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Jul 8, 2022 - 21:23
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Deermaiden
I agree with stayathomewife.
9th house mean travel, expansion in knowlege, mind, espirituality, higher education etc.. 12th represents in part the unkwon, foreign people and lands. Also is rulers are importat... like ruler of 9th in 12th for example and vice versa.. or the ruler of this two houses related to 4th or 10th and the rulers.

My husband that move to Portugal...in 2003 has a Stelium in 12th Sun-Venus-Saturn-Lilith... Jupiter and Mercury conjunct in the 12th house cusp.

Venus ruler of 9th... move abroad by love?

Mercury ruler of 10th (Gemini) conjunct jupiter...expansion of comunication/connections abroad? Professionaly he moves a lot inside our country...and abroad to.

Saturn ruler of 4th (Cap)...home in foreign country???

Sun in 12th..."identity/soul" will shine abroad?

Mercury ruler of 12th (Virgo) in the cusp of 12th.
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Jul 2, 2022 - 14:14
Synastry & Relationship: Help with this composite
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Gemmeta
Hi Gem.. i cant anwser your question. Nobody can. Even if he feels it maybe the relationship will not fullfiel his wishes and dreams. And i gess you can detect that from the composite/synastry analise.

On one level you two have somebinding connectors in synastry, at a sould level and subconsciente level... IC/POF-ASC, Saturn-Vrtx,NN-Jupiter and i will say that all off them creats a kind of dedication/resposability/mentor feelings from your thoards him. Not that he wouldnt apreciated...

The general synastry... existes affiniy. his moon on your 1st and his sun on your 4th.. its a greath overlay but his luminaries are aflicted with heavy squares. Yours dont...and they fall on his 8th and 12th... Its conductive for intimacy but they are the more deep and difficult house as you now. The 7th houses are activated by your Santurn and his Mars... hard planets to be "in a relashionship" and the 5th.. Sterile!

On other level we can see that
His Venus in Aqua 12th, the ruler is in Libra 7th.His moon in Sagg 1st, the ruler in Pisces 12th.
You have Scorpio Sun in 11th on his 8th;
Venus conjunt Uranus in 12th on his 8th;
And Aqua Moon in 3rt on his 12th

I would say that your general traits are atractive/suitable for him. You probably love in a very similar way...Venus/Uranus in 12th....Venus in Aqua in 12th. His Moon craves expansion, growth, she wants a idealistic higther love... the natural ruler of the house is in 12th/Pisces, in the position that is ambiguous to his moon wishes and it would be compatible with your core.

With planets in 12th, you are mutch more familiar whit the scorpion/12th energy.. and deep down you crave this kind of love even/contrasence whith your uranian traits too (see Aqua/11th)

And then you have a composite whit the ultimate "ideal stellium"... afflicted... in a hard and blur/difficult house...but if you analise ... it shows no "relationship" betwen natal charts and composite chart. There are no contacts and thats one of the first connecter to look for to see if his a meaningful relationship or a one side thing. Even your planets are not activeted...except one i gess..Mars?

To say...i´ve been there.
Analize alike patterns... and it is what it is. I wonder if it was just me that was attatch ...if he reatches to me time to time maybe u wasnt the only one. But i did have a clear idea that i was not suitable for him. Not by astro analise... just know it...at he had a very open a trueful comunication about everything...so i was not in the dark.
Do you have the same perception or not a clue? Do you steel speak? Did you date?

In time that longing feeling on your chest will desapere. ;)
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Jul 1, 2022 - 00:33
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Astro-Seek.com
👍 I understand that we dont chage, ee evolve and our chart progresses. Maybe was a simple coincidence. :))

About the 7 years... in fact i heard
that we change... but in Portugal we change parttene´s ahah 7...14...21 crises etc.
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Jun 28, 2022 - 20:38
Synastry & Relationship: Help with this composite
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Gemmeta
Been there!
And that dinamic was the reason i went deep in astrology.
The T-squred pattern was present: saturn/Jupiter opposite sun-venus-mar-mercury stellium in 5th, and cancer moon focal point. Uranus trine all.
Resume: it take off in a unpredictable way. We did have some weird connection Not exclusive. And after 4 years i sill think of him...with less strengh and frequency i gess (thk God!) and time to time he reatches out to me...

Your stellium in Capricorn 12th look to me like a relationship that will have hard time/take time to materialize (Capricorn) or can be an ilusion (12th). And then the ruler of 12th is in 7th i gess it restrict the way you may wish to relate (in a leo way/creativ/fun/child like/children/games) and inconjunct the stellium.

Either way in my own experience when i had a stellium in davidson 12th house was a secret sexual relationship i add ...composite showed one thing friendly like energy spare, nice... davidson came like that...concetrated 12th house not in Cap. Do.

Whit the "guy on my mind"
The composite pattern was like davidson very dificult... but he stick due to saturn in pattern. I gess Pluto in yours is creating that obcessive sublinear kind off feelings.
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Jun 28, 2022 - 20:00
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Astro-Seek.com
Hi there
If you feel it...you feel it! But maybe shes not the problem "in you". As you said shes aspecting your inner planets in harmonic way... the way you express your true self its compatible and its well integrated. Lillith only conflict in the first layer with.... Saturn, your dominant planet. And maybe you feel the need of lelling her go free..but the father of rules/restriction and time wont let it...just for now.

And the conflitc turn bigger when you get emotional (Moon)... your moon is squaring almost all your inner planers and it´s dominat also in you. Its a war beteen emotion (we eat more) and restriction ( we rule ourselfs)... its a war of the axis 10th/4th...out/in... cold/confort

Lilith in the mix i gess she wants to come out and express her self. Like lilith to!
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Jun 28, 2022 - 18:54
Synastry & Relationship: my 8th house synastry :s
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Yummythegreat
Hi there
So it´s a nice relationship :)

Pluto is addictive.
You have a composite fix ASC, Taurus? Not bad and Saturn probably is in trine to the stellium up to 8°??? It´s supportive of that energy any way. :)
Pluto in 7th it´s not bad if you have Pluto integraded in you. It will give inner strength/rebirth when in that relationship (even if friends) and people tend to work on it...down side is the controling issues that can arrive.

Maybe is not yet ready to go in.
I will take it!! I like Pluto :)
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Jun 27, 2022 - 21:51
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Astro-Seek.com
I totaly agree with sun-principle.
I feel it just like! Maybe we are meant to integrate the energy of the ASC as we progress.
I always felt i add difficult expressing my ascendant util recently... and i am 40th!!! But a couples years ago i change... my ASC. I change my hair, i get thinner because of work...i dress black and get into astrology. When i start to read about progressions i realize that my ASC as progressed to Scorpion in that year. Even with a great interest a part of me remain "agnostic"... i can´t explain it but people don´t even reconise me.
I turn darker but more aprotchable and a more confident.
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Jun 27, 2022 - 21:39
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » plumreme
I feel the same.

Even if my Taurus sun is in harmony whith my Libra ASC due to natural ruler Venus, i always feel more my 8th house crazy gemini moon and the Pluto in 1st conjunct ASC make me always feel like scorpion. reserve, introspective, heavy energy.

But as astrologers always said.. if your Taurus! You always going to be Taurus! I dont even like to eat men!!!!
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Jun 27, 2022 - 21:07
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Astro-Seek.com
"How stupid young people are""
:61: :61: :61: :61: :61:
It´s true been there happy to get off
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Jun 27, 2022 - 20:50
Synastry & Relationship: my 8th house synastry :s
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Yummythegreat
Hi there
You are higthly plutonic... and the fact his Scorpio Pluto conjunct your moon (that conjuncts sun) in his 8th house... it will be hard to avoid to go in.
And the 8th house stellium... you maybe like the feeling of it but it´s a trouble if one of the two cant manage the energy... probably him... moon in cancer???!! And his Mars debilitaded/fall in Cancer that can be very volatile and agressive true... will be able to andle yours...exalted in capricorn 8th house?

By the way were´s Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in Composite?
I like de Saturn conjunct MC that trine Jupiter.

Either way... if you feel it... I belive he might to! Who nows he migth enjoi it going deep after all he as Venus and Lilith in 12th and he see you as a match (venus in 7th) Just ask him... do you feel it!?
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Jun 27, 2022 - 18:31
Synastry & Relationship: Venus opposite Saturn double whammy
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Astro-Seek.com
:4: Yes in deed!! It´s like... super glue you now! You are all exited to use it to fix the broken thing... hoping you get it rigth and quickly... and then you glue youself to it...and you glue the two fingers together and then also the glue tube somewere else and its open...i´s a mess!! A real nigthmere and you stuck for the 23rd time around!
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Jun 26, 2022 - 21:19
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » LotusStar
It´ interesting! Saturn composite is in 10th house? The "good" ist´s veru good and off course it´s necessary to have some points of tension and atraction even by friction... because other way will be like very blunt and boring :4:
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Jun 26, 2022 - 20:47
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » LotusStar
In this case the sexual atraction and strong bond it´s cause by the Mars squares to Moon and Venusand pluto push-pull kind of efect.
In my analyses the great affinity dont signify longevity or either atraction just mere compatibility (In this case very good in deed Sun/Moon and Venus and that opposition in composite to sun and Venus is also read as a conjunction.
The big red flag is the Mars opposite Saturn in synastry. In composite how it plays? Their Saturn? Opposition to? Because in my experiance is so frustating aspect to over come... the timing is so so off for the relationship to develop.
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Jun 26, 2022 - 18:29
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Boyan
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Jun 26, 2022 - 18:26
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » nutelina
Unfortenatly i do! It´s very strong and inexplicable contact... you tend to do what you normaly not even think you would do!!! And if it´s trasnlate to your composite relathionship chart also... can not escape from it!! Very erotic do!!
From my owm experience point of view.
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Jun 24, 2022 - 21:45
General Astrology: Your 3 Favorite Moon Signs
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » rohini moon
Hi there

Scorpio - having moon in 8th and Pluto on ASC i like an intense, deep and introspectife moon. :79:

Gemini - strange and dual like me. I tend to get along whit.. :80:
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Jun 21, 2022 - 19:12
General Astrology: I love astrology because...
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » srgeorgio
Can´t blame my mom anymore for turning me into what i am today!!! :4: So maybe i can blame the stars!???
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Jun 18, 2022 - 13:06
Synastry & Relationship: Moon signs and the mother
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » xKayzz65
Hi there
I think moon being our emotional paterns is related to our mom´s in the sence of the heritage and nurturing that we receive during our chilhoold...ultimatly will express our emotions based on that in "conjuntion" with the specific patterns in our birth chart.

And i do think to that existes a natural affinity between mothers-son´s/kids...more that with the father figure all do i do find some points beteeen my 3 kids and their father...but less afinity contacts when in comparation whith mine.

Are you a person that craves for emotional excitment and extimulation all do you tend to maybe repress some off the action due too your base family norms/education? Even being your mom a lovely and nurturing Cancer sun sign (missing the house) was she intense on her love to you... sutch a love could feel controling? And do you father as strict rules and give you a very ethic oriented education?

In the end...we all will turn out like our moms :4:
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Jun 17, 2022 - 21:45
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » boyakasha the guru
Oh My God!!!! I read the topic and laught so mutch...i was tinking you were making reference to Amber Heard dog that got stung by a bee... ahahah
And boy is just a stung not the end of your rigth leg!!! Be strongg! Ahaha
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Jun 17, 2022 - 11:00
Sun Sign - TaurusMaryJos » Celestite Ruby
Hi there
Another Pluto on the ASC 1s t
house here, but having Saturn on mix too.

I tink we may appear to have dominant energy and presence...in a dark sence. And people tend to stare...notice and be reticent to engage with us... female gender people more prominent. Mens thend to tink that they have liberty to aproatch me in all kind of ways...in a very strait foward sexual way.

I do tink i can "read" the energy of others, their intentions and want they actually are tinking off me. And i gess it can be evasive to them...probably.

"Here came the dagerous one" they say

But being naturaly comunicative... having sun in the sensual Taurus...having Venus as the ruler ASC to (Libra)...and having Venus in 5th house Pisces (universal lover)... somme how i gess it diminish the apperant agressive and harsh/dominant first impression...even if i feel that is my nature and it will play along in the progression off the relashionships. And in time yes...i tend to be able to bring out the shadow/bad side off the others when in conflit or discussion for exemple... even if i do not atack in words or actions...they defende them selfs in a very nasty way. It´s hard to understand.

I am a very introspective person and like my space and solitude. I have a house full..and many contacts derived by my 3 kids agenda ahahah... and professional area (Real State) but i do not have a lot off friend-friends by choise! It´s kind of exausting to me and i tend to mantain a very superficial friendly connection with others in general... But its funny because people tend to open up with me any way.. realy realy quickly about them self, life, traumas, very personal issues etc..
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