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May 20, 2022 - 15:47
General Astrology: 8th house and happiness
Sun Sign - Ariesluca.mahler » stigmí
It depends on the planets involved and their conditions (according rulerships, getting help or hindrance from benefics/malefics, etc.).

In ancient astrology, the 8th house was considered „bad“, i.e. that mostly we‘re subjectively experiencing the topics involved as fearful or problematic. Of course therein lies great opportunities for spiritual growth.

To better understand the 8th house, we need to rethink the 2nd house a bit. The 2nd house has significations like livelihood, income, wealth, possessions, values, etc.

But from a more psychological standpoint this house refers to things we CONTROL, things we have a say over, have power over, can use as a utility or resource.

Now, the 8th house is actually the 2nd relative to the 7th house, i.e. it‘s the things other people control, but in relation to us.

This makes the 8th house an area of our live where things we value are being controlled by others, like the bank you entrust your money or a car you lend to a friend. It has to do with loss of control and trust.

Hence, we‘ll be experiencing either trust and shared resources, or betrayal, power struggles, unhealthy dependence, even problematic financial issues.

If you have a stellium or otherwise a focus on this house, it means you‘ll deal with many areas of your life where you need to entrust things to people, giving up power and let others control them, either to learn buiding up intimate and trusting relationships, or instead becoming more independent and gaining self-worth (e.g. if South Node is in the 8th).

I hope this helps :)
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Apr 13, 2022 - 13:11
Sun Sign - Ariesluca.mahler » OS*
OK, that‘s interesting. If both systems equally work, how do you reconcile the different birth chart interpretations?

Especially since the adjacent signs are almost always radically different from the sign under consideration (by their aversion, not seeing each other), how would you incorporate that? Honest question, I‘d like to hear from such an approach.

Or do you use the different systems for different areas of investigation altogether?
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Apr 13, 2022 - 12:28
Sun Sign - Ariesluca.mahler » OS*
Exactly this is the point, that you are not arguing, which would be the point of this forum, especially when it comes to such a question (Tropical vs. Vedic aka. Sidereal).

If we‘re not arguing and exchanging ideas and, hopefully, both arrive at better conclusions, but just negating each other and prejudicially dismiss the other perspective, there is really no benefit from participating in the forum.
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Apr 13, 2022 - 12:12
Sun Sign - Ariesluca.mahler » OS*
I just mentioned this article as it pertains to the question posed. But since you didn‘t argue rationally and didn’t contribute insightfully about the content of the article but instead just dismissed it entirely, I must presume you can not, in fact, argue otherwise.

To be clear, I don‘t want to contribute to any bashing or resort to discrediting any author, lineage or tradition. Still, I found the content of the article historically insightful and well researched.

Practically speaking, I lean towards the tropical system because the natal charts of my family members which I know well and many others don‘t really go along well with the Lahiri Zodiac when I juxtapose it with the tropical one. May be confirmation bias, but I don‘t think so currently.

And since there is a lot of different Sidereal divisions based on different originators, it‘s also a bit tricky to choose, since the rationale behind their degrees is not obvious to me. As for the tropical system, the rationale is quite straightforward and philosophically well derived (using the solistices and equinoxes as primary divisors).
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Apr 13, 2022 - 10:03
Sun Sign - Ariesluca.mahler » 8danny8
There is a IMO well researched German article about the history of both systems, especially about the problems arising from the Sidereal system and how this problem has arised.

Here is the Google translated version:
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