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Jun 11, 2021 - 10:32
Sun Sign - LeoLeoneita » raspberry
Hello raspberry, I never tried healtcare or the other sectors cause I’m really not attracted from it, please what do you mean for service sector? Maybe I have tried that one.

Anyway 2 astrologers contacted me in private, one tell me that I’m ok for business, saying all the planets etc, and the other (called bankesh) tells me that I’m not ok for business but only for job, and after few messages disappeared, I told him this difference between him and the other astrologer and no answer. Please can someone tell me about this thing? I’m more confused after the message of bankesh, please let me know as he tells me that I will be frustrated if I will do business like amazon selling, and I’m ok only to work for a company, not to create my own business as I’m weak on decision making. And the other astrologer instead tells me that I’m focused and ok for business.

Can you please tell me who is right and saying the truth???
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Jun 4, 2021 - 13:38
Sun Sign - LeoLeoneita » raspberry
Thanks for your answer, Yes, I have a chance in police studying a lot, 3 places over a thousand people that tries it, around my region, difficult but not impossible :D

Please so do you think that I can be good with ecommerce on amazon? I have to focus only on selling health/cleaning products? Can you tell me the products I could fit perfectly? And most important, do you think I can be a succesfull entrepreneur with that? I did recently a good course about it and thinking to invest money and doing it..
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Jun 4, 2021 - 01:53
Introduce Yourself: Hi all
Sun Sign - LeoLeoneita » Turbo TJ
What fascinates me is the possibility to knowing myself better and what I’m good on, and less good also. The possibility to do what really make us happy and to follow my nature. That is what I’m searching from astrology, a help to understand something about me :) what about you? Anyway I would like to learn how to identify your job purpose
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Jun 4, 2021 - 01:51
Introduce Yourself: Hi all
Sun Sign - LeoLeoneita » JayJayAstrology
Thank you for your welcome and replies guys, I hope to learn from you, I have seen something but I’m novice of this world :)
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Jun 4, 2021 - 01:49
Sun Sign - LeoLeoneita » JayJayAstrology
Thank you so much Jay Jay, sorry for the delay but I really had to think about what you wrote.

I think that the south node part could be exact, I think I need others to affirm myself, magbe as a lack of confidence. When others behave in a manner I don’t like, like when I think they lack of respect, then I need to affirm that a lot and put it saying that thebase for me is honesty, respect and to communicate what is not ok. Don’t know if it’s related.

I think I’m intuitive, unfortnately I don’t feel good about hospitality jobs, I don’t like it..I was thinking about ecommerce, buying some object from China and to sell on amazon, do you think could it be ok for me? Also about police, anyway I think to SERVICE lthers could be exact for me, I feel I could like to serve others and feel their thank you. But I like the idea of entrepreneur also, but also the stability of a job where you have your secure salary. But I also think that it could be very difficult for me not to control it and to have only 2 weeks a year of free time from work. In that I like the idea of a own business and entrepreneur.

I’m really confused a lot :) please let me know your opinion, really difficull for me to understand something
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