sesqui-square and opposition could be a a bit challenging, a major concern, troublesome, = acting out, a bit of personal sadness or melancholy might surface, depression experienced between both of you in your relationship. (Conversation´s about health, work, Virgo´s house of ruling by Mercury lord of the 6th house could surface).

If you both don´t wish to express you deep inner feelings with each other with conversations geared to common wishes and thoughts on these topics, (habits, feelings, hidden bugaboo´s) complications might arise, consideration of these situations could be discussed before hand.

So you see all the gears (planets) in the houses work with each other contribute to make a whole interpretation of a chart by respecting their original expressions-acknowledging their thrones.

The aspects show how energy is expressed creating the story between the lords and their respect of each other. creating a relationship of harmony or discord.

The Stage of a chart is the house, the script, is the suit of colour or story line = the sign, and the planets are people, or the speakers on the stage as they evolve the play.

Hope this helps..take care
Post Script...sorry for the late response, am a bit into ward these days to my own concerns.
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Mar 3, 2020 - 17:39
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Christian250

These planets (Sun, Venus, Neptune conj. in the 8th) speak of a dreamy very deep sexually attractive element in the type of love or intimacy you experience together), an identification factor where master-fullness is very important for the both of you to willow out for a decision of who is in charge of directing the affair. Mars is the radical lord of the 1st house (impetus to act), and makes a square (obstacle) to Uranus in the 8th H.C. from the 5th H.C. Uranus is conjunct the 9th cusp, the square happens when on the cusps of different houses (subject matters)they (Mars, Uranus) about to enter different signs. This suggests a new experience or a change of heart is on the horizon or something that should be considered at least for discussions for some betterment. It definitely has something to do with what attracts you to each other as important elements of your union or character natures that may need resolving, a reconsideration of mind and spirit are due in the future, things to discuss for a higher valued relationship for one or the both of you to talk over.

The composite is a chart that shows ´potential´ rather than events written in stone that will be enacted, a type of psychological overview of benefits or negatives of character. forewarned is forearmed...the Star´s impel they do not compel us to action. The potential of Mars square to Uranus with Aquarius the dresser on the 8th house could only mean as a synthesis, a tendency towards rash behavior that acts before thinking, the hopes of each are the center discussion point of what can potentially get in the way of a harmonious relationship.

The 8th house means transitions, Mars as lord of both the 1st house and the 8th is a very masculine directive in temperament and trait which figures in that has the potential of forces for transitions unless these traits are not curbed.
The sooth of Moon conj. Jupiter trine Uranus acts as a balm of Gilead for the masculine rashness of temper that is very prominent and demanding in this chart
I wouldn´t ponder or worry about 8th house matters if I were you, Saturn is in joy in the 12th house, his statement there is one of acknowledgement of the hardships of self undoing or an awareness of potential trouble that will overtake us if not enough wisdom is present typically at the moment that should be there when strife occurs.

There could be a lot of bickering that will dampen the relationship, but the attraction is solid and the best type of salve occurs deeply for each other´s psyche is the understanding that transpires between you both when you close the boudoir doors behind you.

Take care, not to worry.

Moon is trining Uranus in the 8th, a lot of psychic energy there, Fixed Star Regulus is on the Ascendant, a charmed relationship..and on a sensitive level you both are bar none when it comes to handling anything going your way. There is very little both of you aren´t able to handle when it comes to smoothing out a trouble.

Take care
Vyri :152: in :176: :193: :156: :154: :151:
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Mar 2, 2020 - 17:54
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » TimeLord
Dear TimeLord,

..do you wish a reading, or a lesson in attraction by using certain principle´s of living. Norman Vincent Peale has many books out to give you a basic principle of attracting forces in your life that will help you. it is by our thinking that we attract these elements of energies into our life. I can give you a few pointers if you are willing to open your mind to possibilities. The Book of Possibility thinking is a good book to start with. Using forms can be applied to things that fit into your chart in a like manner, by the recognition of numbers in our name, our birth dates, etc. When we ´become´ aware of vibrations in these forms surrounding us and know the meaning of them, we can better improve our awareness, by sensitivity of how to attract them. A change of name can sometimes accomplish this, if you wish to escape the hidden occult awareness your parents (Mother Father) had when they saw you at birth and gifted you with your Karma, or Diharma for improvement. They felt a form to give you a best and better chance at life. Sometimes a name change can fit the bill, likened to a change in location. Do you understand?


Post Script: P.S...Luck is a thought form, but Christian principle´s are a way of living.. that equate to Luck, which bear a certain resemblance in certain ways to forms, things we touch smell taste or associate with to improving our existence. Should I go on...Luck is living right by right principles. This is a world of principalities which we are living in now..

I will give you a reading when you write me back explaining you have an awareness and and some understanding of these principles, otherwise all the instructions I could give you would end up just being tedious for both you and me.

Good Luck and good graces to you to achieving your luck in living
God Bless
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Feb 28, 2020 - 20:12
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » TimeLord
Hi just a brief description of 1. It stands alone, is strong represents the planet(s) Mercury,(communication) Uranus (10), etc. Where is your Mercury in the chart, and how did you come up with the number one affecting you.
Perhaps your Mercury is not aspected well in the chart and you have challenges. Do you speak several languages, and are you a good communicator, dextrous, arts and crafts oriented.

Do you like to run, bike hike....are you intellectual? All these represent the Sun, and Mercury principle. I think therefore I am. Mental rather than physical and have been accused of being cold or more thinking than feeling?

Just a few examples.

A one shoulders well with a 6, 5, 3 for romance and creative ideal.
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Sep 19, 2019 - 13:41
General Astrology: Love and money?
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » annmarie
:12: :34: :79: :18: :21:


Have you recently broken an engagement with a romantic partner, or are you presently in an on and off relationship you are capable of leaving behind bc of dissatisfactions of one kind or another-resulting in the relationship being put on the back burner so to speak? Mercury rules the Gemini Ascendant (your views, thoughts attitudes of that which you are asking about, romance, partnering)-has recently passed Venus (true love, partnership) in 7th HC sign of marriage, both in the house of romance 5th HC. Mercury in LIbra in your 5th HC is meaningfully a thoughtful approach of turning a romance into marriage. Mercury passing Venus marriage elements, could be considered thinking of leaving a romantic affair, or missing an opportunity for developing a romance into marriage?´

There are signs of opportunities (sextiles between Venus in the 5th {romance} HC & Jupiter in the 7th {marriage} arriving soon in the Horary chart, the aspect is out of orb, increment of degrees is 11, which could mean 11 weeks or 11 months, but I think it is weeks, near Thanks Giving Holidays (?). There are indications for one or more chances & choices, in areas of fun, and where there are night clubs and opportunities amongst friendships already established within the career or work atmosphere. It looks like you are capable to engage in conversations when introductions are made which could develop into more than just casual polite exchanges, between new introductions of associates of friends, ´should´ your interest be piqued?

Venus/Mercury in Libra the sign of marriage, and the house of romance 5th, shows it is possible that true love could happen, but just be careful they don´t hide clandestined elements, for example truthful exchanges of someone already being married, etc.

Your co lord Moon is in Exalted Taurus in the 12th, clandestiny self undoing situations, that you could later regret, she has recently past Uranus in Taurus; do you have a possessive attitude where love might deminish for that trait, do you have a jealous nature?

Jupiter is passionate, is a planet of abundance-expansive energy-with Aquarius (hopes & wishes) on your 10th of career, (called MC), is pursuant to your destiny potential, MC is moving towards partnering aims, (context of the question) your dignified personal interests, {Jupiter in dignified Sagittarius) Your attitude to attract suitable partners suiters is pursuant to Jupiter in Venus territory, do you have higher mindful best friends to socialize with, attending parties in public meeting houses, that will give you opportunity to meet suitable mate material?

Will jot a bit more a little later..think of a form (number) and I will fit it into the chart here, the chart is radical, viable.

All the best
Your friend in Horary Astrology

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Sep 5, 2019 - 22:52
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » ancient_astrology
Ancient...Do you think it expedient to include outside circumstances additionally, as well as dominant political involvements? i.e.; When a house is over a place where the govt. gets ride of debris, crap down a drainage situation? These very much impact real estate, and Hud housing circumstances that the govt. must amend and be responsible to inform about..Am currently a Hud occupant = ergo swelling footsies. I think you should- must take the above statements (minus legal factual evidence) into consideration, area is important to your study, as the transits should tell,(Mundane would be interesting) do you think?

Situation : A Church in my area obliged the commercial govt. to step in to accept the drainage directed by Tech Tronic Campus, for my daughter´s sake and myself, other´s, it has been 20 years since, I think it time they be released from this situation-it must be stopped, it is limiting the congregation attendance. I can´t tell you of the impact over the years it has had on the community, but you can ´imagine´, it is a small Church Congregation.

United Methodist Church of Cornelius Oregon. The occupants in the neighboring community shouldn´t have to oblige that diludge, if you can bring to the attention and add this imp. data to your study, it would be much appreciated, I´m sure.

I am solely held responsible for the comment above. Progressed Algol over at my MC is ripening me.

aka Robin K Parsons

P.S. Sorry can´t download a pic of my feet, but the efforts to limit their swelling has come a long way..Thank you Govt. and Land Lord´s of Hud,& Older Community Estates Owners...say, a brief comment about swelling ankles was portrayed in ´A Summer Place´, that is if you can read between the lines, or grasp the inverance..the scene was when an older relative was speaking of ´such a pretty girl´. Just saying..a shame it wasn´t enunciated with some better evaluation to fans of that loverly picture...´Look how far we´ve come´.
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Sep 5, 2019 - 22:24
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Petr9
Thank you Petr

aka Robin Karen Parsons
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Jan 8, 2019 - 03:54
General Astrology: Readings Gratis
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Astro-Seek.com

Glad you found your keys and thanks for the Kudo´s. Don´t know as if I said the where-bouts are as you described but thank you for the perks. Drawers or cupboards perhaps but clothing..hmm..yes I seem to remember having mentioned additionally.

All the best
Thank you for the date & data for research.
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Dec 31, 2018 - 21:22
General Astrology: Readings Gratis
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Eigenlitch
Did you send a message my way to give me further details, where-bouts when asking the question etc..

Thanks I must of missed it?

Will give the reading should you get back to me of specifics.

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Dec 20, 2018 - 22:33
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Petr9
Yay....now all we need is a planetary hours calculator..thank you Petr

Vyri :6:
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Dec 16, 2018 - 16:10
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Astro-Seek.com
Ivory Sports

What are you studying at present to have deduced such a leap of understanding at your age?

Quote: "..desire to understand the power behind unseen and seen phenomenon brought about detailed documented patterns we called time."

In reverse EMIT is time.

"Time has been programmed over the years into our genetic make up.."

..should like to add, social structure, higher values originating scripture, (all a part of what you have said but in a different term) measurement to create dwellings, architecture..etc all arrived on ´Que´ for the origination of time-values equating to number reference...all in sink.

You are just tippling the top of the ice-burg when you mention time intermingled in designs of ordered thinking, patterns of psychological understanding, pagan beginnings all intertwined as foundation subject to the creation of time to order society. It is the stuff kingdoms are built upon to set about mages try ...

Like the way you think..

Have an extenuation theory am working on relative to time, number value etc..only a bit of interesting conjecture at present for lack of statistical research but it is proving itself out..little by little..evolving.

"Omnia Numeris In Sita Sunt" That´s Latin paraphrased for : (Everything is veiled in number) I could add as Ptolemy wished to signature form to number structural thinking..equating..
such a joy to see time advancing to be truly understood along Einsteins theory of relativity..

All the best :56:
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Dec 16, 2018 - 15:34
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Petr9

It´s no guess work your web site will supersede many on line, your dedication to implementing great methodology technique is a boon to student, neophyte and professional alike. The feature fits in with hoary charts just as well for natal progressions solar returns & etc, a help for interpretations concerning important element discernment, ..it aids for that fine tuning extra glimmer of knowledge to understand just where the querent´s mindset was at the time of the question, an aid directing the student to other areas in the chart that figure in that we as struggling students are not so quick to see to qualify for a correct answer.

Am grateful to be apart of the forum members and to have seen your first burgeoning beginnings start in association with AstrologersCommunity.com. Thank you

All the best
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Dec 2, 2018 - 18:37
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » MelodicBlu
Have learned long ago the solar planets are quite adequate with various quandary and purplexations ..What is you question? Have you ever tried Hoary or Prashna approach theory?

At the moment you are urgently seeking an answer sincerely note the time, date, place you are in, seeking an answer, (knowing in your heart of hearts)-(your sub-conscious) we all have the means for the answer, if we should believe & only ask.

Just saying
All the best :34:
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Jul 22, 2018 - 18:18
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » Zane771

I am a neophyte astrologer of some 50 years and along the way have used Kabal or Numerology which can augment energy recognition of life path values-seen as element meaning within the birth chart or progressed charts used in Astrology.

An Example: let´s say if you have Virgo rising in your natal Astrological chart, Virgo is an Astrology sign that represents the number ´2´, the reference or character evaluation (depending upon which system of Astrology-Kabal or number interpretation you use..) acquainted with that sign, is a refiner´s energy-deals with food stuffs, habits of work-health etc. & should you have that value duplicated in the birth path, it is a very strong influence in the way you go about evaluating and acting upon life stuff situations that make interplay along your journey here on earth.

So lets say if you have Virgo rising and were born on a number 2 day, you can expect the #2 experiences to pop up in your life more often than not, it is a signature of a Karmic responsive duty or reflection you have demonstrated at some time along the road of existence that is repeating itself-which you will use as a continual energy or element of associations-for you have chosen to reflect upon it´s nature to represent yourself in the world by. You have ether been very successful with Virgo´s lesson of character traits integrated within you or otherwise-unsuccessful-which is why it makes its presence known to you. It´s energy has been set before you to utilize for this lifetime as a guide in lessons, however or where ever it falls within the birth map.

The life path is made up of several parts, again it is a matter of interpretation by each Kabbalist how the birth path can be used to demonstrate events within the life. February is the 2nd month of the year; so the month ´order´ of ´2´ or Virgo would (in a certain type of interpretative analysis) figure in to your reading. February (Aquarius energy-depending upon the day you were born in that month)would be blended with Virgo in your traits prominently, as said depending upon where these two elements are energized in your natal map.

They do represent important powers unto themselves- separately understood, outside of Astrological blending, strengths evaluative insights etc, ..Numerology is an occult pseudo science unto itself-but combined with Astrological understanding can be a tremendous help in understanding ´character or trait is destiny.´

In Numerology the life path value forms (3-month day year-they are not separate in title for the meaning of ´Life Path´) made up from the birth date is the inescapable ´fate´ the Mother & Father have blessed the child with representing purposeful energy as lessons along life´s passages that help accomplish the talents..hopefully leading to success, as such which we eventually should wish to bring back to the Father in heaven doe consideration of His investment in giving us life. (´The scripture relating to the 10 talents in the Bible.´) The life path for the offspring is that important signature of purpose he has lent to the parents by giving them the conception rights-visited upon the child for some good.

The name or signature is much more a personal ´tool´ choice a parent anoints or equips the child with to handle life´s challenges-each letter associated along side another value ´before and aft´ accomplishing momentum that direct courses, for successes or failure. It will be ´how´ we understand the potential of each form that will make any difference towards or future which is the life path guiding post. The name as an occult revelation of letter equivalents is un-unbeknownst or acknowledged as any relevent power by some Christian´s-as it is of an occult-Hebrew Irish Scottish Masonary origin-and does not have an interpretive-as such-number value in scripture usage, numerology has its origin based of a personal pagan belief or ´design´ systems.

Each letter as an essence within the Month in question-should be evaluated for a more succinct awareness the month´s finer intention may represent to the individual trying to view his life´s work potential, in this way the month does not present an a typical ´uncomplicated´ view of the personality, rather it is a structure of fine tuning personality representations of the self. The month is not an interpretive form of one single value that makes for a blanketed statement of the Life Path, we are so much more complicated than a number from 1-9 or 1-12 (month) resolving down to a single form, or even a Master number (so called for its double appearance) 11 - 22 or 33.

Using the Tarot should be the backbone of any number interpretation, the C.C. Zane (Zain) method of Tarot interpretation is a revealing source material in my delineation techniques.

As for the number 8 as Judgement or 10th house Capricorn-(power importance-career-destiny); and the value of 22 which is Pluto (changes, transformations) yes these are strong important life energies appearing as challenges to achieve a successful future, but it is ´where´ they reside in the personal map as interpretive guideposts which express as much more import to meaningfullness.

A recap then as the name makes up the tools you work with, ´fate´ is the birth date (and one´s time of birth). So you see Numerology is not so simplistic in its interpretation.

You have a birth map posted as a member, should you like a brief reading of the number 22 as a Master number and where it fits in your chart-I will take a peek at it & give a ´free´ delineation effort towards its understanding.

Yours in Astrology-Kabal
:75:Vyri-:94: - :152: :176: :193: :151: :172: (pronounced as Free only with a ´V´.)

All the best
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Feb 19, 2018 - 18:47
Transit Astrology: Saturn transits
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » minal

Will try to get on the question of the general trends for work & health, concerns for your loved ones, will take a look see at your progressions, transits..etc.

About the hoary chart..have been looking at it again and again and the part where you say you think you will meet him again at work is a possibility, but, because the 6th house is a weak house of initiating energy thought it best to overlook the energies centered here; the Moon makes a trine to Uranus in the 11th from the 6th, sooo he may just pop up at your place of work again (6th is the house of work) but as for a higher evolved love leading to marriage, here is where I would not invest your entire spirit to achieving with the gent here.

Venue for physical attraction will never replace true love (looking at your chart - you have Venus, Saturn, Pluto Sun conjunctions in the 4th house of foundations (4th house) expressive as physical-emotional spiritual decorum; refined attitudes in your nature) your nature is jam packed with emoting and intense desire to excel at most anything you attempt..it is in your soul..An artist and poet lariat, (if not outright expressive in these talents) you appreciate the finer traditional things in life..mesmer (supreme sensitive) is another attribute of those planets together, no doubt you are often found longing for distant shores in body mind and spirit.

Take care little one (hope you don´t mind me calling you little one) am an old foggy of 65 years. Many journeys await you..do be careful of your health, especially your ovaries and regenerative organs. (Sun is in detriment in Libra, Venus soothes and beautifies the nature in face body and spiritual nature as does Saturn exalted in Libra, you appreciate the finer expressions in life, often taking up very political thought provoking causes other´s find fault with as a main stream popular vote. It is the Pluto Saturn effect that could resound as the culprits to look out for, causing you to trust rather than being the doubting Thomas, a father figure is possibly the type of love you are yearning for; which can be the source of great strife in your life or the strength you appreciated that sets you on the trail to duplicating those qualities in a love.

Pluto and Saturn together are in a public exposure sign lording over some type of aspect of public persona at sometime in your life, always be on the skinny at everything you do, Sun (identity) in Libra is in detriment, Saturn helps exalted here, but Sun in detriment must not suffer devaluement, he is lord of Leo upon your 2nd house; represents identity as solvency - character interpretations,where it is vital for you to uphold uncompromised standards in life; enabling you to gain resources by position. )your identity serving as your bank account investing source.)

As Pluto/Venus are the regenerative planets governing the sexual responses-organs. it is imperative you associate with up an up types, not individuals associated within the shadow world, for although Venus softens the gruff of Pluto, his nature is very complicated, as he rules direct Karma repayments brought on in the life by prior indiscrepancies in other existences. Here he may represent legacy of the Grandparents or Father taken from a trust given you at birth or some period in your life-property rights compromised of value; stolen legally (Libra) from you, which includes Father´s estate or inheritances.

Thank you for the accolades am looking forward to discussions coming my way by you at any level of concerned enlightening dissertation.

All the best...Alway
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Feb 18, 2018 - 18:20
Transit Astrology: Saturn transits
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » minal

Can you pull up a chart with your progressions calculated by your natal? (1 day advanced in the ephemeris = 1 year ahead; you then would use the time of your birth and create a separate chart for that place in the ephemeris; considering the number of days = your present age) these planetary positions go outside the natal wheel as progressions with the daily transits outside the progressions creating a third wheel. The progressed chart will never indicate events unless they are promised in the natal, and as for the transits they add tendencies & energy-but are generally considered great modifiers indicated in the natal.

Say you have Progressed Moon opposition your Saturn in the 4th house (parents) Progressed Moon in the 10th, & within the natal your Moon was on the 9th cusp (still in 8th house Cancer); there would be the decisive worry you should consider about your Mother´s health. If in the natal chart your Moon in the 8th was quincunx Saturn in the 4th; the tendency would be for an illness of one of the parents. The progressions & transits would give you the dates that the augmented energy would trigger the natal events- by watching the progressions; the extent of the energy can be judged; (considering other planets involved). The 8th house lord from the 10th would have to be involved in the mix, as well Pluto & Mars lords of the 8th.

Transits are working energies that lift us to a platform for additional considerations but they do not deliberate events within a map unless these are first present in the natal.

Wishing you and your Mum wellness and ´good cheer´

All the best

Thank you for responding so quickly to the posts in the horary department
Will consider the value of 4 = Scorpio; letter ´D´ with Mason Hebrew meaning ´Daleth´ dealing with your inquiry about the gent you appreciate.
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Feb 2, 2018 - 07:16
Synastry & Relationship: Progressed Davison....
Sun Sign - TaurusVyri » madison
Davison I assume is the name of a Rock Star or a friend wishing for a relationship? Who is Davison?
The Venus overlap is an agreement of how the Moon is speaking to the planets from the 10th & the 4th house.
Trouble with emotional agreements about time, duration, goals of home dwelling efforts are involved. Does one travel extensively that might interfere with a commitment of any solid security?

Venus upon the Pluto Venus conjunction speaks of the progressed partners wish to leave ´sex´ in the background as a soft intense subconscious attraction rather than an overt effort that asserts for any type of a physical unionism. The Venus Pluto effect is to re-evaluate subjective emotional balancing-Libra-any confrontations have jealous or envious, energy behind its thrust to top the partner. (which could include topping the partner in many pursuits behind the scenes, especially in the boudoir)

Both individual (but especially the Pluto native) strive to reach the top or best each other on one endeavor or another centering around the home grounds of the relationship. It is the family rulership rites that come under challenges, which are in a continual flux of upheaval. Pluto is very very intimate and needs to reach out in a subliminal unspoken way for a deeper recognition the deepest expressions of love and tender affection that surpasses physical expression-and tip toes into heavenly grounds..soft, sweet as eyes that meet past heaven or hell and overcome the menial to reside in some other worldly creative existence. Creativity is a must to keep the relationship going. Cardinal interest and artistic heights that must be reached.

Venus role & energy in Libra softens Pluto´s need to dominate & be the center of attention.

Could you give a little more background please.

All the best
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