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Jan 16, 2021 - 19:50
General Astrology: I´m really a Cancer!?
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » rohini moon
Seems about right.
I see talk about Draconic placements in this thread, so it might be worth mentioning that my Cancer stellium is in Virgo in the Draconic chart.
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Jan 16, 2021 - 19:29
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Saiya
My voice is deep, monotonous, and generally quiet/neutral. Often though, if I have to speak more loudly for some reason, others mistake me as being angry.

I´m not sure what to make of my astrological configurations regarding my voice, though.
Tropical Mercury in Leo, Sidereal Mercury in Cancer.
Tropical Venus in Cancer, Sidereal Venus in Gemini.
Taurus 2nd House (Placidus) containing Mars; Pisces 2nd House (Whole Signs).

Beats me. :25:
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Jan 8, 2021 - 22:48
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » LotusStar
You´re right, I was being vicious and petty with that. I apologize to Ice for it. Don´t pretend though, like he does, that he was ever being civil toward me.

Also affidavits and witnesses testimonies are ONLY statements. An entire case cannot be built around them. They require actual, solid evidence to back them up. And these videos, literal fake news reports, etc. do not serve that purpose. Every claim has been investigated and found to be insufficient or downright bogus. But the conspiracy theories persist.
Also, regarding presidential pardons, Trump HAS been handing them out like candy, to those loyal to him who have been tried and convicted for participating in his schemes.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 21:08
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
"The Ballot watchers were told to go home", said OAN.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 21:07
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
Affidavits are not evidence on their own. People who write them are not necessarily telling the truth, especially if they have the promise of a presidential pardon should they be found guilty of perjury.
Eric Trump saying something does not make it true, especially given the obvious conflict of interest.
And what does the time of the media report have to do with anything? The event happened early in the day, the report happened later that night. There is nothing irregular about that.

You´re completely insane. The only reason I´m still engaging with you is out of a rather wicked hope that your blood pressure will bring justice to your more quickly.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 20:40
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
You implode every time you post. You even made false claims about the content of the videos you posted. Your claim was observers and press were told to go home because of a water main break. The report stated that a water main break occurred that delayed tabulations, but not that observers and press were told to go home. That bit is completely invented.

Like nutelina (whom I actually respect as a decent and kind-hearted person), you are incapable of constructing a coherent sentence or argument, and you are incapable of comprehending information presented to you. Yet, you´ve convinced yourself that you know what you´re talking about, so you´re incredibly aggressive in continuing to push your debunked points, instead of taking the time to reassess your standpoint in the face of contradictory evidence. So you keep pushing your own delusions and false narratives, and you resort to petty insults and unbridled anger when someone pushes back.
Keep going like this, and you´re going to crash and burn; and you will absolutely deserve it.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 20:13
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » nutelina
Lol all of these videos being presented as "evidence" show absolutely nothing. The only reason dumb, delusional people take them as evidence is because Trump-loyal media outlets showed these videos and said "This is evidence!" Seriously, if anyone watched these videos without OAN, Newsmax, etc. spouting bullshit over the top of them, no one would see them as anything but boring videos of boring people doing boring jobs. Folks are only seeing what they want to see, because Trump and his loyalists are telling them to see it. And they have the nerve to call everyone else blind/stupid/brainwashed/sheep/etc. So much more convenient for them to pretend that our government is even competent and organized enough to accomplish such widespread, top-down, perfectly-executed corruption, than to accept that the candidate they wanted lost fair and square, due to being a hateful, divisive, narcissistic, petty, belligerent, delusional, incompetent conman. Get over yourselves.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 03:00
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
American capitalism is fucked. Pure communism doesn´t work either. I agree with something in the middle of the two. Unlike some, I´m capable of nuanced and balanced thinking.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 02:59
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
Like OAN, you´re literally making shit up that was neither in the videos nor the media reports. I pity you for your mental disturbances and lack of critical thinking skills.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 02:49
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
The video you posted reports that a water main break caused delays in tabulation, not that it forced observers and press to leave. If they left, it was of their own volition, as election officials continued to work.
Get a grip.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 02:25
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333

I know you´ll only think it´s "fake news", but maybe others will have clearer minds.
I´m leaving this thread though, because I´m only wasting time and energy on you. You´ll never be convinced by anything but what matches your own delusions.
The universe has a way of balancing accounts though. Everyone gets what they deserve, in the end.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 02:16
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
The videos are not evidence. They have been presented as such, but debunked by investigators, and dismissed by courts.
The "vote tally spikes" have been addressed even in this thread. In-person votes -- largely Trump supporters who didn´t take covid seriously -- were tallied first. Mail-in, absentee, provisional ballots -- largely Trump opponents who did take covid seriously -- were counted last.
"Blind or stupid". You´re projecting hard.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 02:11
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
"Send people who want equal rights as straight white males" overseas to fight. You know there are people from those groups you mentioned serving in the military, right?
You´re not just delusional. You´re a terrible human being.
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Jan 8, 2021 - 02:05
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Iceblu333
All of these claims have been debunked repeatedly and thrown out in court. These videos show absolutely no evidence, but these alt-right, Trump-loyalist newscasters make bogus claims about what´s happening in the videos, and you take them at their word for it with no evidence whatsoever. You say "we want answers", but when answers are given to you - by courts, by election officials, by other media outlets - you shriek about fake news and the deep state. You believe only what confirms your narrative, even when your narrative is false and in no way based in objective reality. Those making claims of fraud are asked for evidence and fail to present any. The burden of proof lies on those who make the claim, and they have none. So it plays out something like this:
"There was fraud!"
"Okay, prove it."
"Prove there wasn´t!"
It doesn´t work that way. Everything you folks spout is completely bogus and delusional. One of the most unpopular and divisive presidents in American history, and you´re convinced that he "actually" won by a landslide and had the election stolen from him? Get the hell out of here.
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Jan 7, 2021 - 23:36
General Astrology:
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » rohini moon
I both agree and disagree with this post.

I personally feel that the assignment of planetary rulership was always fairly arbitrary to begin with, but certainly a valuable concept in identifying how different planetary energies resonate with different sign energies. Overall, I think traditional rulership is accurate, but not necessarily definitive. Traditional rulership also very appropriately places increased emphasis on planets that are closer to the earth, so I´m on board with that. I also agree that it is best to have a firm grasp on these fundamentals before going too wild with new theories.

At the same time, though, I see nothing wrong with theorizing in general over how well the outer planets, asteroids, etc. function in different signs -- though I certainly wouldn´t assign "rulership" to any of them (partly because of distance, partly because, as I said, I find the concept of rulership is a bit arbitrary to begin with). For example, the modern ideas that Neptune rules Pisces, Uranus rules Aquarius, Pluto rules Scorpio: I think it is absolutely accurate that the energies/archetypes attached to these planets resonate especially well with the energies of these signs compared to others -- but I wouldn´t necessarily attach "rulership" to them.
Still, it´s such an interesting concept to explore, as we continue to discover and explore the energies and archetypes for more distant & obscure bodies. For example, I would agree that the archetypes attached to Ceres do resonate best with Taurus compared to any other sign. I would say the same for Juno and Libra, Vesta and Virgo, Pallas and... maybe Aries? You get the idea. Again, I wouldn´t attach rulership to any of these, because I don´t think it matters, but I think it is interesting and valuable to explore these archetypes and how they resonate with various signs, for the sake of theory and research.

Neither forsake the old for the new, nor the new for the old. There is value in both.
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Jan 4, 2021 - 20:37
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Astro-Seek.com
I personally resonate better with my Tropical chart, but the Sidereal chart holds some accuracy which helps to add details to the overall picture. Others resonate better with their Sidereal charts, but may also glean something extra from their Tropical charts. I think that both should be examined, and one should use what one finds most useful.

One thing I like about the Tropical chart is that it treats the human perception of time as its own force. While time is a human construct which has no real meaning to the universe, it is undoubtedly a useful method by which to measure our perceptions and understanding of those universal forces. In this way, the Tropical chart lends a little extra something in terms of illustrating the active-reactive relationship between the earth plane and the universal one. What I like about Sidereal is precisely the opposite, in how it examines universal energies more or less independently of earthly perceptions, creating a lens from the perspective of the universe itself.

When contemplating this matter by way of my own mental wankery while having too much time on my hands, I arrived at this way of thinking:
If we accept that the universe creates distinctive energies through various celestial bodies and forces, and that those energies have an effect on us and our earthly plane, and vice versa (as above, so below), then why would these energies manifest instantaneously, based solely on the time and place of birth? Imagine that the soul is developed through the universal or heavenly plane (Sidereal), and then born into the earth plane (Tropical). Just as light and sound take time and distance to travel, would the energies of the soul not take such time as well, and accrue other energies along the way?
I´ll use my own placements as an example. In my Tropical chart, my Moon and Venus are in Cancer; in my Sidereal chart, they are both in Gemini. I resonate with both placements for both planets, more strongly for Moon in Cancer, more strongly for Venus in Gemini; my Tropical chart shows Venus on the cusp, but not my Moon; where, then do I find resonance with both Moon placements? From the perspective of my own meandering theory, I imagine my soul´s Moon and Venus energies being developed through Gemini at the universal level (Sidereal), but as it reached nearer to the earthly level and the effects of human perceptions like time (Tropical), these aspects of my soul (especially the Moon, Cancer´s ruler) also gained strong energies of the Cancer sign. To summarize, the soul starts at one place of development and ends at another, and is affected by multiple energies along the way.
Of course this is just a theory I´ve entertained in my own mind, and there may be many ways to dispute it, even within my own chart; for example, my Sidereal chart shows my Moon and Mercury in mutual reception, which might "explain" why I resonate with both placements for the Moon. Yet, Sidereal also places my Mars in Aries, which does not resonate at all like my Tropical Mars in Taurus does; though perhaps I simply haven´t become aware of the more Aresian traits of my Mars energy.

All in all, this is an ongoing question in astrology for which there is no clear, definitive answer. I think that the best answer we can arrive at is to examine both zodiacs (as well as multiple house systems) and just work with what resonates best and is most useful to us personally.
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Jan 4, 2021 - 19:50
General Astrology: Nonconformity
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » ram_goat
"One´s own need for liberty must always be balanced opposite other´s need for the same"
"sometimes the most humane thing you can do is allow change to come with as little trauma and upheaval as possible."

If I could take a Sharpie to your posts and underline these points in bright red, I would do so.
Very well said.
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Jan 4, 2021 - 19:42
General Astrology: Asteroid Nessus
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » JayJayAstrology
Indeed. Of course, evolution -- of people, of practices, of anything, really -- does not come easily. On the one hand, there is the New Age sensationalism we mentioned; on the other, there are traditionalists who are dogmatic and inflexible in their thinking and vehemently opposed to any kind of new developments in the field. I believe that there is a balance somewhere between them, and I believe we will get there, but it will be hard-won.
We are entering into an age of Aquarius though, so in my opinion, that is promising.
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Jan 4, 2021 - 03:38
General Astrology: Asteroid Nessus
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Astro-Seek.com
A few things to keep in mind:
- First and foremost, as has been pointed out already in this thread, there are many, many asteroids. Most of them were discovered relatively recently, and their roles in astrology are still being studied and heavily debated.
- Even if we accept the theme of abuse as being true for Nessus, everyone has Nessus somewhere in their charts, just as every one of us has both tendencies and susceptibility toward different types of abuse.
- Aspects and other chart factors must always be taken into consideration. Even a strongly aspected Nessus does not necessarily indicate a chronic abuser. Trust your own instincts and judgment above the conjecture and generalizations of an astrology website.
- In regard to astrology websites, many of these tend to over-sensationalize various chart factors, especially newer ones like these asteroids. For example, New Age astrology has turned Black Moon Lilith into some kind of feminist symbol, despite the fact that the astrological role of this point is still heavily debated. This sensationalism serves a similar purpose as clickbait, meaning that it is geared toward generating interest and, thereby, revenue. MyChristianPsychic is especially prone to this tendency, and I personally do not consider that site to be a trustworthy resource.

In regard to Nessus itself, whose role I will reiterate is still unconfirmed and a subject for debate: I once read an article, I can´t remember where, written by an astrologer who had conducted his own case studies for Nessus. He, like many others, kept the themes of abuse in mind when doing so, and discovered quite a few consistencies with this theme as they resonated with various clients. The part that stuck out to me in this article: One of his clients (or it might have been someone associated with one of his clients, I don´t remember) was a man who had a history of committing abuse and, if I remember correctly, had faced legal consequences for it. This man, however, did not consider himself to be abusive; in true narcissistic fashion, he blamed his victim(s) and considered himself justified in his actions. The thing is, according to this article, that this man had absolutely no aspects between Nessus and his personal planets or any significant points. Based on this, the author suggested that perhaps Nessus doesn´t show only where abuse actually happens -- but that it can also show where and how we become *aware* of both our own abusive tendencies and our susceptibility to abuse from others. Awareness, to me, is key in exploring these (possible) themes of Nessus. I´ll restate what I said above: trust your instincts and use your own judgment.

For all of these reasons, I do not feel that Nessus in any chart should be sensationalized as this super-scary monstrous red flag (the like of which would rope many people into dumping their cash on relationship readings). Again, other factors should be considered, and your own faculties will usually serve you better than the notions of some dotty New Age astrologer. We don´t know much about Nessus energies, and even if we accept the themes of abuse as accurate, there are many ways those energies can manifest. Consider, for example, a strong Nessus-conjunct-Midheaven in Libra; this person might be someone who works in the justice system on behalf of victims of domestic violence. Consider, also, a synastry connection between, for example, one person´s Nessus connected to the other´s Moon; while this could indicate an emotionally abusive relationship (I personally would look to hard aspects with Mars and Pluto first), it could also indicate a relationship where one person helps the other to realize how they´ve been emotionally abused in the past, thus initiating a healing process.
And I present these examples with a disclaimer: just like the interpretations from your favorite flashy, colorful astrology websites, these are nothing more than conjecture. Consider them all if you wish, but at the end of the day: Use. Your. Head.
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Jan 3, 2021 - 06:44
Other: Got Pot?
Sun Sign - CancerSaturnineMoonchild » Wolfmoon
In fairness, that was an accurate statement. But for his insults in one of my early threads, he and I never spoke directly to one another before now. Sort of reminds me of a kid in middle school who slapped my face and then ran away down the hall. I chased him down and repeatedly punched his head.
In retrospect, I wish I´d smoked a bowl with him instead.
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