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Oct 13, 2019 - 16:28
Sun Sign - PiscesProclaymation » Vyri
Okay, sounds fun.

When should I expect to hear about a new job offer?
Portland, OR. (PST +8.00)
Intuitive number: 8
Natal Chart attached.
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Oct 13, 2019 - 07:45
Natal Astrology: Neptune is ...
Sun Sign - PiscesProclaymation » EarthsGoddess
So, I can´t put my finger on it, but I like to imagine the planets as individuals. Take Andy from Park and Rec and, to me, that´s Jupiter (expansive, philosophical, joyful, and eager to be around others, benefit, and help)

But, in this 1-to-1 of mine, Neptune is more or less . . . not a person, or a character. They have no body. They are, essentially, a feeling that the others feel, and share a feeling of, but don´t see or witness or interact with in such explicit terms.

If people are in a hot tub, Neptune is the tub. I like to think its ability is to go collect and connect us through emotions and experiences, and what we bring to it can float around and brush against others.

There´s a Russian film called "SOLARIS," and I believe that is a very Neptune film - astronauts on a remote space station in an alien planet that´s nothing but water find their dreams and their past loves from Earth appearing within the space station, with no explanation as to how this is possible. In actuality, these figments of personal imagination made real for others to see are in fact created by the planet, in some alien way of trying to understand the people that are inhabiting it (hot tub)

It can bring up pretty uncomfortable things, or pleasant things, but you can bet it´s full of feelings and emotion.

Neptune is . . . a hot tub. I guess, in my view.
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